Man Says Estranged Wife Gives Drug-Addicted Son Money, Drove Him To Buy Heroin

Man Says Estranged Wife Gives Drug-Addicted Son Money, Drove Him To Buy Heroin


  1. If you're reading this, you are the most beautiful person ever, you're smart and courageous, and loving, keep pushing and don't give up no matter what!!

  2. I'm currently going thru it with my wife (mother of my 2 kids). Check my videos. Painful to watch but 100% authentic.
    As a result of her addiction, shes gotten our kids taken, she's currently in jail, and I'm left to pick up the pieces of what USED to be.
    Ive been the addict. Ive been the loved one of the addict. Id take BEING the addict any day. Hurts less.
    The worst part of loving an addict is you're literally mourning the death of someone very much still alive, every minute of every day, until the inevitable.

  3. Go watch Ryan leone POPS VIDEO AND THEN LET ME KNOW IF UR THINK JAIL IS THE BEST PLACE FOR UR SON …. sometimes not the best idea

  4. is this coming on today??? EDIT: I see the schedule under your other tab. Uploads, I think. Not videos. It says WEDNESDAY 13th next to this episode. CAN'T WAIT !!!!

  5. My oldest son who is 18 has behavior issues and I can’t stop helping him. Idk what to do with him. I can’t abandon him cause I’m afraid he’ll die. I totally understand what this mom is going through. And I know it’s not right at all.

  6. Where are all the people saying this is fake?!?!
    It's not fake this time and isn't fake any other time. Dr.phil isnt exploiting, he is providing life saving care after these interviews!

  7. My brother is a mama's boy, but if he went down this road, my mother would literally try to shake some sense into him! My parents made sure we knew they supported us, but we also kinda joked saying "the choice is yours unless you make the wrong choice!"

  8. he reminds me of my ex boyfriend and i was just like this mom. eventually i had to let it go. he’s still an addict living on the streets but at least i don’t have to watch him kill himself anymore

  9. He better count himself lucky that people are going so far to help him because not everyone gets that kind of help and the results suck when you don’t, I would know

  10. This hits way too close to home for me. He is exactly the same as my brother. Endocarditis, heart valve replacement, treatment, back to heroin and Xanax, od bad enough for local pd to call our landlord to tell him a death had occurred at his property, 28 days in ICU in a coma, treatment again, put in lockdown psych care for treatment, and he stayed clean mostly after that. Luckily he's still alive. Just had his 2nd aortic replacement last month. He now has a pacemaker and mechanical valve at the age of 33. My mom did exactly what this mom is doing. It took me getting involved and being at all his meetings and court appearances and calls with his lawyer and coordinating with Drs and surgical teams. All while battling my fresh diagnosis of aggressive multiple sclerosis. But I had no choice. He would be dead. I hope the entire family gets the help they need.

  11. Keep enabling him Mom, maybe you can help him overdose and can buy him a beautiful funeral. ESTRANGED wife, when is it going to be ex wife.

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