Masks to be supplied to drug stores and public retailers: Gov’t

Masks to be supplied to drug stores and public retailers: Gov’t

The South Korean government will start supplying
pharmacies and public retailers with face masks later today. The move comes as the country struggles with
mask shortages. Our Kim Jae-hee has this report. Faced with a shortage of protective face masks
within the country,…the South Korean government says it will make sure that masks are supplied
each day to state-run or public retailers,… starting as early as Thursday afternoon. “One million masks will be supplied to the
city of Daegu and to Gyeongsangbuk-do Province. Three-point-five million masks will be supplied
every day to public retailers such as Korea Post, Nonghyup and pharmacies. Also, five-hundred-thousand face masks will
be distributed each day to medical institutions and quarantine sites.” With clusters of coronavirus cases being confirmed
in Daegu,… long lines can be seen at supermarkets in the city with customers waiting to purchase
protective masks. To prevent mask hoarding amid soaring demand,
each buyer will be limited to five masks. However, with the rapid rise in the demand
for masks,… it may take some time to implement these measures. A post office designated as the public distributer
released an official statement,… saying the actual distribution will likely be possible
from the beginning of March. Meanwhile, online prices for masks have risen. According to Statistics Korea on Thursday,…
the average online price for KF94 masks has increased to around three-point-three dollars. Before the coronavirus outbreak, purchasing
masks online was cheaper than buying them in stores, but now, it’s more expensive to
buy them online. With mask shortages becoming an issue,…
the government says it is okay to re-use masks that have already been worn. “Experts do not necessarily recommend reusing
masks. But if you don’t have a new mask to replace
your old one, you can re-use some of your used masks, as long as you use your own mask.” With the coronavirus outbreak expected to
last for a while,… the demand for masks is likely to remain high for the time being. Kim Jae-hee, Arirang News.


  1. Masks should be free for us to wear. Masks are expensive if you look them up online. Most of the websites are out of masks. If you're poor I guess you don't get one.

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