Make a Giant Rainbow Layer Cup Cake! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Giant
Rainbow Layer Cupcake Tutorial where I’ll be showing you how to make to make this giant
cupcake and when you cut inside, it is a beautiful layer of rainbow.
Tools and equipments that we will be using today:
I have my giant cupcake mold. I’m using a silicon mold today. You can also use a metal
mold for this but I just prefer the silicon. I find them easier to use.
I’ve got a double batch of two packet mixers of whatever your favorite vanilla cake mix
is. So I’m just using a white or a yellow vanilla cake mix. You can use a recipe of
your own. If you use a packet, make sure that you do a double packet, you want enough essentially
for 24 cupcakes. I’ve got my food colors. I’ve got just liquid
colors. And I’ve got red, yellow, green, blue and pink. You can also use color paste. They’re
a little bit more concentrated so you a want a little bit less. But I’m just going to use
liquid for this. I’ve got 6 bowls.
I’ve got a couple of big spoons and I’ve got 6 teaspoons.
Let’s get started. Now I’ve pre-heated my oven. It’s a moderate
oven. I will leave the temperatures in the description box below.
We want to line up all of our lovely six bowls. We’re going to do 6 colors.
So what I want to do is just spoon that mix into those 6 bowls. So you’ve got about the
same amount in each bowl. Alright, so I’ve divided that batter evenly
into these 6 containers. Now I’m just going to color it. Now I’m not going to do purple
today. Don’t hate me. It’s not because I don’t like purple. I’ve just decided to go with
pink instead as this cake will be for my lovely niece’s birthday party.
So I’m going to start with red. I’m going to put the red in the purple container and
I’m going to put 2 cupfuls of that liquid food coloring in each color. We’re going to
try and keep the colors pretty close to the same ones that the bowls in because it’s going
to make a little bit easier for me. If you don’t have a rainbow of colored bowls then
white will obviously do. Don’t be afraid to use a bit of color in these because you really
do want those rainbow colors to be nice and bright. You want this cake to pop when people
cut into it. For my orange, I’m going to use mostly yellow
so I’m going to do a cup and a half of yellow, just a half a cup of red, not even, maybe
just a quarter of the cup of red. Alright, now take your teaspoons. Pop one
on each bowl and we’re just going to stir that color through all of that mixture. They’re
looking quite neat and beautiful at the moment. So I’m just going to carefully stir that color
through until it’s all completely combined. We’ll repeat that step with each of our lovely
colors. If you love our tutorials, make sure that
you check out our channel, My Cupcake Addiction. We upload several times a week. We would it
if you subscribe. We’ve got lots of great rainbow and other themed cupcakes and cakepops
on that channel. We’re always coming up with great and new inventive ideas that you guys
can make at home. You can see there, you can tell when that
colors all combined. You got a really nice, really vibrant color. So we’ll just repeat
that with all of our colors. Now you are going to have quite a bit of off
cuts and leftovers from all of these beautiful colors. So why not pair them up with some
of our stunning rainbow cakepops. You can turn all of those lovely crumbs and off cuts
into beautiful bright colorful cakepop mix. Here’s some cakepops with your lovely rainbow-layered
giant cupcake. Alright, so we’ve colored all of our lovely
vanilla or white or yellow cake mix. Now I’m going to take my giant cupcake mold which
I have completely greased. So I’ve just sprayed that with some non-stick spray. You can also
use butter to grease it. But do make sure that it’s really well greased. You want to
have a thing here about [with layers] in your cupcake you’re going to sit. So I know the
color scheme that I want. I want to have red at the top and I want to have pink down the
bottom. I’m going to go red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink. So that bottom half, I’m
going to start off by doing what’s going to be in the bottom first.
So I’m going to do my pink first and I’m just going to take that bottom section. And I’m
going to tip all of that lovely cake mix into that bottom section. Stir it out with spoon
just so it’s nice and level. Now the same sort of time, because we’re going
to bake both of these halves together… You’ve got your pink in there. My top layer is going
to be red. So I’m going to take all of that red and I’m going to spoon it into my top
part. I’m going to stir out so it’s nice and even.
Now we’re going to take those. I’m going to put these ones because they are silicon mold.
I’m going to put them onto a baking tray before I put them in the oven just so that the silicon
doesn’t move on the oven trays or anything. And I’m going to pop them in for about 15
minutes but I’m just going to check on them. And as soon as I spoon back in the middle
and the skewer cocktail stick comes out clean when I poke it in the middle, they’re going
to be ready. Okay, so they’ve come out from the oven and
the cook time is actually closer to 30 minutes than the 15 that I anticipated. I think it’s
about 25 to 27 minutes. Now because we’ve given that such a good spray,
you can see there it’s literally coming away. So I’m just going to pop my hand inside, flip
it out and we can pop that in a cooling rack or you can just rest it on your bench.
And the same with the top. Now with the top one, I do always like to just roll the edges
down, just around the top there because the top there can be a little bit fitly. Don’t
worry if you got any little crispy edges. It’s still quite hot. Don’t worry about little
crispy edges because we will trim all those edges off so all we expose is that lovely
beautiful color. Now for that top little dome or that top bottom,
I’m actually just going to push down on it. As I do — excuse me that’s really hot — you
can see the steam coming of it. So there you’ve got quite a nice… I got a red top and I’ve
got a pink bottom. Pop those off to the sides to cool. And we
will go and give our pan a rinse before adding in some more colors.
Okay, so I’ve washed out my giant cupcake base. Now, I’m not going to use the top again.
I’m only going to use the top for the very very top color. And I’m fortunate enough to
have two of these giant cupcake containers. So that’s going to cut down my cook time a
little bit. Obviously, if you’ve only got one, you’re just going to this one color at
a time. So my next color is going to be from the bottom
up, blue. I have re-greased those lovely giant patty pans so do make sure that you are really
giving them a good spray with your non-stick spray or a good grease with butter before
each color goes in. Alright, so that’s blue. And then we’ll do our green.
And off they go into the oven for another 25 to 30 minutes.
Okay, so we’ve baked those two last colors that’s second [lots] of two colors. And you
guess it, once again, exactly the same thing. Now these two are going to go off into the
oven. That’s going to be the last of our baking. And when we come back, we are going to have
our 6 beautiful colors of cake, ready to go, ready to carve, stack and decorate into a
beautiful rainbow layer cupcake. Okay, so we’re back and we’ve got our 6 beautiful
colored lovely pieces of our giant cupcake, ready to go. Now I will mention, these are
completely cool. These are not even remotely warm. So make sure you’re not trying to work
with even slightly warm. You need to give them a couple of hours to completely cool
down. I’ve got a little bit of our perfectly pipeable
buttercream frosting and I’ve just popped that into a just a piping bag with any nozzle
you like. You don’t have to have a piping bag but I just want it to be a little bit
easier for disposing the icing. I’ve got a spatula.
I’ve got a serrated edge knife. This is a bread knife.
And I’ve got offset spatula. You can use just a regular spatula for both or a knife. But
I just like working with the offset spatula. I’ve also got one of our giant chocolate patty
pans. Now I do have a tutorial on how to make this. I will leave a links to that and the
buttercream frosting in the description box below.
Now this one here, I’ve done white chocolate as my outer layer and I’ve colored that white
chocolate with a little bit of sky blue Wilton color paste. And then I’ve just used plain
white chocolate for the inside because no one is really going to see that anyway.
So, the first thing that we want to do is we’re just going to pop a little bit of that
frosting in the bottom. Just a bit of a blob. And then you want to take your nice, soft,
flexible spatula and just skip it off the side. Now this is just going to give the cupcake
something to adhere to on the sides so that when you do cut it, it does stick to those
chocolate sides. So I need a little more just to cover over that side. Try not to move it
around too much. All the way up. Alright, now we’re going to take our bottom
color, for me that’s going to be pink. So just to give us a little bit of room. Now
what we’re going to do… All of these are going to be the same size apart from our top
piece. Now as you can see there, because it’s been
baked in the oven, you’ve got a little bit of, kind of, darkness of color. So what we’re
going to do is just cut the top section off so just come [here] nice and flat together,
nice even cut. I like to actually turn the cake as I’m cutting because I see exactly
while I’m cutting and just trim the top off. You can see that beautiful color that’s coming
out there. This is going to be what’s really seen. That bright bright color as you cut
it into a circle. So don’t worry about your edges.
Now with the bottom two colors, I’m going to trim off the edges. And you’ll notice this
if you followed us through our giant cupcake basics, we actually do trim off the entire
base of the giant cupcake. I’m only going to do that with, I think, my two bottom colors
of this one. Because we’ve baked everything in the bottom of that pan, so you’re not getting
the rise of the size as you come up the giant cupcake.
So this is what you should have, Sort of a bit of a, I guess, a hexagon-y or I don’t
know. I don’t know how many sides that one’s got.
I’m just going to plop that in. Give it a nice little push down so that it is secured
and that buttercream is going to help not just stick that into the cupcake case but
it’s also going to help to make it nice and air tight so that it doesn’t dry out in there.
Alright, so we want to get that buttercream frosting and we’re going to just put a nice
even swirl if you can. Take that lovely flexible spatula again.
Now one of the things with rainbow cake that you really want to try and do is get about
the same amount of frosting in between each layer. So you don’t want to… When you cut
it, you do want it to be all quite nice and even.
There we go. Now the next color for me is going to be blue.
Get that pink out of the way. I’m going to use that pink to make absolutely delicious
cakepops. Same thing again with the blue. Just cut that
top off. You can see there, as you bring that top off, these are the colors that you’re
going to see, not the stuff of the outside that’s being baked. You’re actually going
to see these beautiful bright gorgeously vibrant colors. Trim the sides of that one. Once again,
a nice little hexagon-y type shape. If you want to trim the bottom you can. But
that’s not going to be seen. That just from the non-stick spray that’s been in the giant
cupcake case. I’m might just take it off. I don’t think anybody’s going to see because
it’s all going to be stuck on the frosting but I’ll know it’s there. Beautiful.
Now that one is just going to sit on top there. Now you’ll see there, I’ve got a little bit
of a gap around the outside. So we’re just going to fill that in with a little bit of
frosting as we put on our next layer. Don’t get too thick with the frosting. You really
don’t want it to be too crazy thick because there are a lot of layers. So try to try and
keep it even but also make sure it’s not too thick.
Just to fill in my little side gaps there. Now as you move in to the next color, which
as far is going to be green. Do not trim the sides. Just trim the top of your green and
that’s because where actually getting larger at the top of this giant patty pan or giant
cupcake case. I hear a lot of you guys don’t call it a patty pan so I shall try not to.
And sit that one on top. And again on top.
Our next color is going to be yellow. You guessed it. We’re going to trim off the top
and just sit it on top. Now you’ll see as I get above the large patty
pan, I’m actually not going to put anything down the sides just at the moment. I’m just
going to do my layers and frosting in between. We’ll come back and work on those sides shortly.
And finally the red. Now with the red, I’m not going to trim the top point a bit. I’m
going to trim the bottom of it. And I’m also going to take off the edges of the red because
of the way as we’ve done this, we haven’t use the entirety of the top half. It’s getting
quite tall. So I want to takeoff the edges of the red and we’re actually going to carve
down the shape of our giant cupcake without knife and build it up a little bit using our
buttercream frosting. So sit that red on top. Now that is looking like one heck of a giant
cupcake sandwich. Alright, now from here, I’m going to just
take my knife and I’m going to cut from the top of that cupcake. I’m actually going to
round it off a little bit on the top because I don’t want it to be quite so high. Just
round it off a bit. And then we’re going to cut down the outside. This is just going to
help taper it down. And we don’t want that top layer to be too much thicker than the
other layers. So you really want it to be about the same width. When you get down close
and have a look at it, you want it to be about the same height as the rest of your layers.
And the rest of your layers should all be pretty well even because we’ve divided that
mix so evenly into 6 different portions and we’ve baked the same amount in each one.
Now you may also notice — and this is a really great opportunity and it’s a frequently asked
question about the giant cupcake cases — can you see that big crack there? That is a big
crack that’s happened and it’s probably happened because maybe my chocolate was a little bit
thin in that particular spot when I’ve done it. So you can see, it’s cracked in two places.
I’m actually going to show you how to repair a crack like that. All is not lost, don’t
cry, don’t throw it in the bin. It’s all fixable. Okidoki. So I’m in a bit of a mess here so
I’m just going to pop off and have a little tidy up and then we’ll be back for the next
steps. Okay, so we’re back and I’ve had a bit of
a tidy up. Now as I’ve mentioned, I do want to show you guys how to fix cracks. Alright,
these are made out of chocolate. Cracks are going to happen. Cake can be heavy. But it’s
not the end of the world. So I’ve got some of that blue chocolate. As
I’ve mentioned, this is just white chocolate colored blue. I’ve pop it into the zip lock
bag and I’ve just cut a little hole out of the end of it to make a little mini piping
bag. Now I’m just going to squeeze that into…
Putting quite a bit of pressure so you want to get it as far into that crack as you can
and I can actually see it’s sipping in there to meet up with the cake. Bring it out so
it comes over that crack. You can see there, it’s like a little bit of a seam and then
take your finger and run it up the side and that’s just going to smooth it off. It’s not
going to be perfect. Now I like to do this twice. So I’ll smooth it off. I’m going to
let that completely set. You can see there, you can still see a little bit of a crack.
We’re going to come back shortly. We’re going to do it again and it’s going to be completely
invisible like it never happened. Okay, so that one’s dried attached. We’ll
just going to apply a second coat. Once again, just squeezing it in and take that finger
and just smooth it off. So there you have your pretty much repaired
crack. It’s not going to be 100% perfect but it’s better than scrapping the whole cupcake
and starting again. Okay, so now that we’ve fixed our little crack,
it’s time to get frosting. So this is just going to be really quickly a very little bit
of a crumb coat. Now, there’s a lot of frosting in this cupcake so try to keep it a little
bit less so on top and around. Just give it a nice crumb coat so that frosting picks up
any of those crumbs and stops it from going into our lovely top coat.
A little bit more down the sides. Nice and close. You can see there, I’ve got quite a
few crumbs. This is why we do the crumb coat. Now at the end of my crumb coat, I’m actually
going to take that spatula and just take off as much of that frosting as I can, just because
there is quite a lot in, on and around of this cupcake.
And I’m actually going to pop that off into the fridge for about 15 minutes just to let
that crumb coat set nice and firm. Okay, so we’re back from the freezer. That’s
now quite touch, kind of, touch dry, I guess. It’s not frozen deep, definitely not frozen
on the inside. I ended up putting mine in the freezer for about 5 minutes instead of
the fridge for 15. That just depends on if you’ve got a big enough freezer. Ether one
will do. So now, I just want to go around the outside
here and I’m just going to build up that bottom a little bit because we’ve used that giant
cupcake mold to make every single layer. If your layers on top are a little bit skinnier,
so if you do have like a 6 inch baking pan or something like that, that’s fantastic and
you can bake, you know, 3 of your layers in the giant cupcake case and 3 of them in the
baking pan, give you, I guess, a larger layer on top. But if you don’t, I’m just trying
to give you ways that you can use your giant cupcake case. They are a little bit different
to the regular. So you don’t need to go out and buy all of these pans and all these equipment.
So I’m just going to use my spatula, just work that down. See there, I’m just going
back and forth, being careful not to pick up any crumbs, which you shouldn’t now that
you’ve given it that lovely freeze. You can see there now, I’ve got lovely seamless white
frosting. Just going back and forth and [ensure you’ve got] a nice even cover.
If you love our tutorials, make sure that you subscribe to our channel, My Cupcake Addiction.
We upload several times a week. I know I’m on a bit of a rainbow rampage at the moment
but we do other things other than the rainbow and we have heaps and heaps of great stuff
for you to check out. Alright, so now that I’m at this stage. I’m
going to take my spatula and I’m just going to smooth it off.
If you want to decorate this like one of our other giant cupcakes, you can see here a couple
of different examples. You’ve got the lovely shabby rose bouquet. You’ve got the rainbow
butterflies which is actually what I’ve done with this particular cupcake. And you can
see the tutorial on that one on our channel. You can see here how gorgeous it looks when
it’s cut. And I’m sure it’s going to impress all of your guests that inside this humble-looking
giant cupcake, there’s so much beautiful color Thanks very much for watching.

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