Make Nachos CUPCAKES! Mexican Cupcakes In Disguise – A Cupcake Addiction How to Tutorial

Make Nachos CUPCAKES! Mexican Cupcakes In Disguise – A Cupcake Addiction How to Tutorial

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Nacho
Cupcake Tutorial where I’ll be showing you how to make these really cool little nacho
cupcakes in disguise. For those of you that follow my channel My
Cupcake Addiction, you’ll know that I’m a massive fan of food that looks, I guess, like
other food — from popsicle cakepops through to roast dinner cupcakes and everything in
between. I love it when what you’re eating doesn’t look quite like what you think you
should be eating. So tools and equipment that we will be using
today: I’ve got some soft [jupes]. They’re going
to be to make my little jalapenos. A couple of spoons.
I’ve got some strawberry jam. A little bit of yellow buttercream frosting.
I’ve got some premade puff pastry chips. And I’ll be showing you how to make those.
I’ve got a knife. I’ve got a fondant roller but a regular rolling
pin will be just fine for this. A cupcake to ice.
I’m using just a small round piping tip and this is just going to be to cut a little bit
of a circle. So you don’t need to have a piping tip but just something about that size is
going to cut a small circle for you. I’ve got a pair of scissors.
A zip lock bag. A little piece of baking paper or wax paper.
And in here, I’ve just got my puff pastry. I’ll leave it wrapped up because it is best
to work with quite cold or frozen. So we’re going to start off with that today.
Now, what you want to do first is you want to take your knife and your pastry and that
little bit of wax paper. So what I did to make my chips is I just cut. And you could
use short-crust pastry or any kind of pastry you like. And you just want to cut out just
a few little triangle-y short of shapes. They don’t have to perfect. They don’t have to
be neat because they’re just designed to look a little bit like nacho chips. So I just cut
out a few different-sized triangles, different sizes, different shapes. These will puff up
but they shouldn’t really stretch or expand sort of sideways. So whatever you cut, whatever
shapes you cut is going to be pretty much what you get out of the oven.
Now they’re going to go into quite a hot oven as per the backing instructions on your puff
pastry. I’ve just used pre-bought puff pastry. It’s the easiest to use. They’re only going
to take about 5 or 6 minutes to bake. So they’re really really quick. So pop those off into
the oven. Give them a bake and when they’re ready, they should come out looking like this.
So you could see there I’ve got my completed. We premade this just to be a little bit quicker
for the tutorial. So what I’m going to do just so that they’re not so thick and fat
is just take my knife and just carefully cut down the middle. So it’s easiest if you actually
put the point of your knife in the center there, and on the other side. And it will
just sort of come apart. They come apart quite easily. But as I mentioned, make sure you’ve
got a couple of spares. So that then makes up 2 of our little chips. Perfect.
So now that our little nacho chips are ready and I’ve got a few more sitting over here,
we want to take our cheese. So we’ve got our zip lock bag and yellow frosting. Now, I’ve
got a great recipe for some buttercream frosting on my channel My Cupcake Addiction. Otherwise,
you can use any frosting you like. And we’re just going to spoon some of that into our
zip lock bag. Just make sure that you let any air out of the bag. And push it all the
way down towards the corners. And then we’re going to take those scissors and just cut
off quite a decent little chunk. Now there’s no exact size here so just cut away, I guess,
a big-ish chunk. Actually, I’m going to take a little more than that because I want it
to really look like cheese that’s kind of been cheese whiz-ed sprayed on to the cupcake
or squirted on to the cupcake. So what we’re going to do is we’re just going
to take our cupcake and our zip lock bag and I’m just going to kind of just squeezed out
and just go around so it’s really quite easy. I’m going to go all the way around the cupcake,
making sure that you go all the way to the edges. And then I’m going to come across to
the top and I’m going to do one nice big line of cheese and another nice big line of cheese.
And that’s pretty much your cheese done. So we’ll just have a little tidy up and then
we’ll come back to sort out the jalapenos and finish off our cupcakes.
Alright, so we’ve had a little bit of a tidy up. Now what we’re going do is take those
soft [jupes]. And the reason that I bought soft [jupes] is because I’m actually going
to roll them out. So you could use fondant or something like that for this. But I’m just
trying to use ingredient for this that most people can find in your supermarkets at home.
So we’ll just roll it out and give it a little turn over, just makes it a little bit easier
to roll. If you love this tutorial and you want to
see more in the way of cupcakes and cakepops in disguise, make sure that you head on over
to my channel My Cupcake Addiction. Hit the Subscribe button if you like what you see.
We upload 3 times a week and we always try to bring new and interesting ideas of things
you can do decorating at home. Alright, so it doesn’t have to be really really
flat. But I’ve just rolled it out so that it’s, I guess, a little bit pliable or a little
bit easy to use. Then I’m going to take my little piping tip or your little circle cutter
and I’m just going to cut just a couple little circles out of it. Beautiful. Now, using your
scissors, you just want to cut around those circles and just fashion them into sort of
little, I guess, little rings and that’s going to be to look like our jalapenos. Alright,
so just 3 or 4 of those is fine. Now, to out all these together, it is really
easy. We’re just going to pick some of the chips that we like the look of and I just
slid them in sort of a bit of an angle. You can push them right into the cupcake. And
I like to put kind of 3 or 4 around the edges there, so just sticking them in. and that
kind of, I guess, forms a little bit of a nest. And then you want to take your teaspoon
and just that strawberry jam, give it a little stir so it’s nice and fluid. And you’re just
going to drizzle it. Don’t use raspberry jam. It doesn’t look quite as good. Strawberry
jam is nice and chunky and it gives you that really nice sort of [saucer-y] look. And just
put a blob on top. Don’t put too much of the jam because it will
actually drizzle down a little bit as you can see with this display ones up here. So
just put about a teaspoon or so on there and it will drizzle down but you don’t want to
be a big sticky mess as you try to transport them. And then to finish it off, we’re just
going to take our little jalapenos and just stick them in.
Look at that — super quick, really easy, really effective. And who’s going to even
know that it’s a cupcake. I absolutely love this idea. I think it’s really cute. I love
cupcakes in disguise and I hope that you guys enjoy this cupcake as much as I enjoyed making
it today. Thanks very much for watching.


  1. Hi BlueberryBombshells,
    Yes you can but i would eliminate half the milk from the recipe so that you have a firmer buttercream that wont sag. Don't make the buttercream too thick either as this will make it difficult to get a smooth fondant finish.

    Elise x

  2. Hi elise i was wondering if i used tortilla chips instead of the puff pastry would the chips go nice with the flavour of the cupcake?

  3. I simply love the food in disguise desserts! Thank you so much for these videos! .^_^, I'm thoroughly enjoying them, and I can't wait to try this one!

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  5. OMG!! I have so many videos of yours haven't watch it. Do all these food cupcakes in a same playlist? Then I will watch it easier.

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