Live PD: Officer Gets Emotional After Talk w/ Veteran (Season 4) | A&E

Live PD: Officer Gets Emotional After Talk w/ Veteran (Season 4) | A&E

So, we’re backing up Officer Snyder on a traffic stop. He’s pulled over a vehicle for expired tags and it has multiple occupants. Step back there for me. He’s uh suspended and everything Okay Well, no. It’s my wife. Alright. Just relax right there. -That’s my wife. What all is going on inside your pants? *laughs* I don’t know. What do you mean? Got stuff over here, I can clearly see it through your pants Where? You can search me. There’s not going to be any drugs in the car is there? There’s not going to be any drugs in the car is there? No. Huh? What if I told you I’m looking at drugs right now. Officer Ross, it’s not his jacket. It’s not his jacket? Whose jacket is it? but it’s your pockets right? Alright. Did you grab this out of there too? -Oh, come on. -Tell me what’s going on, man. but he has meth in his pocket. He has meth in his pocket and you’re saying it’s not his jacket. I can’t tell you how many times people tell me, “These aren’t my pants”. I get that once a week. The driver has a felony warrant out of Lincoln County. So, he’ll be going to jail today. Come on, man. I’ll walk with ya. Alright. The elderly gentleman. We’re gonna let him go for his part in all this. He has stage 4 bone cancer, lung cancer, and all kind of things going on. I can’t tell you how much I want you to stop doing those drugs, man. You still got something to offer people. Alright? I’m talking to ya. You’re intelligent. You got stories to share. You got history to share. Man, don’t let that dope take that away from you. You still have value. No! If you need pain management, medical marijuana is out there for you. Alright? But meth? That’s not helping you. You might be right, I have no idea because I haven’t messed with weed. Well, it’s less damaging than meth. Cause meth will burn what’s left of your life up. Alright? It’s some horrible, horrible stuff. I’m not opposed to anything that will work for this. -Alright. Hey, brother. Good luck, alright? So, my partner is gonna give him a ride. So, uh. I became a cop because my brother went off to the military and came back, uh, hooked on drugs. Excuse me. and he reminds me of my brother. So I uh, take a couple of minutes to talk to him. Poor guy is dying so my brother, ah He came back, uh, hooked on drugs and he got killed because of his addiction. and uh, that’s why I’m a cop today. I really feel sorry for the guy. I just wanna give him a few minutes to talk to somebody that will listen to him. Yeah, alright. On to the next one.


  1. Wow. Truly emotional! That cop is an American hero. I appreciate his love for America and his devotion towards family.

  2. If you have a brother or sister (or multiple), call them. Your parents won’t live forever, so you guys need to stick together…. you’re a team for life.

  3. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. Not all cops are bad people. All it takes is one bad cop to ruin the reputation of all cops. But remember, behind that uniform is still a human being.

  4. Really all attitudes should be carried like this for all addicts. Everybody is important regardless if they served in the military or not and also regardless of what personal relationships they remind you of or not.

  5. Bless you beautiful officer. I am an RN and sometimes I have to go back to the corner of the nurse's station and cry a bit…and have a good strong cup of coffee. It kills me to see the big guys cry.. You are the best. 😢

  6. GodBless you brother and all angelic cops who really put their lives on the line everyday for serving communities all over.

  7. Officer, like you l lost my baby brother to the drug culture. He was only 57 when He passed. We were both Vietnam Veterans. I am praying for you as this world is a better place because of of you and men and women like you. Thank you and may God bless and keep you.

  8. Literally jacket full of meth!! And gets a walk. Why? Cuz he says he has cancer? How do you know cuz he’s old and says it? He also said that wasn’t his jacket. So I guess take his word for it.

  9. "On to the next one"…while gathering himself after breaking down about his late brother

    These guys have a damned if you do damned if you dont job in today's social climate and it's awful…glad he took the time to speak with the ex marine evennif he doesn't listen

  10. All people who are ON some substance has their history people who never been on a addiction don't know what they do is worst they dehumanized the addict looked down on them like if they know. The only addiction they know is their own thoughts besides their starbucks. People who are addicts all they want is to be heard. Addictions are just behaviors that are repetitive… mcdonald

  11. I say things like, "put a round in his head," when I see dirty, trigger-happy, corrupt cops caught on camera or read about them in the newspaper…….

    But I also recognize, respect, and embrace the good ones doing their part and being genuinely good people.

    This officer seems to have both feet in the good guy category, and I hope he makes it home every night.

    Semper Fi

  12. Veterans desperately want to be liked because instead of getting a job like a normal person they signed up for an adult boarding school where you get to torture people and run over kids with trucks which is paid for out of wages of everyone who actually works for a living

  13. When an Officer actually sits down next to the person you can tell they are trying to be human. You rarely see Officers sit down while on a call.

  14. 😥😭😇 This officer is awesome, he obviously has a heart of Gold. I loved when he spoke about the medical marijuana deal. This dude needs a darn trophy. ❤

  15. "Aww geez, just use medical marijuana."

    Yeah, well that wasn't a thing when he became addicted to all this other s**t.

  16. This is how all police should be! They should all have a heart like this officer. He is a true officer!!! May God ease his pain over the loss of his brother.

  17. What an amazing kind hearted officer the world needs more like him and just shows although we are different in race we can respect each other.

  18. I’m speechless, your an awesome cop 🙏🏻👍🏻 keep it up 👍🏻 the world needs more cops like you 🙏🏻

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