1. “But I don’t wanna say that on camera and incriminate myself”
    Looool he’s going straight from this taping to jail mate😭😂

  2. This mother is terrible, my mom would never drive me somewhere or give me money to get drugs. My mom said if I ever do drugs she's gonna kill me lol ND I have a fear of dying so I've never tried drugs.

  3. Until you have been in the shoes of somone related to a or a friend of a drug addict you have zero room to say what you would or wouldn't do !

  4. when dr. Phil has those mothers crying I mean it doesn't have to just keep on and on I mean that's just so unnecessary that poor woman had already said that she wasn't going to do that no more I mean you know it's just too much and that guy he like is probably going to jail because he didn't want to tell on his cell phone camera and then he told

  5. I would lock up my kid (house arrest basically) until he sobers up and promises never to do drugs again, if it were legal. Too bad the law will arrest me for "depriving" my son of freedom.

  6. I always watch these drug addict videos and say to myself, damn if only the law made it easy for parents to force their kids to get help. Nah instead you gotta pay a fortune for rehab 🙃

  7. He's taking suboxone to get off of heroin, but suboxone is just as addictive. I've been taking suboxone for over 3 years and the sickness without it is unbearable. It's like trading one drug you're addicted to for another. I'm weaning myself down, so I hope this guy can too. Don't judge what you don't know. Unless you've been an addict, you don't understand.

  8. I know what Dr. Phil is saying is correct but i also don't doubt for a single moment that whatever the mother is doing for his son is only to make herself better. I have been through this. My grandfather is the same as this woman. He cares so much for his son, my uncle that he would not sleep at night and would give everything away just to make him happy. Sure, his parenting was not correct. He was weak but my uncle made my grandparents lives so miserable and drained their lives out of it. He would pray day and night to God to make him sober. If he didn't give him money, he would steal from the neighbours, destroy the wooden house with an axe, kick the food out of the pot that my grandma would make for night's supper and would challenge my grandparents with knives. He sent him to rehab paying so much, tried to get him jobs, helped to start a business but to no avail. It was terrible. He and his friends even robbed from some poor guys that lived in the jungle and it completely broke my grandfather's heart. He is a very firm believer of Christ and it completely drained the life out of him because of my uncle's action. He went to jail too. My grandfather voluntarily asked the authorities to put him in jail. But while in jail, he would be so good. He generally was also so good when he was sober. We loved him. Very quite & talented. I witnessed my grandfather doing everything to help him in hid power but to no avail. That's why i know and feel for the mother too. My uncle passed away two years ago. I hope this person gets help. I hope the parents stay stronger than ever. It definitely is one of the hardest thing to go through in life. I wish they didn't have to separate.

  9. From those prison shows like lock up, he can get heroin in there too.. those guys have their ways!! From experience as a medic, people attempt to inject same amount, like they did before getting clean and that when they OD..and they don't like to shower, seen bed sores, lice, yeast infections from sitting in urine and feces.. such a scary drug!! I hope he finds the courage to do right by himself.. but by the way he is boasting – that's the way he chosen to leave this world.. unfortunate!!

    Please do a follow-up with this family!! Sending prayers and good vibes!!

  10. Yeah but when they find someone they wanna follow around doing drugs , they actually give them money to go around and do their drugs just so they can get an episode from it. So yes she may be enabling him but so is Dr. Phil! Just sayin.

  11. My Mums love did get me clean. She encouraged me and was with me every step of the way. Wile waiting for my methadone script she give me money for drugs to keep me safe and have a little control of what I was doing. She Refused to give up on me. She never enabled me, what she did come from pure love. Her nativity made her overlook the problem for years. The pain I caused her, the lies I told, where to much to bare. Once I confessed, she knew it was the only shot she had to get me back. She believed in me and made sure no harm come to me in my last drugaddict days. I did it for her to make her proud. Bring back hope and accomplishments to give her a well rounded daughter. Been clean for years and the life of a heroin addict is long gone from my thoughts. Life sucks and it didn’t shield us from more pain sorrow and distraught but her unconditional love was the sole purpose of my change. Parents that buy drugs for their children do it to keep them as safe as possible. They keep boys out of jail their girls off the street. Does it work in the long term? No def not but their hearts are in the right place and after all cut them some slac they have no idea what this poison is.

  12. First 10 seconds: Yeah, I stabbed this dude.

    Have to hand I to the males, they're alot more honest and upfront then the girls. Don't victimize themselves as much.

  13. This poor mother… that pain… "I'm killing my own son…" God… please help this woman to love and protect her son in the way he needs and not how he demands…

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