Martin Shkreli on Drug Price Hikes and Playing the World’s Villain

Martin Shkreli on Drug Price Hikes and Playing the World’s Villain

It’s Friday night in Midtown, Manhattan And I’m here to hang out with Martin Shkreli who became famous in October for raising the price of the drug That’s used to treat hiv positive patients by more than [5,000] percent The drug in question is called daraprim it used to cost 1350 per pill turing changed the cost to a whopping $750 that’s price gouging pure and simple Martin Shkreli is a 32 year old entrepreneur and company build it from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn After increasing the price of daraprim overnight he became the poster child for capitalistic greed Crowley Ran with the Bad-boy [image] flaunting his trollish behavior in the Media. He’s not your typical [pharma] tycoon anyway Over the past year. He’s funded an Indie record label [claimed] [he] [would] bail Bobby Shmurda out of jail and Purchased the only copy of a legendary wu-tang clan album with no immediate plans to play it In December [Shekhar] [Lee] was indicted on securities fraud charges and is now under [investigation] by both congress and the federal trade commission [for] price Gouging so his time in the spotlight isn’t over yet I Caught up [with] him at his Midtown apartment to meet the man behind the headlines. Oh yeah, I noticed We are right next to pfizer house. It’s on purpose. It’s a little on perfect, so I walk by here every morning I go to work, and I walk about Pfizer’s world clinical world headquarters, and they don’t have one lab in there They don’t have you know any research going on this companies cut billions of dollars of research, and they raise price all the time [I’m] in fact they raise price on a hundred drugs Just last week and nobody wrote anything about it But so it’s fun to kind of walk by here and simultaneously see like what I love and what I hate I love drugs, and how they can help people But I also hate companies that are kind of hypocritical and full of shit and pfizer’s a good example of something like that [so] are you cool by the way? It’s like really good green goo All right previous not impervious You’re getting a heckled right now. No. He said free Shkreli. So aside. [it’s] free is like. I’m gonna hit you so [anyway], [oh] It’s all love So yeah, this is yours what no, oh Yeah, yeah FBI’s messing my business. This is fun Checking [to] see if it’s FBI. I don’t it might be fBI This is the spot [that’s] the album. Yeah [all] right, let’s open a really nice wall This is a 2005 patrice magnum okay, so we’re gonna have some of this maybe play some chess or do whatever you want It’s been a while since I’ve done s I’m assuming you go first right? I do [uh-huh] cool. [I] know that much but Beyond that I might feel a little good. So I hit this every time yeah, okay, so you play the sicilian defense frequently here No, I don’t know what that even means okay, so I don’t understand what wine we’re drinking And I don’t understand the game that we’re playing so that’s fine. The sicilian defense is one of the more popular um grooves in chess but [it] doesn’t appear. You know how to play chess very well no Anyway, what do we want to talk about I kinda Wanna know how you got started in Near the hedge fund business um I got interested in stocks as a kid and my friends made fun of me all the time Ah for that, you know in fact. I remember the kids made fun of me for caring about stock the stock market and I I told them that I’d uh you know that it would someday would matter and you know I got more and more interested investments and the time came for [me] [to] get like [a] part-time job Slash internship and I Found my way into a hedge fund but over time I kind of realized that that um Who gives a shit you know at the [end] of the day like is that? Really a career you know predicting a stock price you might as well gamble and race horses or blackjack or poker? I mean, it’s it’s such a silly I’m threatening your queen. So just keep that in mind. It’s sort of silly It’s sort of silly Queens the most important peace [oh] um. I’ll move her yes, so in any event I kind of went from you know this this kind of ridiculous idea that people should sit around and speculate on a stock price like it’s Something to do and is absurd And and start a drug company one I could do it Most importantly that I understood medicine and science enough to the point where I could [started] our company to is very Profitable [a] lot of people think that you are evil. I Know you know that yeah, are you evil am I evil no? No I i uh I? Think [I’m] the opposite of evil right? I mean I I think that Almost a became thing where I want to agree to do it like Participate in it and say oh yeah. I am evil You know let me let me be the bad guy And I started doing funny and fun stuff that maybe even extended the concept of yes, sure. I’m evil [I’ll] be the bond villain and But the reality is you know you’re you’re you’re talking to someone that cares deeply about helping people’s lives [so] I think the idea [that] I represent firm is insane That I don’t I mean I I don’t like most drug companies. I think most of them do a bad job. [I] think that I’m different. Yeah, I’m a capitalist I’d love to make a even bigger fortune than I’ve got now and I can do at the expense of a human life You know we sell our drugs for a dollar to the government, but we sell drugs for 750 a pill to Walmart to exxonmobil to all these big companies and they pay full price because fuck that and why shouldn’t they and If I take that money, and I’m using it to do research for dying kids. I think I’m a hero [let] Alone evil So how did you decide that you wanted to? Purchase daraprim as opposed to any other drug that treats a rare illness well my team you know looks for drugs to buy and I’ve been fascinated by infections For a long time my sister was dying of an infection And we didn’t know [it’s] an infection. It was this um just a strange symptomatology where she couldn’t move and it was really scary and So I’ve always been sort of fascinated by infections because they’re alive. They’re alive within you and it’s it’s Amazing because we need drugs to kill these these bogs and for daraprim the opportunity presented itself where we could you know Buy this medicine this medicine could have been for sale, so we approached This company and we ended up buying it so we saw that as an opportunity To make money for our shareholders, but also then build a platform of a company that was focused on rare infections We knew ahead of time that we were Gonna Raise the price That we paid so [much] for that medicine relative to the amount of money was making though We we knew that we had [to] raise the price. It wasn’t going to be and the company selling it to us knew Shkreli claims, he’s not hurting people and that if anyone is [to] suffer from the price Hikes It’s greedy insurance companies the critics say that bilking those companies as greedy as they may be amounts to a cost spread out across taxpayers and raises premiums When you do that does that cause [healthcare] premiums to increase? Yeah, it’s a great question. I mean so the u.s. Drug industry is a five hundred billion Dollar industry and One drug even the biggest drug in the world can’t it can’t influence [healthcare] premiums, it’s too big. [it’s] in fact drugs are only a portion of healthcare in General so doctors or Doctors and hospitals are actually bigger than drug costs. So drug costs are about 20% [of] of all healthcare costs and 80% is hospitals and physicians and things like that [and] drugs really take it on the [chin] as as the major Culprit and no one sort of complains about hospitals or doctors raising one of the smallest drugs in the world Say you know our drug was public information was a five million dollar drug Even if that went up twenty fold I could tell you it hasn’t You know it’s a hundred million which on a five hundred billion dollar number. It’s basically meaningless So to me. It’s like it’s a little You know I mean my I have a big mouth and and that’s kind [of] the [reason] a lot of this stuff has happened That’s good move for once and But you know there are more expensive drugs there are bigger drug price increases I’m not the you know, and I’m not saying that like there’s a slippery slope of saying like well I’m not the worst child abuser. I’m not the worst you know domestic violence person. That’s not what I’m saying at all [you] know because I don’t think that’d be a Inappropriate argument, I defend what we’ve done. I think it’s a good thing But at the same time like if you want to think it’s a bad [thing] then you know you can look at other companies and in fact Last thing I’ll say is about 60 to 70 percent of our patients actually do get it [roofie] And you can imagine it if you extend this kind of offer to people They’ll take advantage of it, and they do you know it’s hard to run a business like that Shkreli has touted that people who can’t afford daraprim can contact him and get it for free But physicians and hospital systems managers across the country have reported that they can’t afford to stock the drug Which causes the shortages in emergency situations? I’m sure you know that your company among others Is part of this investigation in the senate committee on aging and there have been you know people that are representing hospital systems Testifying and saying that you know there have been shortages at their hospitals in emergency situations And they can’t afford to stock the drug Beyond just individuals being able to appeal to you personally for free how do you Respond to that kind of a an issue. Yeah. I mean, it’s it’s tricky so before the price increase most hospitals Had a bottle lying around and they were [able] to feel it’s getting hot here um yeah, the they had a bottle and and they You know they’re sort of because this drug is so Rarely used. There’s 5,000 hospitals in the [u.s.] there’s only a few thousand people that get this illness to begin with so most hospitals will actually never see anyone with this illness and so if you have to hold a bottle just in case [and] now the price of that bottle is just skyrocketed I would complain [too] and we got all these complaints and we decided to say why don’t we make you a tiny bottle that is cheaper will lower the price just for you and And that seems to have solved the situation as far as I can tell If you can’t afford my medicine you know where to find me. Oh my oh my and I’ll be on Twitter There’s a way to easily send me a message that says you know I can’t get this drug the co-pays too high help me out Martin You know I will I will race. I will run to help you. I’ve got nothing [better] to Do hMM Yeah, [you’ve] talked about how your [company] plans and spending a lot more than the average drug company on research and development Can you talk about? Specifically you know what percentage [you] plan on on using of toward research in development versus other companies? Yeah? I mean, I love R&D we spend about 60% of our revenue on RD the average our company spends 15 So for us it’s it’s we put all of our extra income into R&D we don’t pay dividends We don’t do anything with our cash and spend it on research And I’m happy you know I don’t care you know for daraprim to cost more money Fine, you know if that’s the price. I have to pay to Find a new medicine for [a] dying kid. I’ll raise it even more. You know, what do I care? You know Microsoft is Gonna lose money Walmart’s Gonna lose money what you know why are we crying about this? You know it’s not like there’s there’s people that are actually going to suffer from this it’s big fat. You know Corporations that pay [health] [care] bills in the United States, but the reality is daraprim is dangerous for you If you took care from right now you’d get very sick, and I don’t see why that needs to be the case I think you should be able to take a drug that doesn’t hurt you That’s not too much to ask and while we’re making all this money Whose responsibility is it’s ours and the people invented daraprim [eighty] years ago didn’t think about that and the companies shame on them? Who owned it between? 1940 [and] last year when we bought it. They didn’t care either to improve it So we’re the first company that said you know what let’s loot Take an honest look at this medicine to kind of socks and again. We’re taking a big gamble like we have no idea if our Second-Generation Drug will work The escalating price of drugs in the us has become a focus in the 2016 presidential race The consolidation and lack of competition within the American pharmaceutical businesses bay scali allowed companies to charge whatever they want Most of Europe where public health care to norm its government’s that determine what drugs the cover and at what price? [you] [know] the united states is one of the few countries that are only countries that doesn’t set drug prices um Why do you [think] that’s a good thing? I’m not sure. It’s a good thing right. I mean, I think if countries that set drug prices um That’s sort of an imaginary concept No country can set a dark price drug company set drug prices. What kind of is Misunderstood and when people don’t understand is Their companies they have owners and their owners demand that they extract as [much] profit as possible And that’s the rule of law today if you don’t like that. You know, I don’t know what to tell you That’s the way the world works Whose turn is it to my is kill your clock went down, but I move my king here. Okay. You’re in check [so] this whole game is is aft but um you know whatever so [we] have maybe we call it a cold game. I’ll be happy to concede that you won although I mean, I have to check so guess that’s fine. Good game in good game. Yeah, cool Shekhar lee’s wu-tang clan album set him back two million dollars although you wouldn’t guess it It’s it’s casually in an embossed case in his living room. The only place that it’s ever been spun they called the Shaolin school the two CDs are a school each schools and No one’s heard that before but one is the Shaolin school and one is the [allah] school I think like personally like I see the Gza and me as like sounds early um Like [I] see him in me and my silver. [I] hope [I] first um he’s like sort of the scientist rapper type good Her people ever gonna be able to hear this album Other than right now um I think um It depends you know it depends on on the world. You know I think that I could see myself in a place where I break it. You know and I have seriously considered that they’re just snap in half and Bury the remains of it. So no one tries to reconstruct it and then I Seen a world where I give away for free and I’ve seen a world where um I charge for it or something like that, or you know and if If people want to hear it. I’ll put it out if people don’t want to hear it and they don’t Appreciate the wu-tang for what I think it is That’s fine too. So [I] don’t know Everything’s sort of open open-ended. I just bought a few months ago, and I was arrested a month ago. So my wife’s sort of All over the place um who knows maybe the Feds will own it Soon, but um you know I have a contingency plan if that happens


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