Mitt Romney’s Family Kidnapped by Cartel (Drug Cartels vs. Mormons Part 7/7)

Mitt Romney’s Family Kidnapped by Cartel (Drug Cartels vs. Mormons Part 7/7)

[RADIO STATIC] MITT ROMNEY: I think marijuana
should not be legal in this country. I believe it’s a gateway drug
to other drug violations. The use of the illegal drugs in
this country is leading to terrible consequences. SHANE SMITH: Now we all know
Mitt Romney’s stance on drugs, but it was interesting to hear
Kelly’s thoughts on the drug war, considering it affects
him every day. KELLY ROMNEY: To me, this used
to be the most peaceful place in the world. I used let my kids go to
[SPANISH], go to the shows, go to dances, go to parties. But now you keep
a close watch. And it all has to
do with the drug violence that has started. When they started the
war on drugs, the violence just escalated. Most of the problems
that we have around here are drug related. And there’s been some
kidnappings and some killings from drug related things. SHANE SMITH: Have there ever
been any Romneys kidnapped? KELLY ROMNEY: Yeah, my brother
was kidnapped three years ago in May. I think they kept him for two
days, took him to a cave up in the mountains. We paid a small ransom. It wasn’t a lot. They were mainly punks. They weren’t really
professionals. SHANE SMITH: And most of the
weapons that are here in Mexico are illegal weapons. And most of those illegal
weapons are coming from the states. KELLY ROMNEY: Yes. Fast and Furious, I’m sure
you’ve heard about that? SHANE SMITH: Now, the Fast and
the Furious scandal he’s talking about refers to a case
where the American government gave thousands of guns
to the cartels in order to track them. Then they proceeded to lose
track of them until they surfaced again in the murder
cases of American agents. KELLY ROMNEY: What, they think
that we’re going to be able to keep control of them or
keep track of them? Nonsense. I don’t know what in the world
they were thinking sending all those weapons to Mexico. SHANE SMITH: And the Fast and
the Furious scandal is just one of many that have seriously
embarrassed the American government. Now, perhaps, Mitt’s hard line
stance on issues like guns, immigration, and drugs
becomes more clear. Because even though his father
was born in Chihuahua, Mitt surely must want to distance
himself from the region, because the region is
totally fucked up. And it’s not the first time
this has been the Romney strategy, either. When his father ran for
president, both his citizenship and his Mormon
colony’s polygamist roots were called into question. And his run for the White House
didn’t last too long. But Mitt Romney has to deal with
his family’s polygamist past, kidnapping, drug wars,
and in the extreme case of Ervil LeBaron, crazy Mormon
blood atonement. Now, having close familial ties
to all of this shit does not a good presidential
candidate make. Being on the front lines of
this, what do you think are some of solutions to
these problems? KELLY ROMNEY: Looking at it from
a perspective of someone living here, we say, well, why
don’t they legalize it in the United States and cut out all
of violence in Mexico? SHANE SMITH: Sure. KELLY ROMNEY: As long as you
have the swimming pool over there, this is going to
be the diving board. SHANE SMITH: So as we began
our long drive back to the border, I had lots of time
to think about what we’d seen in Chihuahua. I thought about the LeBarons
and the war against the narcos, the kidnapping and
murders, and the length they have to go to protect themselves
every day. I also thought about what Kelly
Romney had said about the US being the swimming pool
and Mexico being the diving board, and how similar all this
is to America’s history with outlawing alcohol. So we’re just approaching the
border here back into America. Feels like about a year has
passed since were here last. As we were driving here from
Chihuahua, I was thinking how prohibition in America led to
the rise of the mob, the Al Capones, the Lucky Lucianos. Our war on drugs, our
prohibition against drugs, has caused the same thing. You see it down here. It’s the blunt end
of the hammer. It’s rule of the thug. You have $200 assassins. And as long as there’s
prohibition, it’s going to continue. The war on drugs is a failure. There have never been more drugs
in America and they’ve never been cheaper or better
or higher quality. And as we sat for hours at the
border, waiting to get back into America, I thought about
the fact that Mitt Romney might just be the
next president of the United States. MITT ROMNEY: God
bless America. Thank you guys. SHANE SMITH: Now, polygamy and
kidnapping not withstanding, if he wins, he’s going to have
some hard decisions to make about decriminalizing
drugs and fixing our immigration problem. Because if he doesn’t, Mexico,
his Mormon brethren, and perhaps even his own
flesh and blood are going to pay the price. [MUSIC PLAYING]


  1. I'm a little confused with your reply… All I was pointing out was there is no evidence they are wealthy from drug money. Maybe they are… but who knows(not you)

  2. That is right and nobody ever will unless the question was ever asked. All I was doing was making a comment about how obvious it looks (did not say they were drug lords as a fact). Once the question is in the light, maybe evidence will start to reveal itself. Pretty hard to gather any kind of evidence without ever looking for it. I am pretty sure if Americans in the US looked that obvious it would undergo a throw scrutiny.

  3. he believes marijuana is a gateway drug therefore should not be legal…funny I wonder if he feels tha same about nicotine caffeine or alcohol. I did all 3 before I even smoked weed…must be a gateway.

  4. going on rollercoasters increases endorphins in your brain giving you a "high" does that mean rollercoasters should be illegal because it may lead to doing drugs to increase endorphins in your brain? get fuckin real idiot

  5. Making it illegal makes it rare and therefore expensive. Hence those drug lords earn lots of money and become even stronger.
    Is it worth it making it legal then? Well, that's the big question which basically is a question of people's responsibility. Are people taking enough responsibility not to use heavy drugs although they are legal? Or can you make laws which leaves the drug itself legal but punishes abuse of it?

    I personally think it might work out with the right laws.

  6. why do people have be so attached to people, legalize it and let darwins theory run rampid. no one is going to live forever in our lifetime anyways

  7. America has a huge craving for drugs. America refuses to legalize drugs. America has left a huge open black market to a bunch of hard working Mexicans who never had shit. America sells guns like bubble gum. America has given my people an open market for grabs, guns, and somewhat power. America, do you think a bunch of Mexicans who played with sticks and dirt are going to give this shit up. Does America need to spill blood like the Mexicans for it to learn? America makes money by locking up drug abusers, building, and supporting prisons. America, now sees the economy being stirred up by the legalization of Marijuana. America is thinking of changing their mind. Is money all you care about America?

  8. folks! obelisk on tha graveyard.. and the sun pentagramm (pentagonn) mark sprayed on the watchtower..
     the same old war..
     our flesh n blood, fight,pay n suffer  for……    THEM…..
    future president?… wtf????? 
    unite peacefully out of a comment cause of surive if not out of love for each other! …. there is more then enough of everything for us… if the 1% would … share….

  9. I just smirked when Mitt Romney said, "Marijuana is a gateway drug that should be illegal.." right next to a crude oil container. Oil, money, and politic is the real devil here in disguise tbh. 

  10. As far as I'm concerned Mitt Romney is a bigot and a hypocrite from hell, He preaches one thing and does just the opposite. 



  12. I don't even care about the cartels , vices people need to learn to stop referring to the united states as AMERICA. America is an entire continent . Not one country

  13. Mitt Romney should go back to Mexico run there and leave USA alone. The cartels are in there land and the Mormon are not. There are the problem also. Way didn't they go back where they came from. The cartels have the right to kill them all. There fucking up business for them. The cartels shouldn't kill the community for there gain.

  14. The fucking asshole cartels are not buying guns in America. They don't want our slow shooting SEMI AUTO'S . They are using Russian AK47's and military supplied arms from South America. This is anti gun propaganda. Shoot every single illegal crosser of the border. Put a bounty on them like coyote's . $5oo.oo a head. I bet they stop crossing the border. And I bet a lot of people will pay off their debt. If you are caught bringing drugs to America you should be shot on the spot. It is a threat to American lives..

  15. the US and Mexico cant handle cartels with militia tactics these foos are taking the most deadly cartels in the world my respect

  16. Why don't they let other Mexicans come into their little green and white society to contribute and create a functional, strong region in the north???

  17. Grew up in El Paso, hung out in Juarez as a youngster. Part Irish part Mexican. My grandmother was born in Batopilas Chihuahua/ Cooper Canyon. The cartels have destroyed such a cool place. Believe me there was always drugs but there was a limit. Family, tourist ext ext were of limits and now it's a free for all. Totally bad for business, for the people of Mexico and for those in the US that love the rich culture of Mexico and loved to be in Mexico. Sucks ass!!

  18. Mormons are the reason why old mexico was seceded to the U.S. i don't know what to say about this, besides the fact that mormons put their religion before country. 2 countries in this case.


  20. its all about the $$ people….u think they cant stop all this??they just wont…coz its good money…drug sale like hot bacon in the states…and same go to weapon in mexico…

  21. Not in order to track them but to give gun buyers in the US a bad name and have another reason to attack the citizens enforcement amendment, the 2nd which they have to get rid off first in order to abolish the constitution as a whole!!

  22. The ATF had 4 different failed gun stings with the fast and furious being the last one. One they nabbed a bunch of middle class housewives that needed money, that turned out to be entrapment. One was were the tailed one guy that bought close to one hundred guns, the guns disappeared and the guy won his case. The other was where they targeted gun dealers, they ended up charging 28 people, 4 people plead guilty right away. When the first trial was over, the jury said innocent because there was no crime and the judge agreed, and the judge also reversed the four guilty pleas. That was 4 or 5 years of work by the ATF down the toilet.

  23. He leaves out that part of the Fast and Furious scandal plan was to have those guns show up as US guns and to give more fodder to the anti-gun crowd to ban guns.

  24. Mitt Romney was too soft to ever become President of the United States. Nice guy but he couldn’t lead our country.

  25. And none of that really matters in the grand scheme of things because it was Obama who won and now we have our orange Cheeto daddy god king running things..

  26. Mexico's blame for the US is stupid. No, its not because of the US, its because people rather flee then fight. It's also because the damn government is so corrupt, it doesn't enforce the cartel. If Mexico's police was like Americas. Ya'll might actually have a nice country. But coruption is so fucking rampant, that nothing gets done.

  27. 1:29 Pres. Zero's regime. Holder should have gone to prison for that one. 2:43 Than how come Pres. Zero's crazy family ties weren't an issue, hmmmm? Because of the hypocritical liberal media, that's why. That the hypocrisy of the leftist doesn't drive people batshit insane is beyond me.

  28. Las colonias mormonas y menonitas es El mismo reflejo de Las 13 colonias en estados unidos Las drogas es negocio de ellos comp Las companias Extrangeras mineras Las guerras de Mexico ellos Las orqueztado para tener Al Pueblo de Mexico esclavisado y consumidor y pagar impuestos por Todo

  29. uh… "the US govt. (under Obama & Holder) gave thousands of guns to the cartel in Mexico to track them…" Talk about the biggest bullshit cover-up story I've ever heard! So what are the American guns given to Haiti, Cuba, African nations and the whole world for then? Not destabilization of a nation, no it couldn't be that… The Mexican people should sue Obmama for that one, and we should try him for treason in giving weapons, money (Iran+) & help to the enemies of the American people!

  30. We definitely dodged a big bullet thank goodness he will never be President 👈🏻 Romney family was kidnapped and they run guns to Mexico

  31. Oh, I did not know that was Romney's kin folk. That explains a whole lot! Now the Plot thickens, international Kidnapping! The entire Country of Mexico is as crooked as a snake.

  32. Former Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner retired and began investing in the (Marijuana) Business as have other Americans for Certified Medicinal purposes in cases of people suffering from chronic pain used in the form of oil or cream. Many of us have never used current illegal drugs but would find it a better alternative to opiates via Dx Prescriptions. This mindset is highly unreasonable in people living in a shoebox.

  33. It's a gateway drug only because the US banned it almost a century so that marijuana users had to break the law to get it and learned to bypass drug laws ergo going on to harsher things. I researched why it was made illegal and found that the two primary reasons were that we were having an influx of Mexican laborers who used it. Reason 1 was to stop the Mexican Problem. Reason 2 was that if White women used it they would want to have sex with black men. All of this "scientific" proof is nothing more than the original bias being supported. If you support the ban you support the original reasons.

  34. So let me ask you something, if Rooney would To be the 1st Mexican American President ??🇺🇸🇲🇽??

  35. Catholic Corruption makes Mexico a Very Bad place. Overpopulation, poverty, Corruption, Violence. Ireland; when conservative Catholics are in total control. Dead Catholic children dumped in a sewer pit. Amen.
    mcg-truth.blogspot Philippines, Mexico, Ireland, So America; countries dominated by Catholics. Places to run away from.
    magic underwear is not a better option.

  36. hahah what a fucking joke, Mormons and drug driven terrorists???? The mormons lost before there was even a war. Its just the same as God vs Humans, and God looses.

  37. Instead of saying the American government I like to say the Obama Administration is responsible for Fast and Furious.

  38. This Romney is exactly right, legalize all drugs in US and Mexico. Mitt Romney's solution has always backfired! If people choose to use the drugs that is their risk.

  39. I’m glad that vice did this documentary, as long there is a buyer there will always be drugs. And people down in Latin America will always sell it to Americans because of the proverty. But legalizing drugs in Mexico won’t stop the gun trade coming from America and the kidnappings

  40. That's why he's a sore loser and needs to come clean on the things going on. Part of the truth came out, the rest is on its way!

  41. The guy in videos says all the problems is drug related which he is right because he must be on drugs to be in his stupid religious cult of evil sinful swingers committing adultery within their own family. Normal people call that inbreeding which is just wrong.

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