Mom Says She Has To Bribe 14-Year-Old Son To Put Down Video Games To Take A Shower

Mom Says She Has To Bribe 14-Year-Old Son To Put Down Video Games To Take A Shower


  1. He got 4 more years to go before he’s an adult, I hope they can turn this kids life around before it’s too late. Once he’s 18 he’s going to feel more entitled to do what he wants, but at that point the parents will have the right to kick him out. I doubt they would kick him out though because they’ll feel too bad to do it.

  2. Take all of his electronics away, it’s very simple. Reward good behaviour and punish bad behaviour. The parents are completely at fault here. ‘Children and animals, they do what works!’

  3. Dr Phil seems more and more over his job the more episodes that come out 😂. His tolerance for the parents and even the kids now is close to NONE

  4. One of many sad things is that Niko's gonna be a device that will push the discussion to boomers that Video Game Bad. It's the family that enables the kid, and video games is a sorta safe haven for him, kinda.

  5. This kid needs speech therapy, school, lose at least 40 lbs.and a CPS intervention. Pronto. The parents let him come home from wilderness camp because he was COLD out in mature!!

  6. If he was my child id put him in the adoption center or leave the whole litteral house with the things and secretly buy a house in a diff country and just let him deal with his life

  7. What a flopshow of a mother this woman is . She has absolutely no control over her own minor son . The brat even calls her by her given name !!

  8. That young fella needs a boot in the head. Cold, hard discipline. Whip that stupid blanket off him, dump the games consoles and the phone and get him living in the real world. Spoiled, entitled, enabled by his soft parents. A terrible state of affairs.

  9. This is exactly why my child will never be allowed to play video games in my house. They can go do that with their friends, but i am seeing how video games has become an addiction just like drugs. This little kid reminds me of my grown 25 year old brother, he used the play world of warcraft all day and night and my mother would clean his room, mountains of empty coke cans and tissues everywhere. Like seriously, do not give your children video games, ever.

  10. I THINK we need to pass some laws for CPS to remove children from these homes. It's getting really bad. Every home has one of these kids or getting there. I have dealt with it with a woman I was with. We broke up because of her out of control 12 year old boy all the time on the computer playing games and misbehaving because of it. She was enabling a monster and I wanted no part of that.

  11. If this kid turns into a youtuber i swear to god that he will get alot of hate, considering what he had done to his mother.

  12. Seriously, she is a parent who has forgotten that she should be in charge not the child. Take his video games and throw them out. You are not helping your child any by negotiating with him to take a shower. Wow. This is just, wow. Time to take the reigns mom.

  13. Bribe him change your Wi-Fi password. If he tries to hurt you or even threaten then you call the police on him and let them deal with him if he wants to act like a criminal and get treated like a criminal.

  14. Im curious of what this kiddo would do if he was in school.. probaly play video games under the table so teacher wont notice.

  15. I went through a not wanting to shower faze when i was in middle school. My uncle embarrassed me constantly and people would physically step away and avoid me in school. Ive showered daily now since i was 15. Haha. Shame shame its the name of the game

  16. Just try doing this with my Asian mom .. just try .. for one day .. the next day you're the one that's gonna be on that wheelchair ..

  17. Imagine having a kid like this. One of the reasons I haven’t had children is because I would be utterly crushed if my child turned out this way. What a loser.

  18. Send him to Africa for a month with nothing but the clothes on his back. 1 of 2 things will happen

    1. He'll die
    2. He'll come back a changed man

    Either way your problem is solved

  19. You did a horrible job raising him, he should have learned respect and self motivation a long time ago. Can’t let kids get away with that

  20. Who pays the bills that put a roof over his head?

    Who pays for the phone?

    Who is crippling her son's ability to be a decent human being?

  21. This is what happens when we removed prayer and Jesus Christ out of the school system, not to mention the holy word of God which is the Bible out of our school systems. This is what happens when you teach children that they evolved out of apes. This is also what happens when a father is not allowed by law to discipline his kids. If a man so much as raises his voice to his own son in a heartbeat CPS and the sheriff are busting down his door making threats to remove the child and placing the child into the foster care system. This is what happens when liberals rule the world

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