Meth. We’re on it. South Dakota Meth Prevention Full Commercial 2019

Meth. We’re on it. South Dakota Meth Prevention Full Commercial 2019

(dramatic piano tones) – I’m on meth. – I’m on meth. – I’m on it, too. – So am I. – So am I. – I’m on meth.
(expressive orchestral music) – [Narrator] Meth is not
someone else’s problem. It’s everyone in South
Dakota’s problem, and we need everyone
to get on it. – I’m on it. – I’m on it.
– I’m on it, too. (dramatic piano tones)


  1. just because doc prescribes it, doesn't mean it's safe! "doctor prescribed" amphetamine analogues, the SSRI russian psychiatric roulette, the dopamine repuptake inhibitor, the tricyclic antidepressant, the gabba agonist, the glutamate antagonist. But meth, with its ability to increase dopamine exitation by twelve fold is among the more dangerous of 'em. One of the few exceptions to the hazards of alcohol's toxicity. Which is multiplied by poor chemical synthesis which produces even more toxic byproducts in the vile ***t people inject and inhale.

  2. Me in Australia: Well… i guess SD is now off my list of placed to visit in February. Sorry Siouxfalls, but i can't be associating with people on meth.

  3. Meth is the symptom of the problem not the problem itself, but of course politicians would shame people for doing meth instead of them getting on this state's real problems.

  4. So…South Dakota spent $449,000 on this 30 second ad?

    That's $14,996 per second

    What if they spent that on building a rehab clinic instead? 🤔🤔🤔

  5. $500,000 in tax money (YOUR MONEY) went to this. You guys in South Dakota need to do something about this. These people are dumb af

  6. I think the commercial would have been way more impactful if they showed actual people on meth all tweaked out because then no one would want to ever try it haha

  7. I was considering leaving Winnipeg this January to go to Florida. But damn if I haven't changed my mind. Meth….. I'm on it

  8. If you can't beat em, join em. Does Amazon sell this stuff? Hopefully, there will be a piping hot loaf of meth right out of the oven, with a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg, hmmmm, hmmmm good.

  9. the pendulum sure has swung the other way it used to show an egg frying now …and believe me some knuckleheads will see this and think its encouraging use of it

  10. If they really spent half a million $ on this ad, then that's a crime. (I realize some billboards were also included in the price.)

  11. Yeah, that is worse than when the National Guard paid over a million for the slogan, "You Can"… Yeah, that was all of it too. This is not even a good Ad to make it clear that "We're On It" isn't supposed to mean literally that we are all using meth.

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