Meth Addict Makes Horror Movie (And It’s Great) – NitPix

Meth Addict Makes Horror Movie (And It’s Great) – NitPix

This video is dedicated to Joel Hammond! What is the Evil Within? What is this strange indie horror film that
I’m making you look at right now. WHAT IS THIS? WHAAAA. Well I’m gonna tell you. The Evil Within is a 2017 film that was released
on amazon Prime. But it doesn’t look like it was made in
2017 – that’s not a 2017 phone! get an upgrade! The film was shot in 2002 and took 15 years
to finally finish. But despite the massive amount of time, artistic
passion and ambition that went into this project – now that it’s released no one is talking
about it…. So I am going to talk about it. Because I think it’s… pretty…. Fucking… good. But not good in the conventional sense. The Evil Within has a lot of issues, the narrative
is badly structured, there are scenes where the actors look like they’re in a porno,
and there’s a whole plethora of bad dialogue. However, I still found myself completely captivated. From the film’s very opening you know you’re
in for a treat. The director clearly has a real creative flare
and establishes the surreal fever dream world with dynamic and technically impressive visuals. Andrew Getty, the writer and director of The
Evil Within inherited millions from his families huge stake in the oil industry and he spent
a large portion of it on two things, this film, and Meth, that’s not a joke. He genuinely did – and it shows. Don’t do meth kids. Not even once. But as fucked up as it sounds, the director’s
experience with the drug is a strength of the film. The audience is constantly questioning what’s
real and what’s fantasy. As the film goes on the line between the two
blurs more and more. The dark nightmares of the main character
Dennis are truly inspired and add weight to the discomfort and horror of the entire thing,
making the film a truly immersive experience. The visual effects are expertly handled, each
one being genuinely disturbing and unsettling. On top of this, the camera moves unrestricted,
darting and zooming about like a 3 year old with ADHD. Custom camera rigs were built for many of
the shots in the film and with a small crew and budget, Getty has so much ambition to
try new things and be different. This is Getty’s first and sadly, his last
film as he died before it was realised. As a result of this, a lot of the character
scenes and dialogue are very amateur. The film also has major pacing problems with
large sections that are very boring. But it’s worth holding out for those little
surprises, which the film is full of. You’ll notice I haven’t said anything
about the plot, that’s because I recommend going into the film completely blind. It’s abstract and I can see viewers interpreting
the events of the film in different ways. So go and make your analysis videos. You clever clogs. But I will say that the narrative focuses
on ‘Dennis’. Frederick Koehler’s performance is pitch
perfect allowing the viewer to connect with his journey and struggle. Every time Dennis is on screen the film truly
stands out and if this character wasn’t so expertly pulled off, the film would lose
a lot of what makes it work. Seriously, this actor is great. I wonder what else he’s been in… Oh fucck… The same can’t be said for the other performances. The film feels like the strange and mysterious
love child of American Psycho, David Lynch and birdemic. Overall, is this film perfect? Absolutely not, I mean a meth head made it
what did you expect?! However this film is special, it brings you
into a surreal place that couldn’t have been concocted by a sane mind, and then continuously
surprises you, with horrific developments and really fun practical effects, ultimately
you will end it questioning what the fuck you just saw, but you will not regret having
seen it, and you definitely won’t forget it.


  1. I actually found this movie before I watched this video and I really enjoyed it! I will definitely agree with you on the visual effects. Fantastic.

  2. you bash him but he was rich and meth and most "hard" drugs are safer than alcohol. if you respect it and do abuse it like a dumbass before anyone talks outta their ass go look up real studys on drugs alcohol is one the worst you can die from wd alone unlike heroin stims other non gaba acting drugs

  3. Well thanks for giving us zero content when it comes to your interpretation of the movie. This might as well pf just been a paid ad for the film.

  4. Actually saw this one last year on prime video. Thought it was alright, although a bit disjointed, but I guess it did take about 15 years to finish. I had no idea the director was a meth head…kinda makes sense now.

  5. Having partaken in a fair amount of the crystal myself, I can definitely see the influence.
    Thanks for the recommendation!
    I'm going to go hunt it down this weekend and subject my horror novice of a girlfriend to it.
    We just watched Quarantine and 30 Days of Night, and she has voluntarily watched more Sharknado movies than I have so it seems the next logical step to take.

  6. I would have never thought that this film is made by a meth head…to be honest, this was better than many Hollywood horror movies

  7. Meth addicts are some of the most down to earth, smartest people you can meet. Gotta be the right ice head though. Believe me. From SC I know. As one was my best friend for 2 year's. I know. Man was 58 too. I'm turning 19 on 10292018

  8. I’ve already seen this one.. It is deeply unsettling due to how realistically they are able to visualize mental instability.

  9. Does anybody know the spiders race name at min 0:22?? I’ve seen a lot this summer in my village. I’m very curious

  10. This was/is the best YouTube video ever made with the overall theme being, 'you should watch this movie'.
    I stumbled upon this video because it was recommended, I watched it, liked it, subscribed to your channel immediately after watching. I've been having trouble finding movies/shows to watch the past month because I feel I've seen everything that I would/could love. This video however changed that big time.

    You introduced this movie beautifully, showing the opening scene which is a one of a kind movie scene in every way possible. The title, of course, is something to be interested in, even if you don't have a high interest in movies. You did something that most human beings can't do, gave a fantastic review of a movie without even hinting at what it's about in the slightest. You teased everyone who watched this video in a positive way. I watched this movie yesterday, two days after seeing this video, because I was quite bored and your video stuck with me.

    This was an amazing movie. Literally, amazing. The one negative from this video as far as the movie viewing aspect is knowing/attaching the stigma of it being made by a meth addict. That went to my head a few times during the movie but I tried detaching that thought, which worked, to have a more grounded viewing. The movie is one of a kind is so many ways, the actor playing the leading roll did a fucking fantastic job (considering his character could often come across as cheesy or just silly, he didn't allow that with his amazing performance). This movie was one I enjoyed thoroughly the entire way through, I hated the spider scene in the best way possible. It made my skin crawl. The cinematography for the first 25 minutes is absolutely astounding, though it does go down throughout the movie.

    I hope this movie gets the credit it deserves, it obviously isn't for everyone but it should be critically reviewed better than it has been. It will do nothing but gain popularity as time goes on, videos like this are crucial for the film. It is a one of a kind movie and I am thankful for your channel (above all else) and thankful this director didn't allow this movie to stay unreleased though he died before it being released. I am watching it again tonight, thank you thank you thank you NitPix!!!!!!!!

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  12. You are acting like you are surprised such a creation came from an addict? Drugs = insight, even tweak. IM NOT SAYING YOU SHOULD DO TWEAK, im saying if you are going to make a movie about the outside, first leave your house.

  13. The ending sucked. It felt extremely rushed and left a lot unexplained…like how the brother and his gf felt like they'd been drugged and didnt know anyone in town

  14. I only discovered your channel a week or so ago, and I'm loving them so far. Also I gotta say the background music selection is top notch!

  15. I don't know that i would of ever stumbled upon this had it not been for this video. THANK YOU! That was a seriously incredible maddening watch. I chuckled at the beginning dialog and opening scene with Dennis at the picnic. Thinking this character is going to be meh at best. Holy crap, i was wrong. His dialog between himself is so uncomfortably normal. Something of pure delusion. I can only wonder which were apart of Andrew Getty's. If not all of them.

  16. I got to see the premire just last month! Michael Berryman was present for a Q and A, the theater was old and astheticlly macabre, really was an enjoyable film.

  17. The guy who plays Dennis was in some episodes of a few cop shows I watch. I wanna see him in something more so I'd totally check this out if I can find it.

  18. I watched this one say when I was bored knowing nothing whatsoever about it, and then was truly amazed at the schizophrenic nature of the film that I never usually see from most horror movies. I definitely remember the dialogue between strange and less thought out but I guess I somehow ended up ignoring its cringeiness to pay attention to the movie through and through

  19. This is the most brilliantly unsetteling movie I have ever seen… this has genuenly fucked me up. Thank you. I didn't even know I could feel like this. <3

  20. Fantastic! It's like david lynch if he did nightmare on elm st. Sorry to hear we won't see more from this guy, I think this is gonna be a cult classic

  21. I watched this movie not having a clue what it was about (I was actually thinking that it was related to the video game). Holy crap was it a mind blower. From the first carnival scene to Dennis's reveal in the next scene… I was floored by this movie. It was great. You're right that it has technical issues, but fixing them wouldn't have added anything to the creepy, nightmare world I lived in for this hour and a half.

  22. i'd be curious to hear your opinion of more horror movies, anything from the recent jourdan peele movies to the newer netflix movies like velvet buzzsaw. and in general, i'd love to see more videos of stuff you like !

  23. the visual ideas of this film were outstanding. i guess you need drugs to imagine that. and that scene with the … zip (skinsuit) … was utterly disturbing. but brilliant. i liked how the movie moves from conventional horror to absurdist lynch theatre (quite literally) to a crime film with a twist that brian helgeland could have written, or david koepp. koehler was great, so was berryman.
    if you liked this film, you may like: oculus (with amy pond, by mike flanagan), eraserhead (by david lynch), berberian sound studio (by peter strickland, with toby jones). well, i liked them, so shut up. 🙂

  24. I watched this movie a couple years ago and showed it to several people. It has such an Amazing build up by the time it gets to the ending your expectations are so high that you can't believe what a shitty ending was tacked on to the end. I credit the movie with being the greatest build up to disappointment because yea the ending was so bad it just but the journey to get there was, despite the things you mentioned which are all true, so amazing that you can't accept that they chose to end it that way. I kept expecting a dream sequence or maybe a jump back to the beginning or something… Something… Still though, despite how the movie was ended I keep telling others to watch it (with as warning that the ending is total shit so they won't be left expecting more at the end like I did. Maybe that isn't fair to them and ruins it, I'll have to have some people watch it without the warning and gauge the results of their enjoyment accordingly. Also despite this being to long to justifiably put brackets around already I would love to hear your opinion back too) since it really is a unique genius movie with both bad and Exceptional acting.
    You are definitely right about the main character; this movie would not have worked at all if he hadn't performed this role perfectly. Anyway, thanks for the review of the film, I'm going to recommend it to another one of my nephews now.

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