1. If we federally legalized drugs, you wouldn't have to go to a drug dealer to get your fix. Our drug policies are ridiculous. I don't doubt the man should be punished, but life for selling drugs is too harsh.

    EDIT: When alcohol is sold that leads to a fatal DUI crash, why isn't the seller, or the alcohol companies held responsible?

  2. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy just wondering if the RANCH,,is still being investigating ,those prevs at the RANCH,,why is no news for prevsville woeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee too the kids,,dont you have kids ,,o mine shame on the news that no news is good news about the RANCH,, help us please

  3. This is BULLSHIT. It sucks the kid fell into addiction, I am currently an addict. I know the siren call of opiates. But, the kid knew what he was getting himself into when he purchased dope. If the white kid had sold this older vato smack and he died from it, I can guarantee there wouldn't even be an investigation.

  4. If it were in District Court , Would have got MAYBE probation are just a few years if ANY. Wonder how it got to Federal ? The Dumb ASS shouldnt have been doing Heroin anyways !

  5. You're going to give this guy life sentences but yet you can't give life sentences to those at murder people in the city🤦😒on purpose

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