Make a TINKERBELL Fairy Princess SURPRISE PINATA Cake! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Tinkerbell
Cake Giant Cupcake Tutorial where I’ll be showing you how to make this gorgeous surprise
piñata Tinkerbell cake using your giant cupcake mold. For those of you that follow my channel
My Cupcake Addiction, you’ll know that I love coming up with all sorts of weird and wonderful
ways to use your giant cupcake mold that aren’t necessarily restricted to just the giant cupcake.
Tools and equipment that we will be using today:
I’ve got a sharp knife. I’ve got an offset spatula. If you don’t have
an offset spatula, just a regular knife will do.
I’ve got a serrated knife, quite a long one, so a bread knife is best.
A fondant roller or a regular rolling pin will do.
I’ve got some of these plunge cutters. Now you don’t have to have plunge cutters but
I picked these up on eBay for about 3-5 dollars a set, posted from China. These are going
to make your life as a decorator so much easier. What they do is they actually cut out the
shape of the leaf and when you plunge them or push them, they imprint all of the veining.
So you don’t need these for this tutorial but they will make it a lot faster. I’ll also
be showing you how to make some of these just using some circle cutters.
I’ve got my Tinkerbell doll. Now I’ve unrobed her. So I’ve taken off her skirt and also
her shoes. Make sure that you take off any accessories that may fall off and get stuck
in your cake. And I’ve also just wrapped the base of her in just some clean film.
I’ve got an iced cake board. I’ve iced mine in green fondant with a little bit of yellow
ribbon. And we do have a whole tutorial on our channel which shows you how to ice a cake
board. I’ll leave a link to that in the description box below also.
I’ve just got mine today sitting on a cake turntable.
I’ve got a little bit of our perfectly pipeable buttercream frosting and I’ve tinted that
green. I’ll leave a recipe link to that in the description box below.
I’ve picked out some green and yellow M&Ms. That’s going to be for our surprise piñata
effect and that’s a bit optional. You don’t have to have the candy in the middle. It’s
completely up to you. I’ve got a bit of green fondant.
I’ve got some, just some Wilton gold color mist, so that’s just going to be to give us
a little bit of fairy dust at the end of our tutorial. So it’s purely optional. You don’t
have to have it. I’ve got some of that frosting, the perfectly
pipeable buttercream frosting, just in a piping bag with a circular piping tip. It doesn’t
matter what size. And it’s up to you if you want to use a piping bag. You will be able
to achieve the same results just using your spatula but the piping bag just makes it a
little bit neater and a little bit easier. I’ve got my giant cupcake. Now I’ve used vanilla
and I’ve baked that using the methods that I showed you in my Giant Cupcake Basics Series.
So that shows you how to fill your giant cupcake, how to line it, how to bake it and how to
extract that cupcake out, getting it ready to this stage so that you’re ready to decorate
it. I’ll leave links to those tutorials in the description box below as well.
So let’s get started. Now the first thing that you want to do, apart
from wrapping your Tinkerbell and getting her ready, is you want to cut out your leaves.
So start by cutting out all of your leaves. And you’ll see here, I’ve got all of mine
sitting on a tray under some greaseproof paper. You’re going to need quite a few leaves so
don’t be shy with them. And the reason that we’re cutting them up before is we don’t want
them to be really really soft. But I have covered them so they don’t dry out and crack
but we want them to stick nicely to the buttercream frosting and the buttercream frosting will
start to crust. So if we don’t have the leaves ready, ready to stick on, pretty well as soon
as we put that frosting on, it’s going to make it a little bit difficult and you’re
going to find that your leaves don’t adhere properly as you get to the top of the dress.
So to show you how to do those little leaves, just take some of that green fondant and we’ll
roll it out. We’ll just give your fondant a little swipe around. You want to roll your
fondant quite thin because she is going to have a couple of layers that’s in place on
her dress as we layer those leaves. Now, as I said, I’m going to show you 2 options here.
Here you’ve got just a circle cutter, most people have got scone cutters at home. So
you just want to cut a circle and pull that circle out. Out of that circle, you just want
to cut, I guess the inside of a moon shape out, and that’s going to give you your leaf
sort of a shape. You can do different sizes. You can do sort of different widths, different
thicknesses. And then you want to take your knife and you want to use the back of your
knife because it’s going to be a little bit fatter and it’s not going to cut through,
and just run it over the top, and give yourself a couple of little leaf-like textured pieces.
So that’s really cool. It’s just a basic. It’s just a really easy leaf that everybody
can achieve. But like I said, these plunge cutters, they
have saved my life. So [it’ll take] about 15 minutes to cut all of those leaves that
you saw before. You push them down, rub them back and forward, and then you plunge, and
lift. Now that leaf is going to come up, cornflour on the back — stops it from sticking. Pop
it out and there you’ve got a really beautifully, detailed, perfect, little leaf. I’ve also
gone with the rose style of leaf because it gives you that nice little textured edge,
just kind of gives us the rough Tinkerbell-y kind of look on the dress.
So you want to cut out the majority of those larger leaves and then I’ve just got a smaller
leaf cutter. This is actually a different style of leaf but it really doesn’t matter.
And I’m just cutting out just a few of those smaller leaves and that just going to be to
edge around her torso or the top of her dress. Now, you want to take your giant cupcake and
we’re going to start preparing this. So I do actually show you how to carve a giant
cupcake but I want to show you myself in this tutorial because it’s a little bit different.
Because we’re going to use this as a dress of a doll, normally I would cut this top flat
so you cut off this round dome, but we don’t want to do that here.
We just want to give it sort of a flat-ish as base and that’s going to be so we lift
it up a little bit higher because Tinkerbell, she’s going to be quite tall so we want to
make sure that the dress is the right size for her. So as always, I like to cut off all
of my crusty edges. So just cut away any of your little brown cooked edges to reveal that
lovely white cake underneath, all the way around and also the bottom. Now, not only
does that take away all of those sort of crunchy edges, it also takes away the ridges of the
giant cupcake to give us more of a smooth skirty type sort of a look. Alright, once
you’ve taken all the brown off your sides and off your bottom, you want to just run
around the top. Now be careful here because you don’t want to sort of crack off any of
the edges if you can, just very very lightly and very carefully, trim off the brown at
the top. Now we’re going to do the same for the top.
And we’re just going to trim off any of these crusty edges but leave this bottom piece for
now. You’ll notice when I trim the top, I actually rest the top of the cupcake that
I’m chopping down on to the mat underneath me. And this is to give it support so you
don’t crack off whole sections of the edges of the top of your cupcake.
Alright, now when it comes time to do this underneath section, what I want you to do
is once again, just very very lightly just trim away just any of that brown but leave
the mound on there. Alright, so we finished trimming off all of
our little brown edges. Now you want to just take the, I guess, the bottom of your giant
cupcake. And we’re actually going to be turning this upside down like this. So what we need
is a flat base here that Tinkerbell can rest on. But just don’t take off any more than
you absolutely need to. So I’m just going to cut off just a bit of a circle there. Little
bit more just so I that know that I’ve got a flat enough base but not going all the way
to the edge. So I’ve got sort of a… You can see there I’ve actually gone almost an
extra 2 centimeters just by not going all the way to the edge and that’s actually brings
the dress up off the cake board by that 2 centimeters. So you can cut that again in
the center. I’m just going to cut it right across and it doesn’t matter if it’s not particularly
even. Don’t be too fussy with it. Now for the top, once again, we want to keep
as much height as we can so keep referring back to your little Tinkerbell doll to make
sure that she’s going to, I guess, not have…not be too tall for her dress.
So once again with this bit, we just want to take as little as we can off, just cutting
around. Then we’re going to sit that back on top and we’re just going to trim, I guess,
in line here. So we’re going to trim around the edges there and just shape that top bit
so that it’s the same sort of a width at the top there as that bottom piece. I always use
a serrated edge knife here because I find it gives you a better cut. A clean edge knife
doesn’t seem to sort through the cake as easily. It doesn’t seem to give you as nice of a…nice
clean cut. Alright, so just checking again the height.
That’s looking pretty good so I don’t want to take much more of that height at all because
that’s coming pretty well perfectly in line with her little waist there. And I really…
I don’t particularly want her feet going all the way to the bottom if I can avoid it. So
I’m just going to take off just a very very tiny tiny little top just there like that.
Now, for the surprise piñata effect, what we want to do is we want to cut our circle.
So we’ve gone a circle cutter and I will leave dimensions for the circle cutters in the description
box below. Alright, so I want you to take your circle cutter and just insert it into
the center of the bottom piece of that cake. If you turn it, as you turn it, it’s actually
going to cut away that piece of cake so go all the way through to the bottom. And then
we’re going to do the same again with our next piece. So long as you do it roughly in
the center, your hole should be roughly at the same place. All of this vanilla cake that’s
leftover, I’m going to be using to make some delicious cakepops with. So definitely don’t
throw it out. Perfect. Alright, so there’s your holes in the middle.
Now with this piece here, it’s quite large and the top bit here still has a little bit
of the crispy edging. So I’m going to go through the bottom. Once again in the middle, be really
careful of this top section because it’s quite a bit thinner so it’s not going to have as
much stability. I’m going to just hold it in my hands and twisting again, I’m going
to core that out, and then I’m going to go through it from the top on this side. I’m
going to actually use my up knife here and I’m just going to cut a little bit narrower
so not quite as big. I’m using my sharp knife because that circle cutter’s going to put
a bit too much pressure. Beautiful. So you can see there, we’ve got our nice big hole
there and then I’ve cored out just a smaller hole. So you can take your knife there and
just [hole] it out. I’m pretty happy with that spot on. By the time we put a bit of
frosting on and a little bit of fondant, that is the perfect height for this Tinkerbell.
So once you put frosting in, you can adjust the height a little bit. You can put a little
bit more to make the dress a little bit higher or a little bit less to make it a bit lower
so long as it’s roughly the right size, you’ll be able to put your doll in there, no problems.
So we’ll just have a little bit of a tidy up and then we’ll come back and get decorating.
Alright, so now it’s time to get to the fun part. So we want to start stacking this cake
on the board. Once we start stacking it on the board, you want to take care not to get
too much of a mess because we don’t want to mess up that board. So I’m going to take the
absolute bottom piece and I’m just going to use my piping bag. I’m going to put a reasonably
thick layer of buttercream frosting and that’s so it’s going to kind of spill at the bottom,
really stick it to the board and just fill in that little gap around where we’ve raised
our skirt up a little bit. So I’m just going to flip out over and it’s going to go right
in the center of the board. So just push it down. I’m just going to sort of smooshed down
that buttercream. Don’t worry if the buttercream comes out the front, out the sides, that’s
totally fine. We’re going to have a whole lot of leaves covering up any mistakes that
you make. Also, don’t worry if your giant cupcake cracks around the edges, stick it
together, put the frosting in. It’s going to be totally fine. It’s happened to me a
million times. Alright, now because I know that my cake,
I guess, is about the right size for Tinkerbell, I don’t want to put too much frosting in between
his layers. So I’m going to pipe on a little bit and just spread it out. Now you do want
to make sure here that you are covering as much of the cake as you can.
Alright, once you’ve got your first little layer done, you can pick up your second layer,
sit that on top. I’m going to turn mine around because it just makes the height a little
bit more even. So I may have cut it just on slight angle when I actually cut the cake
first. Try and make sure that you keep the height as even as you can. A little bit more
frosting here. Now as you’re doing this, you can bring the frosting over the edges, just
act like a bit of a crumb coat, and that’s just going to trap any crumbs in there. Whenever
I make one of these giant cupcakes, I prefer… I have all of my own recipes. But if I’m going
to do a sponge, I prefer to use a packet mix sponge. They just seem to be a little bit
sturdier and a little bit less crumbly. Otherwise, I like to use a mud cake. So a mud cake mix
is always going to be just a bit more sturdier and a bit more forgiving when you’re carving
or when you’re cutting. So particularly if you’re a beginner, I highly recommend either
a packet cake mix or a mud cake. Now I’m going to just make sure that I’ve
got the most even sort of a height there as I can. I’m pretty happy with that. Now here’s
kind of the tricky bit. So I’m going to take some of those M&Ms. and as I mentioned, the
whole surprise piñata thing, totally up to you. I just like it because I think it adds
a little bit, a little bit of wow factor when people cut into the cake. Her feet are quite
skinny and they’re going to move the M&Ms out of the way for us. So in go those M&Ms
up to… I’m taking them to about the line of the top of our giant cupcake. And then
I’m going to push her in. I’m actually going to take her wings off at this point to…
They’re just going to get in the way. So we can put those back on in the end. Push her
in and I can feel her little feet going in there, to those M&Ms.
Now once she’s in there and she’s got her, I guess, she’s got her bottom in the cake,
you’re just going to have to sort of poke in the rest of those M&Ms. So this can be
a little bit of a slow process but just fill up any gaps around her front and around her
bottom. So I’m just sort of pushing down on those M&Ms because I really want to, I guess,
force them in there a little bit. Be careful not to press on the actual cake but get as
many M&Ms as you can. It’s going to add to our nice piñata spill effect when we cut
the cake open. Now I actually can’t get in around her bottom.
So I’m just going to make a small incision into that cake just to give me a little bit
of space so that I can get some M&Ms in there. Perfect. So all up, I use about a cup of M&Ms.
Now I’m just going to just make sure that I’m keeping the crumbs off this cake board.
Alright, now taking that piping bag again, I’m just going to just pipe a little bit of
that frosting sort of in the gap there. This is where the piping bag is good because it
forces the frosting where you want it to go. And then we can take our spatula and just
smooth that off. And this is just a very very rough coat of that frosting.
I should also mention that when I was choosing my Tinkerbell and with any doll cakes, try
and choose the ones that are not wearing clothe clothing on the top half. If you can get the
ones that are wearing like a plastic outfit, it just makes life so much easier and it means
that you don’t have to take all of the clothes off and then make them an outfit out of fondant
or risk getting buttercream frosting into their clothe dresses.
So now that I’m happy that she’s pretty well covered, just really roughly, I’m just going
to take a little bit more of that frosting and just make sure that she’s coming all the
way down to the bottom of that cake board. So you just want to make sure that you’ve
got just a bit of a decent covering and once again, it doesn’t have to be neat.
Alright, I’m going to keep my buttercream handy. We’re going to have a little bit of
a tidy up and then we’re going to come back and we’re going to add all of those leaves
and she’s going to be just about done. Alright, so as I mentioned, you do want to
work relatively quickly here before that buttercream frosting has time to stop crusting. So I have
cut out all of my little fondant leaves and I’m going to start sticking them on down at
the bottom. So they’re going to stick straight to that buttercream frosting and as I stick
them on, I’m going to just let them kick out at the bottom there, so little bit higher
than that. We just want to flick them out at the bottom. That’s just going to give us
a little bit of texture. So you can see there, I’ve just flicked it out a little bit and
we’re going to layer those all the way around. This is actually kind of the fun part because
most of the hard work has been done. So as you layer them, you just want to overlap them
slightly, keep them all at the same height. And because we’ve cut those out a little bit
in advance, they will be starting to firm up so you’re not dealing with a soft and fluffy
piece of fondant that’s going to sag back down. You’re actually dealing with something
that’s got enough shape to give our dress, just that nice little bit of kick in and that
nice little bit of poof I guess. So really when you stick them down, you’re just pushing
down on the top part of the leaf, you’re letting the bottom part, I guess hang free and kind
of kicked out a little bit. So there’s your first row. Now the only little
bit that I’m not happy with is this tiny little bit just here. That’s just a little bit of
that green frosting peeking through so I’m just going to use a sharp knife and I’m going
to pick it up and get rid of it, and we can see it anymore so you’re not seeing any of
that light green coming out through the dark. So on to our second layer. Now with your second
layer, you kind of want to go in the middle of the join of your leaves. So where you’ve
got 2 leaves overlapping, stick down another one, and once again, just flicking out that
bottom, so pushing the top and letting the bottom flick out, all the way around, overlapping.
Alright, so just a couple of things to be mindful of, when you’re actually placing these
leaves do try to keep the top of the leaves at about the same height and if your buttercream
should start to crust on you at any stage — mine’s still quite fine. But if you find
that it starts to crust, just take a little bit more and just kind of go over. Don’t add
more but you can kind of almost scrape off that top layer and add a new fresh top layer.
So if you find that your buttercream is starting to crust and your leaves not sticking to it,
that’s how you can just freshen it up. Don’t think Tinkerbell’s used to wearing quite so
many clothes. She’ll be prancing around in her little skirt and her little leotard.
Alright, so we’re just about finish our layering of our leaves. So we’re right out at the waist
line now. And you can see the gorgeous effect that you get there by just getting those leaves
dry out just a little bit beforehand and then flicking them at the bottom so you get that
really nice kind of a, I guess, the rough kind of effect that’s very very similar to
the bottom of Tinkerbell’s usual skirt. So I’m just going to add in the last few leaves,
so all the way up to her waist line there. So with those little tiny leaves, I’m going
to attach them one by one and I’m just going to take just a tinty tint little bit of frosting,
and just on the back of each leaf, just use that frosting to attach it down. So the frosting
is just going to act like a little bit of a glue. Don’t put too much on there. I actually
like to use the end of my sharp knife just to put a little tiny tiny dot. And we’re just
going to give her a bit of a waistband of those smaller leaves. This cake is going to
go down to my niece’s Charlie and Ashley from Charlie’s Crafty Kitchen. And a lot of you,
I think, already followed Charlie’s Crafty Kitchen. But she’s my niece. Ashley’s 4, Charlie’s
7, and they have their own little cooking and cupcake channel. It’s very very cute.
Alright, so that is the end of our epic leaf layering. They wear a lot of leaves but the
effect has been so so worth it. You can have a look at your Tinkerbell there as we spin
her around. She’s still without her wings. Now what we’re going to do here is we’re going
to take this Wilton colored mist. Now, if you guys haven’t used this before, they’re
almost like an airbrush in a can, I supposed. So if you’re professionally decorating, you
might have an airbrush at home but these are really great alternative if you don’t.
With these ones, you really want to spray them from quite a distance away and they will
be over spraying. So just be careful what’s behind you and in front of you. So I’m just
going to give it just a really light shimmer. And I’m just going to concentrate more on
this top section of the cake rather on the bottom because I don’t want to get too much
of it on that board, so just shaking and [sending] back as far as…about 30 centimeters away.
I’m just going to give it just a few [shot first] and I’m not aiming too close to her
face or to her hair or anything, really just giving it just a little bit of definition
and a little bit of shimmer. So you can see there what we’ve done with
that shimmer. It’s really just given us almost that little bit of a sprinkling of pixie dust.
So finally to finish our Tinkerbell off, we’re going to take those wings and just re-attach
them. So there you’ve got your finished Tinkerbell ferry princess giant cupcake surprise piñata
cake tutorial. That is a mouthful of a title. I hope that you guys loved it as much as I
do. When you cut into that cake, all of that candy is going to come spilling out. The birthday
girl or boy is going to have a great doll to keep. They’re going to remember this cake
forever and it’s a really easy cake to replicate, a little bit time-consuming on the leaves
but an absolutely stunning centerpiece for your next party. If you want to dress that
up a little bit, I would recommend maybe just a few little flowers, sugar roses or piped
roses, just around the base between the skirt and the board just to add a little puff of
color. Thanks very much for tuning in to My Cupcake

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