Make Dumb Ways To Die (DWTD) Cake Pops! A Cupcake Addiction How To Collab with Cakes By Choppa

Make Dumb Ways To Die (DWTD) Cake Pops! A Cupcake Addiction How To Collab with Cakes By Choppa

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Dumb
Ways to Die Cakepop Tutorial where I’ll be showing you how to make these gorgeous little
Dumb Ways to Die cakepops. There is a lot to this tutorial and I’m actually teaming
up with Choppa over at Cakes by Choppa who is creating an awesome cake for you to combine
your Dumb Ways to Die cakepops with. So I will leave a link to that in the description
box below. And Choppa will say a few words at the end of this video so hang around ’til
the end. You can check out the awesome cake that he’s made.
Tools and equipment that we will be using today and there are a lot of them:
I’m resting my pops in a polystyrene block. I’ve got 7 zip lock bags.
A pair of scissors. I’ve got 5 or 6 lollipop sticks.
I’ve got my pre-rolled cakepop balls. Now if you don’t have a great recipe for getting
your cakepops to this stage, ready to dip and decorate, I will leave a link to our recipe
in the description box below. I’ve got my Dumb Ways to Die printable template
so I will leave a link to this in the description box below. And I’ve just sticky taped on to
the front of that, just a little bit of wax paper or greaseproof paper. That’s just going
to be our template for today. I’ve got some cocktail sticks.
I’ve got candy melts or colored chocolate in pretty much every color you can imagine.
I’ve got orange, black, white, green, pink, yellow and blue.
I’ve got a little bit of plain water. I’ve got some Nerds.
I’ve got just some of these little tiny white sprinkles. So these are called white nonpareils.
I’ve got a knife. And I’ve got 6 or 7 spoons.
So let’s get started. Now the first thing that we want to do is
we’re going to trace over the template pieces that we need. And we’re going to use the template
to create the little piranha body or the little skeleton body, the fire, and just some of
the details. So you want to take your zip lock bags and
we’re going to repeat this process as we go through. I’m going to just turn the template
around to face me. So you want to start off with the white. We’ll start off with the piranhas
down the bottom of the page. So just pop a little bit of that white chocolate into your
zip lock bag. Push that chocolate all the way down to the end. Make sure there’s no
air in your bag. And we’re just going to cut off just a very fine tip at the end of this
bag. And it will just sort of fashion it into a little bit of a piping tip for us or a little
bit of a piping bag. These are going to be the most fiddly and these are going to be
the ones that are likely to break, if any. So I would recommend doing a couple of spares
of your piranha skeletons because I can almost guarantee you can break 1 or 2 of them.
So you just want to trace over just a skeleton. Try and keep these all in one piece so you
can see there I’m going around in a figure 8. And without taking my bag off, I’ve done
that whole top section. Now joining up so making sure that you’re joining up, come on
down and do the legs. Do them a little bit thicker than the template. And look, these
aren’t going to be completely perfect but we’re making skeletons out of white chocolate
so I still think it’s a pretty good effort. For the top, you want to make the top just
a little bit thicker because that’s going to be the bit that’s kind of holds everything
together. So we’ll repeat that on the rest of our skeletons.
Alright, so once you’ve down your little skeletons, we’re going to grab those orange candy melts.
Scoop it into the bag and snip off the little tip.
Alright, now with the orange, don’t try to go too perfect on these little piranhas. Alright?
So you don’t want to actually make the open-mouth and the teeth and all that sort of stuff.
What you’re really looking to do is a bit of orange circle. And then grab one of your
toothpicks and you just want to splay out a little tail. If you try to put too much
detail into this, [a] you’ll be there forever. But I just found that they got really messy
so just splay out a little fish tail there. Alright, so with these piranhas, once again,
you do want to make sure that they are touching that white chocolate skeletons. So you don’t
want any little separate piranhas. Everything needs to be attached to your [center]. It’s
all stuck to the one piece. Now, turn your sheet around and we’re going
to do the flames on top of our set fire to your hair man. So it’s just as simple as tracing
around the shapes of those flames. I like to sort of start with a bit of a, I guess,
blob in the middle and then use the toothpick because that gives you a really really nice
point at the top of your flames. So just dragging it up with a toothpick. Alright, so there’s
all of our orange fire hair. That’s all the orange and all the white that we need. So
we’re going to move on to pink now. Alright, so once again just snipping that
little tiny corner off. So I’m going to turn him back around again. So now you just want
to do the little arms on your pink, little pink hands. We’re just following it out. And
they’re really just little strips, the arms, so they’re nothing too fancy.
Alright, so once you’ve done your arms. It’s time to do our little blood spurts. So just
trace over that blood spurt, sort of nice and thick through that middle stem. I’m going
to keep going. And we’re just going outline the rest of these arms with these candy melts.
If you love this tutorial, make sure that you head on over to our channel My Cupcake
Addiction and hit the Subscribe button. We’ve got lots of great tutorials. We upload several
times a week and we would love to have you stop by. I’m going to pop those off into the
refrigerator and we’re going to let them set in there.
Alright, so while those ones are setting, you’ll see here I’ve got few different shapes
for my cakepop balls. Now all of these cakepop balls have been refrigerating — these ones
here. These ones here are still a bit soft. So I’m just going to show you how I achieved
those shapes. Now, they’re all just regular-sized cakepop balls, a little bit smaller than a
golf ball. For these one here, we’re just going to make both our piranha eating your
private parts and the [fold in half] by a grizzly bear, little Dumb Ways to Die characters.
You just want to take that nice ball and just roll it out. So making sure that you keep
it as neat as possible. You can just roll it along the table. What you want is a bit
of a long sausage. I’m just going to round out the top and the bottom. And that’s basically
how I’ve achieved that shape. So that one there. Little bit longer, little bit shorter.
It really doesn’t matter. For the next ones, he actually goes this way,
and that’s going to be our Set Fire to your Hair Dumb Ways to Die. I’ve just taken a regular
cakepop ball, just rocked this part, sort of this half of it in between my palms, so
my palms are like this. And that’s actually causing it to kind of taper at the top a little
bit. What you want there is not quite, I guess, like a big strawberry or like a small pear
shape. And then for our little eaten out-of-date
medicine guy, we’re just going to take that round cakepop ball, and keeping your palms
open so that they’re not tapering it into… I’m just going to rock it a little bit. And
it’s not really going to be like an oval or anything. It’s just a little bit off being
circle, so a little bit over [edge]. So that’s how we’ve achieved our 3 shapes.
Now for this one here, our long one, we’re going to take our knife, just a nice, flat,
bladed knife, and cut that one in half. So that’s going to make 2 of our cakepops. These
one is going to make our blue cakepop and our green.
So we’ll take our blue first, and making sure you’ve got the skinny side to the top, you
just want to turn him towards you so that you’ll know you’re putting your lollipop stick
in nice, even and straight, and push it in. Now you want that lollipop stick to hit about
here so you’re putting it in about 2/3 of the way up your cakepop, and rest him off
to the side. With these little seals too, we don’t really
want a defined seal so just take your finger and just run it along the base just to take
off a little bit of that, I guess, that ridge that that seal is creating. Pop that one off
to the side. Now, for our little piranha on the private
parts, we’re going to…Get a better cakepop stick. We’re going to dip our cakepop stick
in and you’re going into the flat part. Push that one up. Be careful not to push this one
too far. You don’t want it popping out at the top, put it in halfway way in there, 2/3
of the way is good. And if you’ve got any little ridges here like I do, just flatten
them out, and once again, flatten out that little ridge for your candy seal.
For our 3rd one, that’s going to be our yellow ripped in half by a grizzly bear guy. So this
one is going to go into the rounded base or the rounded top rather than the flat base.
Once again in yellow candy melts and facing me again…Beautiful. Take of that little
ridge. Lovely. So if you find that he’s gone on a little bit uneven there, a little bit
[wonky], you can just use your fingers just to even that up.
Now, for our green one, the reason I didn’t one to do him first, we’re going to roll him
in some Nerds. The Nerds are going to give them him, I guess, the bubbling pimply effect
of eating the off-medicine. So you’ve got your Nerds and what you want to do is just…You’re
going to have to apply a bit of pressure because the Nerds don’t particularly want to stick.
We’re making them stick. So just push him in there and then take those Nerds and really
push them into the cakepop ball. You don’t want it to be flat. You do still want them
to be sticking out. But if you don’t push them in enough, they are going to start popping
off I guess or falling off. And they don’t have to completely cover it. It’s just to
give him a little bit of texture and see how that actually rounds him out a little bit.
So he is quite round in the pictures. Just patting on all those Nerds.
Alright, now I’m pretty happy with that. So like I said, he’s not completely covered.
He’s got a few little spots. Have a little look at him. I think that’s a pretty good
side. I want to make sure that he’s got some nice, big Nerds because I really want those
big, disgusting-looking, pimply sort of things really quite visible.
So once you’ve got him covered in Nerds, then you can take your green candy melt, dip your
stick in, and insert. Don’t worry too much about your little ridge there. I think that’s
going to be the least of his problems. Now we’re going to pop all of those off into the
fridge for a further 10 or so minutes just so that they are completely firm before we
come back to any more dipping and decorating. We’ll also come back with our little template.
Have a little bit of a tidy up and we’ll be ready to finish them off.
Alright, so I’m back from the fridge with my set template and my set pops. They’re so
much to this tutorial so we will try to get through the decorating of them as quickly
as we can. Now if you’ve set those in the fridge they should really just be coming off
the sheet. But if for any reasons, they’re not, you just want to take a nice, knife,
flat knife, and just run it carefully underneath, particularly with these piranhas. So you can
see there, they’re all coming off quite nicely. So those are all your little bits and pieces.
I’m just going to pop them over to the sides so we can grab them as we need them.
I’ve got another polystyrene block here that I’m just going to be using to set things as
we’re dipping them. And I’m going to start off with our little Nerds guy, so the guy
that’s eaten out-of-date medicine. Now for him, I don’t actually want to dip him because
I know that those Nerds, they’re on but they’re sort of prone to falling off. So instead of
dipping him, what I’m going to do is I’m just going to take that candy melt and kind of
just drizzle it on there. The other thing about doing it this way is you get a lot more
texture in his little lumps and bumps and you’re not… I guess when you dip him, it
kind of almost causes a section which would pull of some of those Nerds but it will also
thicken the coat that you put on there, and you’re going to lose some of that definition.
Alright, so that’s our little lumpy bumpy ate out-of-date medicine guy. I’m going to
stick him off to the side in the polystyrene block. We’re going to do the final details
after he’s completely set. So moving on to our next one, and the next
one for me is going to be the little piranha guy, so private parts eaten by piranha. Lord
knows why he’d want to do that but I guess it’s a Dumb Way to Die. So you want to take
your little piranha body there or your little piranha [written] skeleton and you want this
little half one that you’ve used the pink candy melt for the rounded half at the top
and the flat half at the bottom. Very simply, we’re just going to dip that in.
Let that pink chocolate meet up with that little seal that we’ve made and tap it off.
Alright, now before that one dries too much, just run your finger, just lightly around
the bottom so you’ve got no chocolate down the end of that stick. And you want to take
a toothpick and just a little tiny bit more of that pink chocolate. Find your best side.
So for me, that’s going to be, I think, right here. Just stick a little bit of that pink
chocolate just going down the stick a tiny bit. That’s just going to help secure our
piranha body. Handle this incredibly carefully. So you want to sort of stick the skeleton
up a little bit so it’s kind of sticking into the base of our cakepop and also sticking
to that lollipop stick. Pop him over in the polystyrene block.
Alright, moving on now, and we’ll do our other little half man. This guy was ripped in half
by a grizzly bear. So you’re going to need both pink and the yellow for this. But I like
to do the yellow first and then do the pink. So same way, we’re just going to take that
cakepop, dip it into the yellow, let it meet up over the seal, and tap it off.
I’ve never seen so many gruesome deaths be quite so hilarious as I have on this particular
YouTube clip that’s also an app. Alright, once again, just run your finger
around the bottom and that’s just going to be to neaten it up. And pop that off to the
side to dry. We’re going to come back and do the pink section on that once that yellow’s…
doesn’t have to be completely dry but once it has a little bit of time to dry. And we’ll
move on to our little blue guy who foolishly set his hair on fire.
So get your hair on fire and your little pop. Now mine’s been resting so it’s got a little
bit of a flat back where he’s been resting in the refrigerator. So make sure once again
that you do choose your best side and have that one facing forward. And this one, we
are simply going to dip into that blue chocolate and meet that blue chocolate right up over
that seal. Give him a good tap off, turning while you tap. Alright, now as we have with
our other ones, we want to just run your finger around the bottom and take that hair while
it’s still wet. You do want to make sure that you do this while that candy coating is still
wet. Take that hair and sit it in the top pushing it just in. Beautiful. You can see
there they’re all starting to take shape. We’ll pop him off to the polystyrene. And
I’m happy that yellow one is ready for us to get back to working on.
So with the yellow one, I’m just going to check the top there. Beautiful. So that’s
touch dry. So what I want to do is just I’m going to take my knife and I’m just going
to just cut that little bit of the top off so very carefully. And this is just to make
sure that it stays nice and flat. Otherwise, I found that it got a bit too rounded on the
top. Now take the top of that and we’re just going
to dip it into the pink candy melt. You also want to have your little blood spurt ready
to go here. So I’m going to dip just the very very top section into that candy melt. There
we go… where he’s been severed in half by that gruesome bear. And then, quickly working,
take your little blood spurt. And you want to stick that blood spurt not just into the
candy melt but also just so every so slightly… I’ve had a casualty. Out that one comes nice
and quickly and we’ll move on to one of our spares. So you can see, it is delicate working
with this chocolate. And just push that one in. Perfect. So he can go back off into our
drying block. Alright, so now before we go adding arms and
legs, you want to do all of your eye detailing. Now the eyes on these characters, they’re
black with just a tiny little white fleck in them. So we’re going to use these little
tiny white sprinkles as the white fleck. If you don’t have the white sprinkles, you could
just use the tiny bit of white chocolate. The white sprinkles are just a little bit,
I think, they give more of an effect. So I’m going to start with the mouth. And
I’m just using a toothpick to apply this detailing. I’m going to do the same thing on each of
the four, provided they have a mouth of course. About halfway up. I’m just going to go across
in a line and then down on a semi-circle. Alright, now once you’ve done your mouth,
you want to do your eyes. So do this one at a time and you want to work quite quickly.
You want to have a clean toothpick, your little white sprinkles, and your water right next
to you. So you’re going to do your first eye. And we’re just going to get a nice little
amount on the end of that toothpick. The eyes are not quite circle. They’re a little bit
of an oval — like so. Now dip your toothpick into that water. That’s
just going to create a little tiny bit of stick. And you should be able to just dip
it into that little container of sprinkles. It should. If it doesn’t [hit] the first time,
just add a little bit more water. And even though I’ve got a few on the end of these
ones, I’m just going to position one right on the edge of that eye. And that chocolate
is going to grab it. So you can see there, once you’re happy that it’s stuck to that
chocolate, just push it down so that you’ve got your nice little, I guess, a little pupil
or the little brights of the eye, I think they call it. And we’ll repeat that process
with the other eye. Alright, so once you’ve done all of your eyes
and all of your mouths, it’s time to finally… And I would always do this last because they
are the most delicate part. So taking that clean toothpick, you just want to dip it in
into whatever color candy melt is, I guess, the little character’s color. And you’re just
going to put a little blob on either side. I like to look right at him while I’m doing
this. So let it just become a little bit tucky. Don’t let it dry. But you don’t want it to
be super wet because you kind of want those arms to hold their own. So we’re going to
stick his arms, up they are. Alright, and then repeating that for the little legs, feet
facing outwards opposite each other. And I’m actually going to stand him up facing me as
I touch the legs because they’re not likely to fall off in a downwards motion but they
are likely to fall off if you’re sort of holding him tilting backwards like I was for the arms.
So there’s your little guy who set his hair in fire. And we’ll just go and finish off
the rest of them. There you’ve got your finished little [chap]
that ate the out-of-date medicine. There you’ve got your guy who poke the grizzly
bear with a stick. And there you’ve got your little guy who used
his private parts as piranha bait. Another very very dumb way to die.
So it’s been a decently long tutorial but out of it you should have these 4 awesome
little Dumb Ways to Die characters. And Choppa is going to show you the cake that
he’s made to go with this. So all of these characters can be housed in his cake. Make
sure that you head on over to his channel to see his amazing cake. Make sure that you
head on over to my Channel if you haven’t seen it before, My Cupcake Addiction, and
subscribe if you’d like to see more cupcakes and cakepops.
Choppa, let’s have a look and see what you’ve made. And thank you all very much for watching. Hey, guys, Choppa here. If you love these
Dumb Ways to Die cakepops then you will love this train that I’ve made over at my channel
to display these cakepops on. Thanks to Elise for sending me [all] the cakepops. While you’re
at my channel, feel free to check out some of my videos. Cheers.


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