Make Mini Dinosaur Volcano Cup Cakes – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Make Mini Dinosaur Volcano Cup Cakes – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Volcano
Cupcake Tutorial where I’ll be showing you how to make these gorgeous little volcano
cupcakes. I’ve [themed] them as little dinosaur volcanoes but they’re also excellent for Hawaiian
parties, luaus, anything like that. So let’s get started.
Tools and equipment that we will be using today:
I’m presenting mine on little cake boards. So these are just little 4-inch cake boards
and I covered mine with just a really thin layer of green fondant. So we do have a tutorial
on how to cover a cake board, I’ll leave a link to that in the description box below.
Otherwise you can present this on little plates, little saucers, anything you like.
Because I’m using the dinosaur theme today, I’m cheating a little bit on my figurines.
I’m making a lot of these and I’m just using some little tiny dinosaurs that came in a
pack with a whole bunch of palm trees. Now these are really commonly available. In Australia,
I got mine for 15 dollars and I got a huge bag of them — rocks, trees, dinosaurs, all
sorts, everything you can imagine. And 15 dollars is a pretty good price.
I’ve got a couple of zip lock bags. Some scissors.
I’ve got a serrated edge knife. I’ve got a really little circular cookie cutter.
Now this one is about a ¾ of an inch or 2 cm. If you don’t have a really small cookie
cutter, you can also use just the end of one of your round piping tip. So have to think
about what else you have around the house that’s going to be about that size.
I’ve got a little bit of our dark chocolate ganache, just a little bit. Now this is basically
a 50-50 mix of cream and chocolate melted and you don’t need too much of that. I will
leave a link to our ganache recipe in the description box below.
And I’ve also got here a white chocolate ganache that I’ve colored. So once again, I’ll leave
a link for the recipe for this. I’ve made the complete recipe, split it in half and
then I’ve added food coloring to ½ to make it red and a little bit of red with a little
bit of yellow to make it orange. Now, you can use liquid food coloring, powder, oil,
paste, any sort of coloring you like to color that white ganache.
The first thing that you want to do is I’ve got a slightly uneven edge there because your
cupcakes are going to sort of rise on the top. So take your serrated edge knife and
just cut along. You can see there I’ve got quite a dense cupcakes. So I’ve used an actual
mud cake mix, I prefer mud cake for this type of thing. It just holds together a little
bit better and a little bit less risk of crumbling when you use a mud.
So now you want to take your… Just clear ourselves a little bit of space. But now you
want to take your ganache. So this has just been made. It’s still quite fluid. I made
it probably 10 minutes ago. Take your cupcake and you just want to roll it around. So you
can see there I’m not coating the top and the bottom, just the side. And I’m just kind
of lifting it up and rolling it and just drip off any of that excess and then that’s going
to go over into our cooling rack to set. Now with these ones, I’ve preset one here.
Let that sit for about an hour or so before you keep going with it just to become kind
of touch dry, pop it over on the cooling rack. Now if you pop your cooling rack over a baking
tray, you can actually scrape off any of that ganache that drips through. You can pull it
out and you can use it to make cakepops, use it again. If it’s in a nice, clean tray, you’re
going to be able to reuse it. Okay, now as mentioned, I’ve got this one
here that has already set. This one here has had 3 or 4 hours and that’s really dry. This
is a great indication of what your guests are going to get so they’re not going to have
this drippy chocolate mess that we’ve just dipped. They’re going to have a really nice
sort of…They’ll be able to easily pick it up.
So you want to take that and you want to take your little circular cookie cutter. Once again,
this is where the mud cake come into its own. It’s nice and firm. I’m just going to push
in my circular cookie cutter, so that’s about a millimeter or so poking at the top, give
it a turn and it’s going to core that cake beautifully. So what we’ve got now is our
little volcano top. Take all of those coarse or offcuts and we can use those to make some
cakepops. So what you want to do is take your little
board. And depending on how dry that is, I’ve let mine really really set. So I wanted just
a little bit of something to stick it to the board. If yours is still quite a bit tucky,
don’t worry about it. Just stick it straight on to the board. Because mine just needs a
little bit of help there, I’m just going to take a tiny little dot of ganache and that
going to act like glue. And then I’m going to use my knife just to pick up your volcano
and slide it down. You can see there it’s a little bit messy around the bottom. And
that is perfect. It actually makes it look more realistic as a volcano. So don’t be too
worried if as you pick it up, you knock a little bit out of the bottom.
So now you want to take your zip lock bags. We’re just going to pop some red ganache into
one and some orange ganache into the other. If you love this tutorial, make sure that
you head on over to our channel My Cupcake Addiction. We’ve got heaps of great tutorials
and we upload several times a week so we would love to have you stop by. Come and pay us
a visit and see what else we’ve got that you might like to watch on our channel.
Now I am letting all of the air out of those bags before I completely seal them. I like
to start with the orange here because I think with volcanoes and lava, the more prominent
color is the red. So I’m just going to snip off a little tip at the end here. It doesn’t…
There’s no exact size, just snip off a little corner, fashion it into a bit of a makeshift
piping bag. And I’m going to squeeze that into the middle until it’s about a third of
the way up. Once it about a third of the way up, I’m going to start oozing over the sides
— so 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. And leave the orange at that. You don’t really want to do too much
more orange than that because you really, like I said, you really want that dominant
color to be red. Snip the tip off your red and we’re going to do the same.
Now don’t overfill this lava pit too much. So you want to take your red and rather than
sort of filling the middle, we’re just going to start going straight over the edge and
filling those gaps once you’re at that stage. Now you can see here as my ganache is pulling
at the bottom, that is perfect. We want that because that’s going to act like glue to stick
on our trees and to stick on our little dinosaurs. So I like to take just a fraction more of
the orange and just do a little, kind of, a little circle. And this is going to give
us a bit of a marbled effect. So just take your knife or toothpick or whatever you like
and just splash that ganache over the side, gives you a really nice lava dribble. And
it just kind of… I found with these ones that if the ganache was too flushed with the
top of the volcano, it just looks messy. So you really want that ganache to be just underneath
the line of the top of your volcano. Now from here, I’m going to use this little
palm tree and I’m just going to use… I might do a little dilophosaurus. Yes I know my dinosaurs.
My 2-year old is obsessed. And I’m just going to use… You can see here I’ve got a nice
little blob of orange ganache, so stick that straight down to that orange ganache and your
little dilophosaurus. Because he’s standing on 2 feet, you want to make sure that you
really get his foot firmly into that ganache. And there’s going to be no risk that he’s
going to fall over. So there you have your completed little lava
cupcake, perfect for a dinosaur party or a Hawaiian party. And as you can see here, I’ve
turned it into a full dinosaur [lolly] table for my little 2-year old.
I hope that you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and I hope that you’ll enjoy sharing these volcano
cupcakes with your loved ones. Thanks very much for watching.


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