Marco Reus vs. Mario Götze | Who knows more? – The BVB-Duel-Revenge

Dedê played on the left… Evanilson. I got it! Who knows more? Can I start? Yes BVB championship-winning
squad 2001/02 I’ll say Ewerthon. Oh it’s back to me? Man, that was
quick. Crap, it’s my turn again. What about defenders… One more, I’ve got one more. Dedê played on the left… Evanilson. I got it! He played on the right. Oh, who was in goal?
Dammit, come on! Wait, no talking… Oh crap, I had that one! Who was the number 6… we’re missing a
centre-back, and a defensive midfielder. I might have a defensive midfielder,
but I’m not absolutely sure. Would Weidenfeller have been there
by then? He could have been… Lehmann was in goal… Was Lehmann in goal? I’ll say Lehmann. Was Roman there by then? He could have been
second-choice goalie. Wait, how long was he at the
club for? Eight years? Dammit! There were two more I would have guessed:
I would have said Weidenfeller? He wasn’t in the squad either? Crap.
Or… Jörg Heinrich, was he there? Heinrich was there, yes. Metzelder?
-Yep Crap, I wanted to say him! Wörns Wörns! Stefan Reuter, Otto Addo… No way! Germany’s Footballer of the Year Like Marco, for example?
Then I’ll say Marco. I can’t think of many more. So it’s either a German playing abroad, or someone
playing in the Bundesliga. I’ll go for Lewandowski. That’s wrong, isn’t it? Was he not…? Why not? Toni Kroos, Jürgen Kohler… But why wasn’t Lewy…? He was
top goalscorer three times. Manuel Neuer Founding members of
the Bundesliga But that’s stupid! I didn’t brush up on that
one, because we had it last year. I don’t know them
this time either. I’m stuck too. Previously… No, they’ve definitely played
in the Bundesliga. Waldhof Mannheim?! Bayern Munich Why is he laughing like that? Were they honestly not there? I would just have said Hamburg. Hamburg were there. Host cities of the
2006 FIFA World Cup So the city names? Dortmund Munich How many are there again? 12 Sorry for saying this,
but Gelsenkirchen. Let me go through them… Here we go again…
there are 12, right? The three we’ve said are Berlin, Munich, Dortmund
– I’ve got to remember the ones we’ve said, right? Really, Hamburg was one of them? 4 of 12 Oh man… For the others I’m not 100% sure. Gladbach? No, Gladbach wasn’t. Gladbach wasn’t! It wasn’t! I don’t know, I’m not sure about that
one either! I’m not sure if… Oh yeah, that’s right. So it really has to be 12 cities, right? I think the fact that Cologne
have a new stadium… I’ll go for Gladbach. No way – but they’ve got
a new stadium too? Cologne They didn’t have it in 2006, did they? That was bad… I was just
thinking of the stadiums. BVB squad season 2012/13 No thinking about it this
time, I’ll start. There are 23 players in the
squad, right? Mario! Kuba You said Weidenfeller? And you
also said Schmelzer, right? I don’t know! I’ve no idea if we’ve said
Schmelle already. That’s already been said. What? It’s already been said, right? Mario already said that. Mario already said that? Nooo! I didn’t know either!
I’d forgotten as well. How can you lose like that,
Marco? Kiss my arse! And it was because of Schmelle,
because you said Schmelle twice. I didn’t hear it. But you checked just before
that I’d said him.

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