Mom is Worried about Her Alcoholic Daughter’s Life

– Linda says her daughter
Ronnie is an alcoholic and needs to get help
before it’s too late. – My daughter Ronnie is on the highway to hell. Ronnie’s 37, lives at home and has a very severe drinking problem. Ronnie doesn’t think she’s an alcoholic. She’s lost at least
three jobs from smelling of booze when she goes to work. Ronnie’s like a tornado of anger when she gets drunk. She screams, she yells, slams the doors, she can’t control it. She’s even called me a horrible, rotten mother. – Ronnie tries to hide
alcohol in her room. She hides ’em under the bed, she hides ’em under the pillow. As soon as I find it I throw it away. I don’t understand. I don’t know how she buys all this stuff ’cause she’s not working. Ronnie’s been in the
hospital at least five times for her alcohol problem. One time I rushed her to the hospital she was hallucinating
and went into seizures. The doctor did the blood alcohol and he came back and he goes, “She has a .45 alcohol level.” He said she could die. After that she went to rehab. I found out that Ronnie
started drinking again two days after she left rehab. I told Ronnie if she doesn’t stop and get the help that she needs that she has to leave the house. I am not gonna watch my
daughter kill herself anymore.

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