Make Candy Sushi – Popin Cooking FAIL! A Cupcake Addiction How NOT To Make Gummi Candy

Hello. Welcome to mixed-up Monday on Cupcake
Addiction. Today I’m doing something a little bit different that I’ve never done before
but I’ve seen them done on YouTube. And they are absolutely huge at the moment. I’m talking
about Pop’n Cooking Japanese candy. So I was in a Japanese store while I was in the US
a couple of weeks ago. And I saw a whole section of them. I’ve seen them open and I’ve seen,
I guess, Japanese people doing them. But I’ve never done one myself and I’m incredibly curious.
And I thought being so big at the moment, maybe you guys will be curious too.
The thing is all of the instructions are in Japanese. So I’m looking at them and I’m thinking:
“I think I kind of know what to do”. There’s a few different steps here. But really, I
haven’t done it before and I have no idea. So we’re going to learn together for this
one. And if you guys are interested in seeing me do anymore of this, you can see I’ve got
4 or 5 of them, and I’m more than happy to open them on camera for you. Otherwise, if
you’re not so keen, let me know and I’ll just leave it at this one.
So I guess we’re going to open it up and see what we’ve got inside. I always love seeing
the other guys that open these on YouTube actually open them. There’s just like all
these random little sachets in, I guess, Japanese instructions and we’ll get through this.
Okay, so we’ve got like 5 sachets, a little spoon, or 6 sachets, a little spoon, and I
think there’s a little water dropper. So I’m going to turn my instructions over so I can
actually read them. So looking at this, the first thing that it’s
telling me to do, since we’re color-coded, is the blue one. So it’s asking me to tip
this into the number 1 container. Let’s see if these are foolproof.
Okay, 1 sachet down. So looking at the instructions, it looks like
it wants me to take a little spoon and just stir it around. That doesn’t even make sense
because on the picture, it looks like it flops up. It doesn’t tell me to add water but I’m
kind of thinking maybe I should. But I’m not going to deviate from the instructions. This
is a tough one. Maybe we’ll just add water. I figure you can’t just have powder. It’s
got to have something with it. So I’m going to squeeze that and then suck up some water.
We’ll throw in. Oh, cool. I don’t know if you can see that but it’s actually bubbling
and rising. So I’m going to do another one of those waters. I don’t know why. I probably
should have stopped at one. And then as per the instructions, I’m going to stir it through.
My god, it smells amazing. It smells like. It smells like… You know that [popping]
candy? Alright, I think that looks like it might need a little bit more water. So maybe
we’ll just put in a little bit more. I didn’t put in a whole one. I put in like a half one.
Alright, the picture there, it looks like it’s kind of fluffy. So this is looking kind
of fluffy. Still a few bits at the end there. I’m sure that there will be people in Japan
watching this going…”That’s not how you do it!” Oh well. I probably should’ve watched
a YouTube video on this one before I actually attempted to do it, and then I would have
known how it was done. Alright, so that looks sort of like the picture. It looks like it’s
kind of fluffy. It smells amazing. So the next step, they’re giving me this kind
of orange-y brown color. So I think it’s this orange-y brown-y one. They’re telling me to
pour that into this little container. Alright. Just another white powder.
And there is a little water symbol there. This time I have instructions to add water.
The whole thing in. And dip a little spoon. And stir it all about. Okay, that smells like
gummy bears. How do they do it? How do they make a powder just smell like gummy bears?
Alright, now I’m just going to spread it out because it looks like that’s what they’re
telling you to do, sort of even it out. And it looks like it might end up being this smooth
yellow thing. So… I love Japanese culture. I think it’s such a different and amazing
culture. And you see something like this and you think: “Yeah, I can totally see how that
would have come out of Japan.” Alright, so for our third step, we’ve got
it written in pink. So I’m going to… I guess that’s the pink sachet and they’re telling
me to put it into this little rippled container. It smells like so much candy. It’s awesome.
Okay, following it up with more water. And I’m sure somewhere in there, probably says
like add 2 things of water or 1 thing of water in. I just cannot understand it so we’ll just
see how it goes. This smells exactly like grape hubba bubbba. In Australia, you’ll know
what I’m talking about. But it smells exactly the same as grape hubba bubbba. I must confess
I’ve seen this done and I think, “Okay, it’s a candy made out of powder. How good can it
possibly taste?” But judging by the smells…Alright, so we’ll smooth that down.
Okay, next instruction is number 4. And that’s in black. So I don’t know exactly what this
is but it is black and it looks like they’re telling me to do something with it. I might
just open it. Because there’s something else written there so… It also smells exactly
like grape hubba bubbba which is great because it looks a bit like liquorice. We’ll just
sit that to the side for the minute. So now we’ve got instructions for our yellow, our
orange, and our green, I think. So I’m being told to put the green into container A . Is
it weird to get this excited by Japanese candy? Container A for the green. You can see it
like just soaking up that water. That’s [sort] of a little bit weird. That’s gone really
thin. So I don’t know if I’ve done that one quite properly. We’ll see.
And then I’ve got the kind of orange-y colored container. So we’ll pour that in and we’ll
add some water. Give it a little stir, a little shovel.
Now, I’m not quite sure what’s going on here but in these pictures it’s blue. So I’m figuring
that’s the blue water that you want to use or just regular water. But in these ones,
it kind of goes yellow-y color. So it looks like it’s saying suck it up from B and stick
it in there. But I don’t know how that got full. I’m so confused.
This thing here doesn’t really look like it’s doing much. That concerns me a bit because
I feel like it should be setting or something like the rest of it.
It looks like I’m being told to suck up something from container B. I’m mixing something from
this container but maybe it’s supposed to be water. Alright, we’ll just throw some water
in there. It’s blue, it looks like water. [Check] it in. We make a mistake. We all make
a mistake together. And I have no idea what this brown one is being for. So as of yet,
I have not seen a brown one. Alright, we’re going to put this in here and
we’re going to suck up some of this random, a bit [gloopy] stuff because it looks like
that’s what it wants me to do. So we put it all in there or just some of it or…. Maybe
I should just leave this to the Japanese. They seem to know what they’re doing.
That still hasn’t set. And then something’s supposed to go in this
little (Inaudible 10:33). You know what we’re just going to throw this there. Let’s just
see what happens. Technically, they haven’t really told us to do anything with that yet
so… It also smells like grape hubba bubba. I feel like maybe that wasn’t the right choice.
Alright, this one here is now ready to go, I think. So we’ll scrape that up. It doesn’t
really look the same. I think that I cut it in half. You want on there [packets] so neat
and lovely. Trim the edges. And then we’ll grab a little bit of this stuff by the looks
of things. Ball it together. This must be supposed to be the rice. My little shovel.
Just there over the top. It doesn’t really look… It does look quite
a bit like the front, I guess. Oh… That brown stuff is soy sauce. Okay. Cool. Well,
that’s good to know. Alright, so we might as well make another
one of those because it looks like it might be the only thing that’s going to turn out.
And we’ve got that red one as well. I guess we don’t use too much of those white stuff.
Okay. And then we’ll do the same with this little one. Shovel-scrape it out. [We’ll not]
probably let this set long enough. I’m sure there’s some sort of a timeframe that they
suggest. But obviously, I am not really able to read that. Make this other little one,
the last ball for the red stuff. Now this thing here. Aha. This thing here
looks like it might get rolled out. This thing on the back, I think it’s telling me to roll
it out and to stretch it out. So I’m going to stretch it out because I don’t have anything
to roll it out. So weird, it looks like liquorice but it’s not liquorice. I’m pretty sure it’s
not also grape hubba bubba. Okay, let me take a little bit more of this, probably not too
much because I’m running out. And we’ll roll it around. It kind of looks like it’s cracking
a bit so I don’t know if I’ve done that [entirely]. Okay. And then I think this [thing] here is
supposed to go like the caviar but it is not maybe because I removed half of it and threw
it with my weird soy sauce. So we’re going to improvise. We’re going to make something
quite cool out of it anyway. I’m going to make this little thing here into my caviar.
So I’m just going to chop that up into little pieces like a sushi chef.
Okay, and then I’m going to spoon that up on top. Alright.
And, I think for the last thing. The thing on the front is like these little weird high
things. So hmmm… Alright, we’ll take our last little bit of this. I think I’m supposed
to [keep] some of that yellow stuff as well. Alright, so to finish this one of. I think
I’m going to take this off and just maybe pinch a little bit off it because it looks
like I was supposed to keep some. We’ll pinch that and then we’ll stick it back together.
So cute. Alright, and then we’re going to take this.
We’re going to put some of this red stuff, like a jelly. I’m supposed to roll that kind
of into like a little cape-y type shape, sort of fashion it into a ball, a rice ball. And
then we’ll put our — I’m going to call that — sweet chili sauce. We’ll try our sweet
chili sauce on top. Anyone knows where that yellow stuff is supposed
to be? I would love to know. There’s our sweet chili. And then we put on some of the yellow
so I’m just going to kind of squish that on. I know. Sweet chili is going everywhere, with
the yellow and a little bit of caviar on top. I think I did the right thing with the caviar.
I do think that’s actually supposed to be what it is. Well that looks pretty ugly.
So I do have a little bento box in anticipation of my completed, awesome, sushi lunch. It’s
not quite what I thought it would look like. I might put them all in one container so it
doesn’t look too sad. I kind of think that one there I might just exclude because it
looks a bit crappy. This… That stuff, we can stick them all in. You
can see the finish product and how I went with my pop’n cooking experience. They can
all look nice and pretty. And then for the final touches. Who doesn’t
love soy sauce? And we’ll take our little container and soy sauce it. You know what?
It actually kind of does looks a little bit like sushi. Maybe a little bit more soy sauce
in. Okay, so that is my pop’n cooking experience.
I was so excited to try this out and now that I’ve tried it, I’m happy with the end result
considering I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. But it’s nowhere near as easy
as what they make it look on some of the other YouTube channels so much respect for all of
the Japanese people out there that seems to open it and get it all done in, you know,
a really really neat time and everything. So if you guys want to see me open any one
of these ones, I think we’ve got doughnuts. There’s a little candy shop with ice cream
and a cake and a little sundae boat. I’ve got a mini-cake, of course, because we do
cake decorating. And I also got this little bento box with like a little panda. So if
you guys want to see any of those, leave a comment in the comment box below. Tell me
which one you would like to see whether it’s panda bento, cake, ice cream shop or doughnuts,
and I will open another for you. And also, if you really don’t want to see another one,
feel free to leave me a comment and say, “Please god no.”
So I hope that you guys have enjoyed watching this as much as I’ve enjoyed making it. And
now, you know what, I’m going to taste one right now.
And I’m going to tell you exactly what it tastes like. No one ever tastes them. It tastes
exactly like grape hubba bubba. It’s actually really good, really good. They’re about 5
dollars or 6 dollars, I think, US dollars. So I don’t know it’s a dollar a piece. It’s
probably cheaper than sushi or maybe not. It does taste really good, grape hubba bubba.
Thanks very much for watching.

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