Marijuana And Drug ADDICT Accepts CHRIST!!!

Marijuana And Drug ADDICT Accepts CHRIST!!!

I am Arnaud Brom from Holland, I am 40 years old and I came here to give my testimony today. From when I was 6-7 years old I had a severe depression. I was really disgusted by myself, I hated myself. I felt shame everywhere I walked and went. This went on for all of my life. From that young age I felt suicidal. From when I was about 10 years old, I started raising myself. Because in my family situation there was not enough place for me. By the time I was 14 years old I started to use drugs. By that time it was mostly tobacco, alcohol and marijuana. It was just to calm my mind. That went on all my life. Till I got my son. That time I was using more kinds of drugs. When I got my son, I wanted to stop using the drugs and went to the doctors for medicine. How was your family situation back in the time, when you started using drugs? It was different every day! I was never home. I just slept at my friends’ houses. My dad really didn’t like me so much. My mother died when I was really young. You said that you started taking drugs from a young age; 10 years old. How did these drugs affect your life? For me, it was just a way to keep on going with life, cause I had very depressive thoughts. So for me, it was the only way to continue living every day. You also said that you had depressive thoughts, where did you go to find a solution and what did you do? I had no solution! That’s why I used so many drugs and alcohol. I had no sense of the future. I lived just day by day and see what happens. I could never really plan for the future because I didn’t have any feelings or hope for the future. That’s why I was using so many drugs for me to forget many things. When you say drugs can you give us an example of what exactly you were taking? I started with tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol. Later the alcohol went up way more. I started using ecstasy, speeds, and cocaine. In very big amounts. A lot! Also, you said that you didn’t have feelings. Like I said I was very suicidal. So I tried to live as hard as possible, take big risks in things. I would walk drunk over very high bridges and very high buildings. When I had to cross the street with my bicycle, I would just close my eyes and went for it and thought, “We will see what happens.” I did things like bungee jumping and all kinds of very high things, mountain climbing also with the most dangerous ways, just with the thoughts that if I would fall it would be ok by me. Also, I used to hurt myself a lot. Just to feel anything I would pierce my whole body! I hanged myself with big flesh hooks in my back, in my skin. I used to put glowing things and burn my self all over my body. I used acid to make the pain more intense afterwards. Can you show us what exactly happened, concerning the acid? We can see exactly the marks and the scars. Brother, can you please explain to us exactly what we are seeing in your arm? That’s also a mark that I did myself just steadily burning myself. This process would take about 6 hours. So you are constantly busy with burning yourself a little bit more and more. After 2 days when it starts to heal, you do it again! All the process for another 6 hours! Then it feels even more intense. After another 2 days when it starts to heal again, you rub it in with salt and acid so that it would really burn into your arm. Just to feel something! Can you tell us at this point what was the state of your mind while you were in such a situation? It is not easy it’s mostly a state of hate for yourself and constant shame of yourself towards everybody. That’s when you start doing stuff like that. Brother, how did you hear about the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations? My oldest brother went to Nigeria a few times and he has also been here in Thessalonica. You also said that you have a son… Yes, I do! What can you say about your son while he was seeing you doing all this stuff? I made sure he never got to see me in a state like this. I raised him myself for the first 12 years of his life. He never got to see me in a bad state. When he grew up we decided that it would be better for him to move with his mother. Because there was better schooling where she lived. But then my life kind of fell apart because I had no more direction in life. Because when I got my son was born I traded drugs for medicine. So when my son left, the medicine wasn’t enough anymore because I had no direction in life. How many pills were you taking daily? I had four different kinds of pills. I had two different ones only to fall asleep, One kind of pill against my depression and the last one was against my ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) How many pills were you taking in total? 16 pills a day! Tell us how were your nights, were you sleeping well? Please, give us details. It was terrible! I could never sleep longer than half an hour on one take. So I would smoke some extra marijuana, a lot, to try and get some extra sleep. When you came here how did you feel? For me, it was very terrible because I had a lot of shame and when I stood in front of the prayer line with all my problems written in the sign, I felt like everybody was watching me all the time and it felt really terrible. Really hard! How was your relationship with other people? It was almost not existing. I used to hide myself all day! I used to lock myself up. Sometimes I wouldn’t pick up my phone for a week! Did you visit a doctor back in the time when you had these problems, like depression and other problems that we saw on the placard? I did earlier when I got the whole bunch of medicine and stuff. I saw a psychologist and psychiatrist. We tried to discuss my problems. And also I continued with all the medicines. After the prayer line, can you tell us what happened? I ran away directly. I found it so terrible… When I was watching the video just now I saw how terrible it was. I was feeling so ashamed, I felt like everybody was judging me for all my problems and for everything. All I wanted to do was hide somewhere under a rock or fall into a deep well just to be away. But we can see you here! So you didn’t do all these things. We would like to ask you how was your relationship with the man of God Harry after the prayer line and how he has helped you? I went back the next day, I talked to the man of God Harry. Two weeks after I got home, my brother came back here. Then the man of God invited me to come and work in the church. I got the chance to work here a lot, for the last five and a half months. I have been given a lot of guidance, a lot of chances and opportunities to do good work. We heard that you had so many problems back in the time. You were taking drugs, you had depression, you were taking pills to sleep, your relationship with people wasn’t good at all, you had suicidal thoughts, you were trying to cause pain to yourself… But we also saw that you were at the prayer line. Can you tell us where are all these problems? They are gone! Hallelujah! We want to hear details about your life now and how do you see yourself now? I started stopping one drug after the other. When I came here, I immediately stopped with alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana! Very quickly after that, I stopped coffee, which was a very big deal for me because I used to drink about 2 liters of coffee and one extra liter of energy drinks, every day. I stopped everything! I gradually cut the medicine down. First the sleeping pills. After I stopped using sleeping pills, I brought down the ADD medicine. For about two or two and half weeks I am free from those. For me the best thing is that last week, I was just going to the bathroom, I was washing my hands and looked at the mirror… Suddenly I saw that I didn’t hate the guy in front of me anymore! We can see that there is not a single thing that hasn’t changed in your life. How do you feel now? I feel perfect! Relaxed! Praise the Lord! We thank God for you and we rejoice with you, because Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, and you are living proof of that. Can you tell us in detail how did the man of God help and still helps you now? He gave me a lot of guidance, a wonderful workplace to work every day and in this way, he gave me direction and possibility to work with myself, to accept myself and work with other people and accept those people as well. He gave me a place to work and a place to sleep and live. It is such a holy and divine place! How is your relationship with people now? For instance, I have a relationship with people now. You said that you were looking at yourself in the mirror, somedays ago. Now, do you look at yourself in the mirror? What is your opinion about yourself? The same day, I think I went back to the mirror about 40 times to check again just to be sure… Now, when I go to the bathroom I take some extra time to look at what an awesome guy I am. Let’s clap beautifully for Him! Halleluyah! We are very glad! We would also like to hear from you an advice to the people. Before that, I just want to add something. For me, it’s very nice that I am thinking about the future now, which I never did before. Before this, I was still living day by day and just trying to get on. Now, I actually try to think about things in the future and what to do with it. I would say look at yourself the way Jesus would look at you, with love and kindness! What can separate you from the love of Christ? Death? Sickness? Disease? Distance? Nothing can separate you from the love of God that is in Jesus Christ! What is your promise to God about the instant healing and deliverance that you received from Him, after the touch from the man of God Harry? I will try my best to be the best that I can be in His Grace. We would like to advise you to make the Word of God, the standard for your life and the database for your personal opinion. Stay away from sin and remain blessed, in Jesus’ name! Thank you!


  1. Our God is good at welcoming every willing soul back into His loving hand. We thank You LORD for using Wise man Harry mightily in Your Vineyard. More grace to You Brother Harry. Amen.

  2. For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to PROSPER you and not to harm you, plans to give you HOPE and a FUTURE. ~ (Jeremiah 29:11)

    HalleluYah!!! 🙌 🙌 🙌
    Thankyou Jesus 🙏
    God bless you brother 😇
    We rejoice with you! 👍😊🇮🇹

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