Milan Addicted | Federica Brignone

Milan Addicted | Federica Brignone

Hello, I’m Federica Brignone. Follow my interview in this new
episode of Milan Addicted. My Grandma is a Milanista, my mum is a Milanista,
and so’s my brother. We always followed the team,
especially when I was younger. Unfortunately, I’m always away now
and have tricky hours, so I’ve got less time to follow the team than in the past. But in the past we used to watch
every Champions League match, and some Serie A matches together on the sofa cheering on the team. They’re wonderful memories. I really liked Gattuso, he was one of my favourites, and Nesta, he was my favourite player. I have to admit I wasn’t able to follow much of the Women’s World Cup. I did watch some of the highlights and goals but I wasn’t able to see any full match. However, I saw some good football, compared to
what I was used to from women’s football which was hard to watch, while this year I enjoyed it,
I think they’ve improved a lot. They’re physically ready, well-prepared you can see they’re ready, they have game-plans. I was impressed, they’re tough women, like all female athletes. I admired them a lot. I was a very energetic child, always active with a desire to practice sport and be outside. And very competitive. My mother was a ski champion while
my dad was a coach and instructor. My parents tried pretty much all sports. And our family used to do loads. So, I started off when I was really
young, especially skiing. I used to do athletics twice a week
and figure skating twice a week. Then I’d ski on Wednesdays and
the weekend, when I was a kid. I also did artistic gymnastics and mountain climbing,
some tennis and a bit of everything. My brother played football. I only played football as a warm up
with my coaches as a child. I was always the smallest at my ski club, and a girl,
so I was always in defence or goal. It was pretty tough, but being really competitive
I did everything I could to win. And during the training retreats with the girls
we’d play as a warm up or to have fun but I never really learnt to play, I’d just run about. I decided on my future when I was 14, I joined the regional skiing team and the year after that I made it to the national team. That’s when I stopped practicing other sports. Our sport is really demanding because all
the travelling is really complicated. We have to take loads of equipment:
skies, helmets, boots and poles. I recently went to Argentina for a month’s training and had to take 500kg of stuff. And you have to load and unload it with the team. You unload it, transport it on a trolley at the airport with people looking at you as you go around with overladen trolleys, hoping they don’t fall over. And the travelling in winter is really difficult
because we travel for hours by bus, changing venue every couple of days. Meaning you’re always changing hotels and all. At the end of the season, sometimes I wake up
and don’t know where I am. You rarely get to see your home,
except maybe during the summer. You have to sacrifice a lot, but I’d say it’s worth it. The bizarre thing about our sport, compared to
football where you work with the ball almost every day, we can’t ski every day. In fact, we ski very little. I counted that, per year, I ski about 20 hours a year. It’s very little, not even a full day. That makes it very tough to be ready for a race and conditions you’re not aware of. Every day things are different, every slope is different, no two turns are the same. We never have the chance to try out
what we’ll do during a race. Therefore, we train a lot away from the
slopes from May to late August but it’s just athletics. Morning and afternoon every day. Some weeks might be more recovery focused but I don’t do many, I normally rest 1 or 2 days a week. The rest of the time, two sessions a day gym, athletics track, woods, whatever’s available. Obviously we spend a lot of time in the gym, but I prefer being outdoors. My coach has all the equipment so we try to bring it to a field so we can
spend as much time as possible outdoors. Preparing for a one-minute race where everything can be undone by a tiny mistake is difficult and really stressful but also the source of the adrenaline and the desire to push for greater speeds. Determination is certainly
crucial for a top level athlete. I’d say you need to continue believing in your dreams and set yourself objectives and do your best to reach them because
once you reach your own objective it’s so rewarding that all the effort disappears. It’s so great to share you joys and sorrows with companions, which I think is a wonderful thing, and the Milan players can do it more
than us because it’s a team sport and they can draw energy from the group, a lot more than us, and continue playing. Calha I told you to warm up your foot, Calha. Warm it, Calha, warm it. Hakan’s ballistics. 3 shots, each better than the last. I’m nice, I always support the team a true fan always supports the
team, for better or worse. I hope they keep improving and playing better and truly manage to follow
their dreams and win games. I’d like to see them in the Champions League again. That’s my dream. I have a gift for you. This is the official mascot of my social project for
the protection of the seas and against pollution. It’s name is Blu. It’s a really cute dolphin, I have it on my helmet during races, it brings me luck and I hope it does for you too.



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