Mexico Ambush: New Questions Raised About Mexican Drug Cartels | TODAY

Mexico Ambush: New Questions Raised About Mexican Drug Cartels | TODAY


  1. Until a white family dies they make it a big deal but what about the Mexican families that live there everyday in terrior.

  2. Under the leftist-communist-evangelical government of Lopez Obrador, Mexico is not safe for the American Jews and American Mormons who are at war trying to control the cocaine routes.

  3. Los ZETAS are the Cartel created, trained, financed and armed by the C I A and MOSSAD.
    Los ZETAS want to be called different but they are still Los Zetas ( AMLO's allies and Mexico's enemies)

  4. ► What if the Mexican Mormon Mafia retaliates against the southern cities of Florida like Palm Beach, where Trump built with drug-money Mar-a-Lago? or Miami where the illegals , Je'ws and LGBT abominations doing hard drugs, live?◄

  5. El chapo's son should be a suspect..he was just in shoot out two weeks ago and caught..the drug cartels violence there got bad and Mexicans president was weak and let him walk free from threats and fear of more violence..this could be connected some how..the timing and El chapo's dad in american prison..there is more to this

  6. Americans stop!!! Using and buying drugs? That's what causes all this evil 👺 violence! Its not just the cartells to blame? 🤔

  7. BURNED AMERICAN BABIES and Mexico claims sovereignty when they allow thugs to BURN BABIES. Al-Bahgdadi raid was too prove AMERICAN forces can hit Terrorists anywhere in the World and in Sinaloa they SHOOT & BURN AMERICAN BABIES.

  8. The consume and demand of COCAINE in the lgbt banana republic of Florida is unstoppable. Drug addicts need their daily dose.

  9. but why? did these tourist see them doing something? how do we know it wasn't some dirtbsgs trying to rob or kidnap and ransom the people.. how do we know it was cartel, what's the motive other than basically committing suicide because now the US has to act as well as Mexico

  10. These dirt bag cartels & the drug runners need to be assassinated on the spot as they do to the innocent no trial exececute them on the spot…

  11. We need open borders. so the drugs can flow, to many people getting a cut corrupting the system. then the government will just take it over.

  12. Z 's
    LOS ZETAS declared a war against the Mexican Right Wing (PAN and Mexican nationalist party (PRI)
    AMLO is the communist 'president puppet" of Los ZETAS.

  13. Ask yourself why are white mormons living in Mexico, and not in America? They have been there for years, some suspected some Mormon men had been dealing with coke, not sure if that's true.

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