Mini Ninjas review

Mini Ninjas review

Mini Ninjas review for the X360, PS3, Wii and PC Just because a game’s for kids doesn’t mean it has to be hurriedly put together. Luckily, it seems that quite a bit of care and attention has gone into making Mini Ninjas which means kids are going to have a fair amount of fun with it. In the game, the land has been ravaged by violent storms and the leader of the town has sent his best ninjas one by one off to solve the problem. The problem is, they never came back so it’s up to Hiro, the youngest of the ninjas, to find his buddies and stop the terrible storms and the samurais from burning down the villages. Combat’s a simple case of hitting, blocking and stunning enemies if they choose to block you. You also have Kuju magic available which can be used to find secret shrines or fight enemies with fireballs or tornadoes. You can even possess the little animals around the land to sneak past samurais or even attack them. Hiro also has a big white hat which can be used to guard against arrows or as a boat. It’s all very cute and colourful and running about the land feels very fresh if you know what I mean. There’s also a fair amount of platform gaming as Hiro shimmies along ledges and balances on beams. Once you find your fellow ninjas you can then hot-swap them into the battle and use their abilities. There’s a big chap with a hammer called Tofu or something and a little girl with a flute amongst others. My problem with this game is, even though it’s for kids, it just feels a bit shallow and easy. Combat is rarely difficult unless you’re later in the game and haven’t levelled up enough so there’s no real sense of danger throughout the game. You sort of go through the motions; albeit very slick ones with tight controls and smooth graphics. It would also have been nice to have some extra 2 player game modes in there for more family fun. Still, it’s a good game and even though there’s swordplay, no-one dies. All the enemies you fight turn into frogs, rabbits and foxes etc when defeated. Aaaaaah bless! Mini Ninjas gets a good 6 out of 10. You’ve been watching a review from Gamesweasel If you want to get the show each week which includes video game reviews, news, previews, competitions and special features head over to for our video podcast Gamesweasel TV –


  1. You do realise there has never been a thing as ninjas in the real world right? And I've also played Tenchu but I still think this game is more like ninja gaiden but in a Kiddie way.

  2. In sweden some of the new games costs 700SEK and acording to google that's like 99US$ and that's pretty fucked up. I hate Gamestop, they're assholes. Luckily it's much cheaper online…

  3. oooo my god you just have denied the existance of the martial art that i practice!!! you should read more my friend and nop mini ninjas is much "ninja" than ninja gaiden i mean nunchaku for ninjas?? pleaaaaaase

  4. yeah gamestop is very stingy they dont even make a discount afer you bought 100 games from them FUCK THEIR MOTHERS!

  5. eh, I don't think kids games should really be easy though…

    but either way, he was being a bit harsh on the game…

  6. umm well i would say wii for more interactive fun but ps3 for amazing grapihics u choose if u want graphics or fun…( PS3=great graphics) (WII=more fun)

  7. @Comal52 lols how am should i know i dont own the games the comment earlier was something i made up i have no idea which version is better lols game probally dont use wii motion or maybe it does idk sorry for making that up earlier

  8. @Comal52 ps3 is fun and i beat it has better graphics and in the wii u dont use so much motion that is my opinion

  9. what! this game is fantastic im 12 i thought it would suck but i tried it and its pretty good, the graphics look cool

  10. IMO this game deserves at least a 7 or 8. I'm 33 and although I see how the game targets children I found the little ninjas and funny little enemies ("ninjas! ni-ni-ni-ninjas!") adorable and I found the game surprisingly fun. It is very stable, too, and I dare say, for the first time ever, I found plugging in my Xbox controller to play this game to be surprisingly refreshing.

  11. @oLawlieto I know this is an old comment, but I feel I should speak up. Exactly where did you get this info? Of course there were actual ninjas and there still are for Christ's sake. They just didn't/don't have the ability to do shit like run up walls and walk on water, that was just all speculation.

    Anywho, I just started playing the game so I can't say whether or not I agree with this review, but so far I'd give it an 8 or an 8.5. It's very charming and fun.

  12. so bob what should we rate this game?
    does it have guns?
    uh, no.
    little green dinosaures and italian guys?
    uh, no.
    Do people die?
    uh, no.
    does it have basket balls?
    uh, no.
    lets give it 6 out of 10.

  13. THIS GAME IS SO FUN AND AWESOME! IT DESERVES MORE THAN A 6! just because a game has a different art style doesnt mean it's not worth an 8 or more; blood, "hardcore" graphics, and complications does not make a game better at all. It has a different vibe to it and flows well with the simple gameplay; because it works! And as for the deaths; are you serious? Just because they turn back into the creatures they once were and doesnt have "real" deaths means that its score should be lowerd? crap -_-

  14. What has happened to the world its used to be all about that excellent campaign now every review is say multi-players isn't good its getting over the top campaign is the best part not the 2player part

  15. haha im a 17 year old dude, and love this game. it deserves alot more than a 6/10.

    ps: im not the weird guy at school either.

  16. Brought this game brand new for Β£10 great price !! Would give it 9/10, -1 point because soon as complete the campaign there is nothing to do but brilliant game worth the small money!!!!

  17. pff i watched other reviews for this game and everyone seems to agree this is a good game so im not gonna let this guy stop me from getting it >:l this really looks like my type of game since im not much of a "hardcore gamer" anyways πŸ˜› i just like fun cute games and i looooove ninjas ^^ cant wait to get it!

  18. @IchigoLover1234 I agree. Even though the game was made for kids, I had a great time with it. My only complaint was that it was short.

  19. Wow……you sir gave your own kind a bad rep honestly for even doing this review. If you've checked on these comments and amongst others ie *amazon, gamestop, etc etc* most of these people would give it more than just a 6. I may have only played the demo of this but I can honestly say that the creators put some work into this and didn't exactly rush it like other games I've encountered.

    I always enjoyed Gameweasel's reviews but damn this was a first.

  20. it's a sweet game , it's try to feel and looks like a zelda windwaker. But i lacks all what zelda makes a great game. but it deresve a good 7.5 /8 though

  21. Just finished….but i think the reviewer is right, the boss are too easy,kept going tru the motion . and u can really see ur MINI

  22. @stevnsk yeah, that's why it's only his opinion. I have the feeling that the reviewer would have preffered the mini ninjas to be able to get into a deathmatch using covenant weapons. This is a good game for its intended audience, you don't see me telling my 6 year old daughter that her Barbie doll should wear blue instead of pink!

  23. This guy forgets that they made this game childish for a reason. It would be better if a kid reviewed this game because gamesweasel always does the worst reviews

  24. @zapper922 Onlive has it in their playbundle of 10 dollars a month with another 64 games.I was expecting this game to be bad.

  25. The game is fun and if you don't play it so seriously, you realize how great it is πŸ™‚ ( remember never be too sceptic when you review entertaiment)

  26. @plaguuu it could have just give different difficulty levels, but the developers didn't put that in this game, so I think its fair to criticize them

  27. I agree with gamesweasel, It isnt the Jesus of gaming everybody made this game out to be, I would actually go as far as to subtract 1 and give is a 5 out of 10

  28. @greenflashbat You are the worst piece of shit ever created…Mini Ninjas is a great game,Gameplay nice and soft,Graphics Colorful and beatiful,Music extremely awesome,Mini Ninjas is a good game…what i'm saying is a fucking AWESOME game…Maybe you are that fucking Call of duty fanboy and you don't know about good games…So please…shut the hell up…And dont reply me because i play videogames since i was 3 years old and i know to differentiate about a BAD game and a GOOD game…

  29. this game is good. im playing it now. and i really enjoy the gameplay and the environment setting is cool and calm. this game really help me to get my stress away

  30. @xyo68 Im a developer that works for a small company called Blizzard, i dont know if you have heard of it in all your years of playing games. A friend of mine was one of the developers on mini ninjas and he says himself that its not his best work. Oh, btw I dont play Call of Duty at all, you bitch ass troll. No one gives a shit if you play games since you were 3, chances are i've developed a few of those games you play.

  31. @greenflashbat No and i don't care about your shitty company (The offense is for you not for all the developers),For me as a Gamer Mini Ninjas is a great game…And your friend maybe he doesn't know how to differentiate a good game even that he is one of the developers and…He is a big idiot because,Why he would say that about one of the games he develops ? I think you are lying…And tell me a game you have already develop?…Fucker…

  32. @xyo68 Wow, you are annoying, My friend and i went to UCLA together, He was working for Blizzard before he started working for IO Interactive because he got a better job offer in Denmark. We both worked on WOW and now i am currently working on Titan. I am also helping with the battlenet. update. I dont develop games all by myself you Idiot, it requires a team of people. Dude, just go scrub toilets or whatever you do in your shitty job, Like i give a shit if you believe me or not.

  33. @xyo68 I seriously doubt you are gonna get your degree, your spelling in your replys are pathetic. AYour grammer sucks and it looks like you have the mentality of a 10 year old. You "have 18 years" are you in your first year, stop now, your wasting your parents money. Your grammer was so terrible in your last reply I was under the impression you thought only one person makes games, my mistake. You couldn't program your mom to take her balls out your mouth so find another career.

  34. @xyo68 Do you always start off your opinion with "You are the worst piece of shit ever created" Dont fuck with people smarter than you, you little bitchboy. Now that you are losing our little argument you want to have throw a tantrum. you want to cry about it and tell me to "SHUT THE FUUUUUUCK UP!" Dont tell me to get a life dude, oh, if you want this to stop, stop replying with rude, retarded replys. You wont get anywhere in life with that attitude. Peace out

  35. @greenflashbat Come on! You know i'm right…All this time you was saying that your friend's work is crap,If you think you was defending yourself…What a shame…The one who is crying is you…And you are telling me "Boy"? If you consider you are an Adult,Start acting like one,stupid inmature…

  36. @xyo68 Moron, I never once said his work was crap, He himself said, and I will Quote this, cause we all know how special you are. "Its not my best work" no one said his work was crap, I said this game is not the jesus of ninja games. I will explain, (because your special) There are games like I-Ninja developed by Namco that are better. Do u understand now. NO ONE SAID IT WAS CRAP, you made that asumption yourself. I told you, stop crying, stop replying and this will stop. U make it so easy

  37. @greenflashbat For the first time you are right on this discussion…But,For some gamer's the work of "Mini Ninjas" is good…i respect it,And this game i know its not the best out there about Ninjas games,But at least fulfill the gamer experience…And i'm done with this fucking discussion…

  38. @xyo68 Cool, Thanx for playing. btw your english got better all of a sudden and that was the most mature thing you've said. It actually had a point. Have a great life, cheers essay

  39. I like ign better. Hear are kids games that even teens pla.

    The kingdom hearts series
    The patapon series
    The Loco Roco series
    and this game i guess.

  40. I don't like it when someone immediately says "kids game" in a review of a game that a thoughtful game studio put a lot of work in to. "Kids games" are easily recognizable to any seasoned gamer. They include recognizable characters like Elmo, Dora the Explorer, etc… This studio obviously put a lot of work in to making this a fun and playable game. Think next time before calling it a "kids game." I haven't even played this game but I've watched some gameplay and reviews and I it's an insult. YA

  41. Seems like the majority of this review was trailer footage, if you want a real review of this video, check out my channel, I have one that's absolutely great for this game.

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