You should have used the lasso– Oh, fuck… …in the horse, sorry, sorry. “Witness” No, I didn’t– Oh you guys are so annoying, damn! “Best-of from Squeezie” Guys, today, we’ll be playing Red Dead Redemption 2. I don’t know if some of you guys played Red Dead, it came out not too long ago, it’s from Rock Star Games, the ones that made GTA… You must have heard of the release, it was… incredibly hard to miss. There is a tiny delay when I’m playing. There’s a response time of like, half a second so I’ll probably aim very badly. You’re dead. You’re dead. You’re dead. You’re dead. So? You tryna pick on me? What you gonna do now? I got caught in an ambush, dude! It never happened to me before! Oh! What’s that… What’s going on? What are you doing? What? I gotta rob them, they have a vault. So! So, so so… Let’s look in there and see what they were trying to steal. Looks like the robber is being robbed! First, let’s search them. Then, let’s put dynamite on the vault and see what’s in it. As simple as that, bro. I don’t know if it’s going to work, I’m trying something. It works! What was inside… How much? HOW MUCH? Twenty… Plus twenty… That’s it? This is SO disappointing dude! I killed two guys for fourty bucks. We’re going to go buy a horse! It’s sad because you create a link with it. And I call mine 4×4 because I do a bunch of off-road with it all the time. We take trees in the face together, we had a lot of beautiful crashes together. Very beautiful crashes. This is fun, it’s like a treasure hunt. Stop it, you clearly saw him. They’re liars, I’m sure they’re in on it. I’m gonna draw and fuck him up. I don’t know how to do this IRL but in-game I– I’m that kind of guy who takes the game WAY too seriously. Alright, let’s question him. We really messed him up! “SMASH that like button” Uuuh… Alright, let’s not kill him for no reason. Yeah, let’s not kill him for no reason… We shouldn’t kill him for no reason, it would be dumb. If we kill him for no reason it doesn’t make sense, it’s dumb. So dumb, dude. Can’t kill him for no reason. This is horrible. I told him “Go off!” I gained honor, then I put a bullet in his back like a fat bastard. What is he doing? WHAT is he doing… *Gasp* He’s scary! Who are you talking about? Is he crazy? Go back. Go back. Go back. Stop following me! “Witness” What? As if there’s a witness– Where’s the witness? Oh it’s him! I know what to do… Damn, come back here! It’s horrible! Bro he’s so weird! I’m sorry, I just don’t feel like paying for another bounty. It’s okay. Come with me, Imma put you on the horse… Let’s go to the asylum together… It’s entirely false. I just don’t want anybody to be able to see you. Alright, CIAO! It’s not very nice. (*kids show) Oh, there’s a legendary animal! But we have to get the horse first. Alright, let’s not be– Let’s not be hasty, is what I was going to say. It’s an elk! It’s so cute, I saw some in Canada. I could never kill it. But wait eh, maybe there’s a legendary wapiti eh! Near here bud, it’s a beauty bud!!! A legendary wapiti eeeeeh! Lets not get distracted. We’re SOLELY here to get the legendary horse. That’s why we’re here. Okay, here we are! Let’s be careful… *Gasps* Dude! It’s there! Oh! It’s him! Don’t go baby. Don’t go baby. It’s the start of a love story. He’s BEAUFITUL! Check out those muscles! And his pretty face! That’s my baby! Fuck! I had him! I had him! I should have hopped onto him! Shit! Shit! I was petting him, it was intense! He was being so cute he– he– Fuck, I can see the son of a– I’m going by foot. Let’s go again. I should have just jumped onto him right away. I don’t give a shit, I’m directly getting onto him. No petting, no hug, NOTHING! Boy, I’m getting on you directly, no petting. You son of a bitch. I’M MOUNTING YOU! WE GOT HIM! WE GOT HIM! Whatchu gonna do now? I love him. Here’s some food, there you go! And the sun rises, on this beautiful love story. Isn’t this moment just wonderful? I’m so happy! I’m gonna take my saddle and put it on him. Duck, I’m sorry bro. “I thought we were friends.” But I loved you. “Really?” I loved you with all of my heart. You served me for 20 hours of gaming, pal. “Oh dear, all the memories.” But it’s time for me to move on to another horse. I’m sorry, Duck! Go off! Get back to nature, Duck! Goodbye! It was a pleasure, Duck! “Goodbye Squeezie, my friend!” I can’t look… We did at least 40 hours together! Goodbye, Duck! I loved you, Duck! What do you say, should we hunt a legendary bison? Look, it’s right there! He’s near here, that bastard. Wait! There’s a bison there! I’m shitting myself… Let’s get him with a sniper riffle. Let’s get the high ground, then we’ll get him right in the neck. I’ll do it right, guys. For you. *Gasps* Where is he? Damn, he’s turning around! What? But– So what, his skull stops the bullet? That’s solid, dude. Where did he go? Is he going to– “I am back, Squeezie my friend!” Duck! you’re back to help me! In this horrible situation! Oh dude he’s right there! I can’t see a thing… We’re going in there cash! Let’s go! We got him, damn! He’s doing his thing… Holy! We getting comfy! “I am prepared to take off!” But it’s not you that I want, Duck, stop… I told you I was letting you back in nature! Stop trying to force it, you’re annoying. Alright… And we got the bison! I’m so good dude! So what do I do now that I have this? Where do I bring the fur guys? I gotta bring it to a tanner right? Where’s the tan– No, that has to be a joke, bro. Might as well do a marathon IRL. Oh yeah, it’s obviously a legendary horse, guys. Holy cow! He’s hauling ass, dude! He’s hauling ass! Check out that speed! I’ll call him Mbappé. (Fast Soccer player) Yeah, okay, another day! “My horse is dead and I’m stuck here.” Okay, okay, we’ll go help him, fuck… What is it? MY LEGENDARY HORSE! NO! Fuck! We literally just got him and he’s trying to steal him. Go fuck yourself, you son of a bitch! I thought I killed the horse as well. “Respect” I thought I killed the horse while I was shooting him! Oh no, they’re going to spot him. God dammit, I’ll get another bounty on my head. Yeah yeah, I got you. Fuck… “Witness; Investigation ongoing” There you go, I got another bounty. It’s him! He tried to rob me! That’s bullshit. You should have used the lasso– Oh, fuck… …in the horse, sorry, sorry. “Witness; Violence without weapons” No, I didn’t— Seriously? So annoying, damn! Accidents happen sometimes. I was reading the chat– I shouldn’t do it while driving but– Come on. “Violence without weapons” Bro, it’s just a road accident. Aaaand I’m wanted. What was he doing in the middle of the road without his– He didn’t have his blinker on bro. He didn’t have his blinker on. We’re almost at the tanner for our new outfit dude. He’s there, the tanner– So what can you do with this bison fur? “The phantom bison”? I want it! It looks so good! What else do I need, the legendary elk fur– Fuuuuck! Fuck, I should have went and got the legendary elk, EH! I’ll still make this for now… Yes, YES! We’re stylish now with our yeti hat. Let’s get this legendary elk! I also needed something from a goat and… “Get off our land” What? What what what? Who do you think you’re talking to? Do YOU have a bison on your head? Do you? “I ain’t gonna tell you again. Get outta here!” Taking it reaaaal easy there, huh? What did you say you lout? My bison!! I’m dead. I’m dead. NOOOO! He touched my bison hat! My little hat fell! I lost money, are you serious? My bison hat…


  1. Squeezie qui imite les québécois
    PS: je suis québécoise fec …… Tabarnac , t’a tu vu le Wapiti légendaire 😅😅😅😅😅
    Continue ce que tu fais 😘😄😄

  2. c'est quoi le titre de la musique du début mais sinon continue tes videos c'est génial tu me fais trop rire

  3. Tout le monde dit c trop dire de l'avoir le cheval légendaire mais en vrai je l'ai attrapé 5 fois en même pas 30 min c ultra simple

  4. J’ai eu un but avec le bison légendaire. Il m’on dit que je l’avait tué mais je n’ai pas eu sa peau.

  5. Squeezie si tu pla ce un point de passages et que tu maintient le pavé tactile en mode ciné
    Le cheval suis tout seul la route

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