Milan Addicted | Carlo Cracco, a Rossonero Chef (with subtitles)

Milan Addicted | Carlo Cracco, a Rossonero Chef (with subtitles)

Name Carlo. Surname Cracco. Nickname Chef. Age 54. Profession Chef. Astrological sign The most beautiful one: Libra. Favourite dish Pasta, without a doubt. Quality All of them. Flaw None. Why do you support AC Milan Because my mum is an avid Milanista, she’s a fan of Nereo Rocco, Rivera (Gianni) and she used to say: “You have to support AC Milan.” That’s exactly what I did. Favourite player Ruud Gullit, Frank Rijkaard. The AC Milan match you’ll never forget The Champions League final we lost in Istanbul. I lost three bottles on that one, too. When you grow up I haven’t found out yet but I’m getting there. I don’t recall the exact moment
I decided to become a Chef. I had this great idea of food and gastronomy in general
because I loved eating. I also had great appreciation for wine and loved travelling. So, when the time came to take a decision I thought to myself, maybe this could be my path. I didn’t go to any special cooking school, nor did I have any special training. There was only him: Gualtiero Marchesi who was loved and hated in equal measure. He was an enlightened figure with an in-depth vision and
profound cultural knowledge, so, I decided that was my path. He was the most important Maestro for me. Back then, it wasn’t really a winning choice. Instead, some of my friends
would ask me: “Why are you doing this?” “Why go abroad? Why aren’t you making money?” And I would reply: “Well, it’s a voyage of discovery and
learning which will pay off in the future” Lo and behold, with some
patience, you reap what you sow. One also needs a touch of
recklessness once in a while. I was lucky to be around forward-thinking people, that was my luck. There are many aspects on which to work on but the main two or three make all
the difference in my opinion, namely: taste, therefore, understanding what you’re eating if it’s good or not, what’s missing and what’s needed.
This is the first thing you need. The second is skill. Your ability to handle ingredients. This is another quality which you can’t buy nor develop. Either you have it or you don’t. Finally, creativity, dedication, sacrifice. A true chef is never worried in the sense that they always find a
solution if an ingredient is missing. If even the backup ingredient is missing,
too, you can change the recipe entirely or invent something entirely new.
This is the ability to handle one’s emotions and stress, almost
like when a footballer is on the pitch. On the pitch, you can take a shot because
you know your teammate will back you up it’s more or less the same in the kitchen but
you have to add the finishing touch. Rosa has one flaw, she supports Juventus. Her whole family are.
I’m besieged by Juventus fans. Everyone plays their own cards, she doesn’t like cooking but she eats and drinks. That just goes to show that I
was fairly lucky in this, I worked hard, and did it well, but in the end, it is really nice because there is a great exchange,
especially with our children which are the most important thing. They like playing football, which
is something I never did. When they annoy me, obviously I don’t waste time, I raise my voice but I always try to find the
quickest way to be understood. My first time at San Siro was for a concert because I love music and I always
went to San Siro for concerts. The first football match I went to was the Champions
League semi-final between Inter and AC Milan. I remember I went to the match with
some friends, it was my first time. All sports, football in
particular being a team sport, even though an individual
might make the difference but it’s still a team sport, exactly like working in a kitchen, the more tightly knit the team is,
the more likely you are to win, especially with a free exchange of ideas. That is really crucial. What can cooking learn from football? It’s difficult to say because we have a
completely unexplored world ahead of us. The world of cooking has only
been explored for 20 years. So, it is only really experiencing its boom now. However, there is a lot of work to be done and what football is doing
and that cooking needs to do is to grow, to try to import role models from abroad which can help you develop your youngsters and you can pass on that sense
of belonging and that passion to young players or cooks so that one
day they can become professionals. Well, I’m a bit left-footed, so I stayed on the wing, kind of a mezzala position, but I’m
not sure, but they gave me number 8. If anyone gets past me, I get angry and will take them down sooner or later. On the other hand, if I succeed,
I’m happy and don’t hurt anyone. The goal which has always stayed with
me is from when I started supporting, I think it was an AC Milan v Barcelona match, and the goal was scored by Savićević. I remember saying to myself: “Now I understand what inventing a style was.” Because what AC Milan did, what Sacchi had done with his revolution, was the
same as what Marchesi did for us. That’s why I’ve always seen these two icons as visionaries. Egg yolk? Rijkaard, because he’s a midfielder who covers all. Paolo Maldini is a main course, he’s a classic, a central pillar, so a Tournedos Rossini. Franco Baresi, I think is more
offal, more of a Cassoeula. But one of the proper ones. Gattuso is great, he is a risotto. He’s one of those who keeps grinding away, one of those who makes up for their
limits with their great passion. Milan is the ideal city where there’s
a mix of strong and positive energies. Where you can make
your dreams come true. But most of all, a place where
you can find fertile ground, that humus needed to grow an enterprise. That is crucial for me. 120 years of history are a lot. The Club has had many different eras, some positive, others negative
like in any other story because there are no
solely positive stories. But it is from the mistakes and tough periods that great opportunities arise. That’s why I see this period of transition as a period of great opportunity to rewrite and recreate what AC Milan is. Thanks to Sky Italia for the footage
from Masterchef 6 and Hell’s Kitchen 5



  2. Cracco a Suso: "Devi ragionare su quello che fai, non è solo forma. Che non vieni qui solo perché hai giocato nella Spagna e poi in campo fai cagare…"

  3. Cracco è una delle poche persone che riesce ad essere interessante nonostante sembri perennemente scazzato.
    Di certo ne sa a pacchi.

    Parlo di Milan sul mio canale; non ne so a pacchi, ma se volete fateci un salto 💪🏻

  4. Cracco a Boban e Madini:
    "Sapete qual e il problema più grande? È che voi fate i finti tonti, sapendo di aver costruito una squadra che FA SCHIFO".

  5. Porta le nostre pippe ad hell s Kitchen chef Cracco e cazziali di brutto come hai sempre fatto! Grande chef Cracco ⚫️🔴🖤❤️

  6. Cracco ….m😏 sei antipatico come tutti quelli che comandano in cucina… ristorazione bruttissimo lavoro….cmq Cracco nn mi sei simpatico

  7. Giornalista: “ti sei trovato molto bene con lo Chef Bruno durante masterchef”
    Cracco : È Bruno che si è trovato bene con me”
    Ibra : “volevi dire lo chef Bruno”
    Cracco: “ si mi scusi”
    Bastianich: “ a me no piace questo modi di argomentari”
    Locatelli:” Joe..a me piace”

  8. Se Suso ci mettesse metà della grinta che Cracco usa in cucina,a quest'ora sarebbe sicuramente tra i più forti nel suo ruolo

  9. Carlo la invito a Santa Maria degli Angeli che ci serve un uomo per il calcetto domani sera
    Nel post partita le farò assaggiare la piadina "tubercolosa", sentirà dei sapori straordinari

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