Make Bleeding Brain Cupcakes for Halloween – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Make Bleeding Brain Cupcakes for Halloween – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Brain
Aneurism Cupcake Tutorial where I’m going to be showing you how to make this really
kind of gross brain cupcake which is taken a little bit over the top by giving it a jello
shot which forms the brain aneurism. So before you serve this to your guests, you can squeeze
that jello right down into the cupcake and when they bite or cut into it, they’re going
to get that really great, kind of bloody jello center. So tools and equipment that we will be using
today: I’ve got some strawberry jello.
I’ve got a couple of syringes. Now I’ve just bought these on the local chemist. For me,
they’re about 50 cents each. These are 5ml syringe and they come all sort of package
and sterile… They don’t have any needle or anything in the end of them so they are
completely safe to use and of course, they’re all sterilized so absolutely fine to use with
food. I’ve got a cupcake. Now I just added just
a tiny tiny little bit, a drop or 2 of pink food coloring to just a plain vanilla cake
mix. And that’s just going to give us sort of a little bit of a pinkish effect when we
get inside that brain. I’ve got my brain-colored buttercream frosting.
So I’ve just used that perfectly pipeable buttercream frosting in vanilla and I will
leave a link to that recipe in the description box below. And to color that, depending on
how much you want to color, I’ve used 2 parts black food coloring, 2 parts pinker food coloring
and one part orange. Now I would suggest adding this, I think I did, for the amount I colored,
2 drops of pink, 2 drops of black and 1 drop of orange, and just sort of work until you
get that kind of skin-colory fleshy tone for your frosting.
I’ve got a knife. I’ve got a spoon.
A zip lock bag. And a pair of scissors.
So let’s get started. Now the first thing that you want to do is
you want to make up your jelly or your jello as per the manufacturer’s instructions. So
I’ve just made just regular strawberry jello and then I’ve used my little syringes and
I’ve just…Make sure that you squeezed all of the air out of them and suck up that jello.
Pop that into the fridge to set and you can make these several days in advance. Once your
jello is made and your jello shots syringes are all completely done, then we can get started
on the cupcakes. So we’ve got our jello shot there premade and ready to go. We’ll pop that
off to the side. Here’s our cupcake. What you want to do is
you want to take your knife and that fleshy-colored brainy frosting and we’re just going to scoop
on a nice little mound of that frosting. So I’m just scooping it on. I’m using the back
of the knife just to push it down towards the cupcake liner. But I’m not letting it
go over the sides because I don’t want to make a mess out of that cupcake liner. So
just working it back and forward, you kind of want to make a bit of a rounded dome. But
rather than having it completely round, sort of focus on bringing it into a bit more of
a football shape. So just wiping off the back of the knife and I’m just going to smooth
that one side and then the other. And what you’ve got there is sort of…you can see
there, sort of like a little bit of a mound and it’s kind of a bit flatter on the 2 sides
and a bit kind of pointy on the middle. So that’s going to be the basic preparations
for our cupcake. Now you want to take a little bit of that
frosting, pop it in a zip lock bag, push that frosting all the way down to the end of the
bag or to the corner, let any air out, seal that bag up. Now you want to cut off quite
a decent little piping tip from the end of that bag. So don’t make it too fine because
we want it to be quite thick for this brain detailing. So you can see there…about something
that thick coming out when I squeeze out my piping bag.
So now, you want to do your brain detail and this is actually really simple. What you want
to do is you want to start on one side and we’re going to do 1 line and then 2 lines,
come around to the other side and do 2 more lines and then do just 2 straight lines across
the middle. So the 2 lines that you do around the sides are going to be kind of squiggly
and you want to make sure they come all the way down to that line of that cupcake liner,
squeezing out like so. The zip lock bag is the perfect tool for a
brain cupcake. Who would have thought? And then coming up and doing another line.
So things you want to pay attention of here is you do want to make sure that you only
use about 2 lines to get up 2 central with the cupcakes because you don’t want too much
more than that or else the brain starts to look a little bit overdone. Perfect. So that’s
the basis for your brain. And you’ll notice I’ve left both of the ends and the middle
free of any frostings apart from that basic mound that we’ve done. So now I’m just going
to go back and forward and 2 straight lines, sort of turning them around at one end to
give us that center of the brain line. Perfect! So there’s your brain cupcake.
And now to finish that off, I’m going to take my pre-prepared little jelly or jello shot
and I’m just going to stab it right into the middle. That’s how I’m going to serve those
to my guests. As I said, when they go and eat it, they can decide if they want to eat
that jello shot separately and then eat the cupcake or if they want to sort of have a
bit fun with it, squeeze that jello shot right into the center of the cupcake. When they
take a bite, they’re going to get all of that delicious gooey jelly inside.
I hope that you guys aren’t too grossed out by this tutorial. I hope that you really like
the idea. I’ve been wanting to make something like this for ages and Halloween is always
the perfect time. Thanks very much for tuning in to My Cupcake Addiction!


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  2. This is sooooo cool! Thank you very much for sharing. I don't know were you get you creativity from, but this is just genius. Xxx all the way from the Netherlands

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  4. Hey. CONGRATULATIONS on your new baby. And Howtocookthat made you a cupcake on her channel you are amazing

  5. That is so awesome!!!! I'm planning on having a Halloween party and I'm so gonna serve these, the jello eyes, the zombie cake pops and the cupcakes in a jar.

  6. these are awesome. my sister and i are planning a Halloween party in honor of our sister who just died 3 weeks ago, and Halloween was everything to her as well as ourselves, and i've been looking for a brain jello mold everywhere and can't find one, but now i have another way to make something brainy which she would have loved. thanks for this, AND the jello filled candy eyeball candy video!!!!  wicked awesomeness. 🙂

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  8. This video made me sad because my Uncle was recently in the hospital from an aneurysm. Thanks for the memories :I

  9. I think these are adorable and I know that the name is probably perfect for them but I watched my very best friend have a brain aneurysm right in front of me and she died 2 weeks later. So I can't, in good conscience share this recipe on my horror page but if you ever do change the name (not that I'm asking you to but if you just happen to that is) please let me know because I really would love to post this recipe in time for Halloween. (I'm trying to post the Halloween recipes by 10/20/15 to give ppl time to buy ingredients) I love your channel and I think you do amazing work! ❤️

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    I love watching your amazing food videos you have inspired me
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    Thank you, Olivia Daly

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