what’s up guys welcome back to another
call of duty modern warfare video in today’s video we’re gonna be talking
about the dark edition of modern warfare so this is like the big version of
modern warfare the special edition of it and this one is only available at select
retailers but this is like the special edition of the game so previous Call of
Duty games have had special editions black ops 2 had that like care package
edition where you got like an actual black ops 2 care package and it came
with a dragon fire drone we had like modern warfare 2 gave you some like
night vision goggles black ops 1 gave you an RC XD and like modern warfare 3 I
don’t think had one but it had a special edition Xbox 360 black ops for the most
recent one was the mystery box edition that came with like a replica mystery
box from the game well Modern Warfare’s has been announced
the dark condition was first put up on gamestop
like right back when the game was announced but it didn’t say anything
about it just had like the price of it was just $200 but we didn’t know what it
included until today so this brand new edition of modern warfare the dark
edition like I said it costs $200 and it comes packed with the real-life
night-vision goggles and as the first time nvg has been included in the
collector’s edition of a color 2 game since modern warfare 2 modern warfare 2
had night vision goggles but like that was like you know 2009 that was 10 years
ago so this one is obviously updated better hardware and you know a little
bit better so pretty cool though still like I said it’s $200 $199 and this is
the description for it it says prepare to go dark with the modern warfare dark
Edition the dark Edition features functioning night vision goggles that
allow the user to see up to 20 meters in absolute darkness based off the in-game
model Infinity Ward has outfitted the adjustable goggles with game inspired
custom decals and design details the goggles can operate in day mode allowing
the user to see in full color and automatically switch to night mode when
dark conditions are detected night mode features both the black and white and a
phosphorus blue color setting that the user can toggle between
don’t be left in the dark period of this limited-edition while supplies last so
this is what is actually included in the modern warfare dark condition you of
course get a physical copy of call of duty modern warfare this is the disc of
it and it’s just the standard edition you know a BAM you could just get you
know like a disc you get these brand-new night-vision goggles really cool like
the the description said they’re functioning night-vision goggles
you can actually see in absolute darkness with you get a display stand
for the night-vision goggles then you get a special edition steelbook for the
game which all special editions come with which is really cool and then this
is also really cool is that you get some special digital in-game items so you get
that custom in-game tactical knife the all ghillie DUP operator pack the crew
expendable operator pack and the war pig operator man pack plus a Call of Duty
endowment animated calling card so those like the operator packs plus the in-game
tactical knife and all this other stuff is available with every digital edition
and you don’t have to just get that from the dark edition but they’re like
exclusive thing here with the dark edition are those actual night-vision
goggles so that’s the dark edition like you get all this digital content
physical copy of the game so it’s a disc so it’s a little unfortunate anytime you
want to play modern warfare when you have the dark Edition you’re gonna have
to put in the disc into your console which I know a lot of people are moving
away from and just opting in for all digital I wish there was an option for
you to just get like a digital code but still have this steelbook case but then
again I guess not having a disc and it kind of ruins it so I don’t know what do
you guys think about that but there you guys go
this edition is exclusive to gamestop in the United States so far there is no
other retailer that is shipping this amazon is not doing this which is kind
of a shame because last year the mystery box Edition was sold it like absolutely
every retailer like Amazon had am pretty sure Game Stop had a Best Buy like every
place had the mystery box Edition but now if you want to get the modern
warfare dark Edition you have to get it at Game Stop which I know a lot of
people have different opinions on Game Stop but because it may that is where
you have to get it from if you actually do want to
the modern warfare dark conditions so that is the modern warfare door
condition guys that is everything that it includes like I said once again it is
$199 and it will be released the same day the game is October 25th 2019 so I
mean you guys have thoughts on this in the comments down below what do you guys
think about this and I’ll see you guys in the next video


  1. Im tempted to get the ghillie suit set, but the one thing it doesnt seem like Modern Warfare is doing right is making maps with lots of grass for a ghillie suit to actually be useful.

  2. i say keep the disc, cause then one day you'll wanna play the shit n them be like na we took it down for whatever gay reason n shit, that way they cant make your irrelevant to play or make a re-download.

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