Meet…The Boss

Meet…The Boss

Battle Cats the game, Part 2 Okay, you can’t make Battle Cats sound Epic Even though it’s pretty Epic! You guys remember Battle Cats? If you don’t, I made a video on it not too long ago Where you basically have an army of cats The goal is to destroy an enemy base before they destroy your base. Very simple And yes, Cats. Cats Cats, who doesn’t Love Cats! Cats Well even though it hasn’t been too long ago, I have made a lot of progress in the game. Actually, the day after I filmed the video, I played a full day. Like I wasted – I basically wasted a full day. I could’ve done like homework, I could’ve filmed, but no I played this game it was so addicting to me. And I went through a lot. Well what’s new this time, is There’s actually rare cat capsules There’s rare cats, they’re super rare, and uber super rare We’re not Ubering anywhere. Here, I’ll give you an example Check this out. This golden pod will get you a rare cat Ok, I got rare. I wanna get uber super rare. I’ve never gotten that before Let’s call it Shaman Cat. It’s Shaman So there’s actually a star special where you can get 11 tries for a 750 cat food So it’s discounted Imma do that 11! 11 different pods OOOHHHHH *inhales* All 11 Ok, I have to get some rare super rare cat Rare… That’s fine. I-I-I have a lot of rare ones so I wanna get that-that good one that *blows kiss* The nice ones Another rare, oh this is like a… this is rocker cat dude I don’t’ even know if cats can take this many different forms and shapes You got Cowboy Cat Gunslinger K, its a cowboy cat Come one, let me get some super rare Let me get some uber super rare Uber everywhere Ok, another rare I-I already have this one I need some some super rare ones OH OH SUPER RARE SUPER RARE Ok Juliet Cat No Don’t tell me its like Romeo and Julie… This is a Juliet Cat “Oh Romeo” *cat voice* meow meow meow I’m not weird This is normal This is about cats Rare, another rare Ok, so I got almost all rares except for one super rare I’ve never gotten uber super rare Ok, so it seems to me… like they’re all just gonna be rare That’s fine You know what? You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna try it again 15 hundred cat food, I have 1,635 so I can afford it. Lets do this Are you sure you want to use Cat Food? YES! OOOOOOOH COME ON, COME ON, COME ON Give me something good. Give me somethin good (yes it’s repeated twice) Ok, rare Okay Ok, uh another. I just got this one. Already have this one Is this a Gardening Cat? GARDENER CAT, it is a Gardener Cat I thought I was joking OOOOH ANOTHER SUPER RARE Okay, what is this one? Sushi Cat You’re not supposed to eat cats as sushi guys. OOOH, another super rare Delinquent Cat And then we got Cat Gunsiinger OOOOOH *various high pitched OOOOOH’s* NO, NO THE UBER SUPER RARE MEKAKO SAIONJIIIIIIII HELL YES Another super… I’m the happiest man on the entire planet right now Rare, oh my god I can’t wait to use that one Imma be… It’s gonna be epic And I got a million XP as a present Alright guys, now I’m gettin ready to battle and we got two slots. So these two slots are slots you can take with you and battle These are all the soldiers I can basically put in battle And there’s a cat combo list which means if you have certain cats lined up, as you guys can see the Cat Army, for example, which is what I have You get a special power up I mean other than that, I think we’re good to go This is all my characters that I want in the game Alright, let’s play this Let’s start We are going to battle out against Hawaii I’m sorry, I love Hawaii. Never been there though I wanna be there. It’s expensive But because you’re expensive, Imma attack your your state Imma attack the state of Hawaii The battle begins Oh my god I have to win See, Cat Army Worker Cat Start Level yes, yes, I don’t even know what I’m saying I’m not even speaking english right now Here we go Here we go Send ’em out, send ’em out (yes he says it twice) Ok, of course there lies a volcano It’s a volcano guys It’s about to erupt I am going to save up As you guys can tell these are the cheaper ones this is the cheaper row And then this is the more expensive row This is the ones that are much more powerful


  1. r,っギュふ6有48医99」いいっjんっっっっっhjhかなトークが!言うっっっっじわるかないからってのはッ子を。

  2. You should have rolled the Crash Fever capsule, it had a chance of getting a legend rare: Ushiwakamaru, which becomes Colossal Henkel at lvl 10

  3. Tal: i never Go a ube Has A good Wave Blocker AND MEGIDORA
    Me: crying in the corner cause i really want Megidora ;(


  4. lf u think thats giant then once u get nekoluga evolve him and he's giant he's a good cat only in true form lma tell the name ultralan pasalan

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