Manchester’s Heroin Haters | Drugs Map of Britain

Manchester’s Heroin Haters | Drugs Map of Britain

No matter where you go, you’re
always going to see smackheads. Rob off their own fucking nans. The stigma runs right
across society, even into the recovery community. Another one there. If I had carried on,
I would have found hundreds. I got pretty much one of these
in every room. People take the law into their own
hands. It’s just part of life. Is it, though? For me, yeah. LAUGHTER It’s Saturday night in Manchester, and I’m on my way
to meet a group of men who say they have had enough
of heroin users in their area. And they want to tell me exactly
what they are doing about it. Apparently, their actions
are so extreme that they’re breaking the law… ..and they are very, very cautious
not to have their faces shown. What’s it like, living round here? A dive. It is – it’s full of smackheads, there’s no jobs,
there is nothing for people to do. Do you think,
from what you guys see, is heroin use in this area on
the increase or decrease? Increase, definitely. You can see them doing it in the
streets when you are walking past. They come out and leave needles
everywhere. Once they come up, they’re just,
fucking…just… “Eurgh, eurgh…”
and that’s it, they’re off. Then it becomes your responsibility
to try and clean them up. And did you ever report any of this
to the council or the authorities, to clean them up? Yeah, but they don’t do… All they tell you to do
is put it in a container and take it to your local pharmacy,
where they can dispose of it. The council won’t come out
just to move one needle. They’d not come out if you found a
bunch of needles here on the floor. I don’t want my kid growing up
around that shit. Councils state they will pick up
any reported needles within the day, but these men say they have grown
so sick of the ongoing situation, they decided to sort it out
themselves. But you guys don’t just clean up
the needles, do you? You clean up the users, too. Yeah. If we need to use violence,
we’ll use violence. Simple as that. Kick the fuck out of them. Learn them a lesson, and more often
than not, they won’t come back. But is that not an extremely violent
way to go about it? Doesn’t matter, it is the only way
you can get rid of them. None of them will ever ring
the police, though. They’re drug dealers,
they take drugs. They defend their violence by telling me
it’s all to protect their turf. So, in some ways, do you guys just see yourselves
as extreme neighbourhood watch? Yeah, definitely. Pretty much, yes. We live on the streets, so we want it to be a nice place
to live for our children. And do you guys use drugs
yourselves? I smoke weed. You smoke weed. What about you guys? I take coke. You take coke? I do as well. Do you see it as being
a bit hypocritical? No, not really. Because heroin and cocaine are completely and
utter different drugs. They will have to go and rob people
and businesses to feed their habit, we can afford to pay to buy a little
gram here and there at the weekend. I’m introduced to other members
of their group… ..and it becomes obvious
that some of them aren’t just using drugs
recreationally. These two are quick to boast about
their business dealing coke. How much money do you reckon
you can make a day? Pfft… Varies, from £100-£300,
to anything – depends on the day. It is not addictive,
it’s just fucking… It’s the money that’s addictive.
Yeah, yeah, it’s the dough. Do you want to get away from it? Yes, of course I do. I’ve got
a family and that – but at the minute,
it’s money and it’s where I am at. It’s living the life
that I am living. But not forever, not forever. They also share the same views
on heroin users and reveal some shocking violent
behaviour against the addicts. We’ve had run-ins where we had
needles found, so we’ve fucking been and seen them,
give them a good hiding, stabbed them a few times
with their own needles, the dirty little bastards. Why did you stab them
with their needles? Because they were throwing it
over people’s back gardens, that have got kids that play
in the back gardens and things. It is not acceptable, is it? But yet, you sell sniff. Yeah, I know, but you don’t get
people throwing sniff over someone’s back garden,
because they are not that stupid, it costs too much. They’d rather sniff it themself. Do you know what I mean? Start throwing sniff
over someone’s back garden, I’ll shake their fucking hand. But you haven’t got a problem
with sniff? No, have I fuck. Have you ever seen sniff users
become crack users? Yeah, once or twice. And then what happens
when they become crack users? Crackheads, aren’t they?!
HE LAUGHS Fuckin’ hell. In their world,
there is a definite drug hierarchy that puts coke users at the top and
heroin users right at the bottom. It also allows them to justify
their illegal actions. This morning, I’m going to go
and meet with one of the lads and take him up on his offer of
looking at some of the problem areas where we might find some needles. I mean, generally,
what’s this land used for? Now it’s just wasteland
until they develop it. A lot of people use it for
walking their dogs and stuff. But again, at night-time,
you have got the smackheads. So what have you got there? Wow. That is a new one,
that, that’s recent. Just bending that over
so my dog doesn’t… or any other dogs
don’t get stabbed by it. Do kids play up here? Yeah, quite a few kids play up here. They mainly play on the hill, because we try and stop them
coming round here. He tells me that heroin users often
camp out in this field, and when the group find them,
they want them out immediately. We come over to them and say, “Get off the field,
you’ve got ten minutes to go, “or we’re coming back.” We come back ten minutes later
and they were still here, so we just battered them
and sent them on their way. Do you think it’s necessary,
that level of violence? If you had kids, would you like them to see someone
digging smack in front of them? This is a place we set on fire,
again, if you look here – there’s hundreds
of them around here. More here, look,
needles out on show. You burnt them out of here? Yeah, got a load of flammable liquid
and set it all on fire. One of me friends filmed it. Right, so that is right here. Yeah, and then the flame, there,
we set it on fire. ‘No more smackheads.’ What did you say then?
We said, “No more smackheads.” I just moved a bit of that, then, and could have stabbed
myself on that. Another one there. Oh, yeah. We have probably collected about 30 in the time we have had a quick walk
around the field. If I had carried on searching
through all that, I would have had hundreds. I don’t want to be holding them,
to be honest. What I’ll do, I’ll put them
all in this shoe and put them in the fire later. The quantity of needles do point to a vast number
of addicts in the area, and I wonder if he has ever
thought about or tried to understand the situation of the people
who leave them behind. If someone is suffering
with an addiction, what are your thoughts on that? Do you feel empathy for them?
Do you feel sympathy? I don’t feel sorry for smackheads,
cos it’s their own choice, it is their own choice in life. They choose to inject themselves
with this. But do you think, perhaps,
life can… ..bring it upon you,
you lose opportunities, anyone can become a heroin addict? No matter how hard life gets,
I would never turn to this. Do you know anyone who has become
a heroin addict? No. And if any of my mates
started on heroin and smacking up, then they would just have the bloody
shit kicked out of them. Cos it’s disgusting, it is
disgusting, I don’t associate… I don’t associate with smackheads
and stuff like that. Even if your own father became
a heroin addict? If my dad became a heroin addict,
I would stab him. No two ways about that. It is a zero tolerance approach. One which he adopts at home as well. He seems to have reason to worry
about violent break-ins and he shows me an arsenal of
weapons he keeps to defend himself. I’ve got pretty much one of these
in every room. That’s quite a collection. I’ve got some more in there. You’ve got some more? Yeah. You’ve got a knuckle-duster thing
there… I will stash them in the corner of
the room like that, downstairs, upstairs, whatever. If I hear someone coming through
my front door, just run down, grab that and go down with it. So people having weapons in their
house has become the norm for you? I’ve always seen it. I never seen it when I was at home, but at mates’ houses with shotguns
and all that sort of stuff, hid in corners and people taking the
law into their own hands, you know. I think it’s a very lack of faith
in the police, just part of life. Is it, though? For me, yeah. Wow. I’ll show you that one. However they justify it though, he’s part of a violent group
who target heroin users. People already criminalised and
stigmatised by their addiction. There are just under 300,000 heroin
and crack cocaine users in England and those aged 40 and above now make
up the largest number of addicts. At a soup kitchen,
I meet 47-year-old Darren. He tells me he had been using heroin
for 24 years and was recently assaulted. I understand you got attacked? Yeah. And what happened? What’s happened, when I’d been
stood on the front of this pub, he’d seen somebody come out to me
and then he’s come running over. Oh, my goodness, so right in your
lungs, there. Yeah, it’s punctured me lung
and me liver, I was in hospital for five days. He knows that I probably
won’t report it. Why, though? Because it’s… I’m using drugs. I don’t want to…
Do you know what I mean? blowing it up because
he tried to attack me. Tell me a bit about the stigma
over the years. It weren’t so much then,
because it was all shush. But as it has progressed, it’s more
and more on the scene now, the last ten, 12, 15 years. It is horrible,
walking down the street and you get young kids saying,
“Smackhead,” you know. It makes you feel like that,
you know what I mean? I just put my hood up and
carry on walking. Not all people,
or what they call junkies, go out and drop needles
in the street. People have got consciences,
do you know what I mean? People will do things right. Once you’ve seen one person do it,
they label everybody the same. The majority of people who inject
heroin are good people, you know. The point is, you get dragged down
because you’re taking drugs and you have to do stupid things
to get them. They don’t really have a clue
what’s going on in my life. It’s a hard life. Pete, an ex-heroin user, knows too well the hardships
of being an addict, and recently set up a support group to help people reintegrate
into society. He introduces me to Steve, who is currently in treatment
for addiction. Why do you think society has
this view of heroin users? I’ll tell you why, cos you take
a few case studies, a few of the darkest examples,
and hold that up as a means to frighten
people away from it. Drug addicts stigmatise
other drug addicts, so I’ve come into contact
with people who say, “I am addicted to cocaine,
but I’m not addicted to heroin.” So it’s like,
even within addictions, heroin is right at the bottom, so… ..the stigma runs
right across society, even into the recovery community. It is because society sees…
associates heroin with needles. I mean, how tough is it, if you are
in the state of addiction, are you responsible
to pick up your needles? Or is there a bigger issue here? A bigger issue.
That’s a minority, again. Most of the places
that you will see… And it’s not right, to have
used needles near kids’ parks and blah, blah, blah. But the majority of that will be,
and I’m not stigmatising… homeless people, but they haven’t
got a roof over their heads to go and use their opiates. Do you think that heroin users
have reported crimes that have happened to them? Heroin users, just by using
the drug, it’s a criminal act. Society doesn’t listen to them
anyway, so why would a police officer? In all my time being
with an addiction, I’ve never seen anybody
that has been… had a crime committed against them
go and report it. So it’s really no surprise that the anonymous group I met earlier
remain unpunished. So the lads I’ve met with
are pretty extreme, it’s obvious they have very
extreme views, I think, a lot more than society, but I do think society holds
a grudge against the heroin user. Now, the lads clearly have
such issues, I think it’s gone beyond that. They’ve created their own
nightmares of what a heroin user is. Protecting their community, I think,
is an excuse. I return to a party back at one of
the group’s house. What’s that?
I had a few beers, got angry. So I just threw my iPhone
into the wall. You kept it in there? Yeah, it looks
quite nice as a feature. HE LAUGHS Outside, two of them prepare
to light a fire. We’ll get the shoe with
the needles that we got earlier, just fill that full of the solvent. That will keep that set on fire, which will melt all the needles. So, is the fire burning the needles
almost like a ritual for you guys? You could put it like that.
Every other week, we’ll have a fire, collect them all up and burn them
all, then just have a few beers. So, how long will you carry on
doing this? Until I’ve a good life – a nice,
clean area with no smackheads about. And I’ll keep doing that
till I die. So, as odd as it may sound, I’m really pleased
that I’ve met those guys, because they’ve actually
opened my eyes to wider society’s prejudice
against the heroin user. But I do think, although they are
an extreme case, it does beg the question that, if these crimes aren’t going to be
reported, how many other groups like this
exist across the country?


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