My Addiction | Evan Edinger

My Addiction | Evan Edinger

When I first heard the term “addictive personality” I thought it meant when someone is so interesting, everyone’s addicted to talking to them. Which sounds like a great personality trait to have! I’d wanna be like that! Too bad! Turns out it’s when you have a natural proclivity to be addicted to things. It’s not good, but I’m pretty sure that is what I have. Now, I’ve managed to avoid dealing with this for the most part of my life because I’ve avoided anything and everything that I could be addicted to for the most part. Now you might say “Well that sounds bad Evan” “You’re just protecting yourself from things you actually might enjoy?” Yes! That’s a common trope with me isn’t it? Just protecting myself from things I might enjoy. Sounds sad, I know. I mean for instance, you know I’ve bitten my nails my entire life? It’s one of my biggest self conscious things about my body is the fact that my nails look horrible. I’ve bitten them ever since I was born. I probably came out of the womb *chewing sounds*. I made that noise as well, gross. However, for the last seven days, I’ve not bitten some of them. I have whites to my nails and this genuinely means a lot to me. I can play ukulele and feel…I still don’t feel confident I still have like, this voice screaming in my head saying “Yeah well, when are you gonna start again?” “You know it won’t last forever” because I’ve tried for so long. I’ve tried multiple times. I know I always go back, I always relapse. “It sounds lame! It’s just your nails Evan!” It’s not just the nails. When I was a kid, I didn’t really enjoy my living situation at all. Growing up from like, adolescence or younger, and I used video games as an escape from that. I’d come home and I’d play video games. Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Neopets, Runescape, anything you can think of online, I would be playing those games because I used them as an escape from the situation I was living in. And maybe that’s what caused the addiction I have now to video games but I don’t regret it. I mean I definitely think that video games are an art form and there’s so many beautiful games with beautiful music But I know I naturally, I have a huge disposition to be addicted to them. I remember when I was 17 and I sat down and played Runescape for 8 hours one day, And it wasn’t until I saw the time, I’d started at noon it was 8 pm, that I realized I hadn’t done anything. I hadn’t done anything that whole day! And in the game you feel really productive. You’re like “I’m getting this done. I’m moving up in this level.” And you feel super productive. But at the end of the day you haven’t moved from a seat. Maybe you got up to get food, but you haven’t done anything. And that made me feel terrible. I needed to feel productive. I needed to get out of this rut of doing the same thing and being addicted to this game. And so, then and there, I quit that cold turkey and started doing things that I thought would be more productive such as learning guitar, and actually starting a YouTube channel. That’s the reason I started YouTube was to kick one addiction and join another Right? I figured I’d be addicted to learning guitar and making YouTube videos. Hey, it worked! The guitar didn’t really work, but I like ukulele, I’ve been writing songs recently. However, I was so busy after I started doing YouTube. I was doing YouTube every single day on my second channel. I was doing YouTube every week on my main channel, I had a full time job working 30 hours a week, and I was a full time student for math. How did I breathe? Well, I was always productive. I always had something to do. I never really did games, and when I did, I didn’t have much time for it. So that was perfect for me. However, 8 years goes by, I’m now a full time YouTuber for the most part I’m beginning to have a bit more free time. I’m beginning to have free time to experiment with things, to play other games, and that’s where it starts to get dangerous. Now, the new Zelda came out recently and genuinely, it’s one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever played, And I enjoyed it so much, I’m hoping to make an entire “Spill The Tea” video with a friend about it, sometime soon so look forward to that But when I looked at how much time I’d put into it, it was 130 hours. I didn’t really feel much regret. I knew when I was playing I needed to stop, but I also saw the light at the end of the tunnel, I was like, “I can stop playing this soon.” And I did, and it’s over. And I feel great. I feel accomplished. I feel like I’ve experienced something. However, then I got right back into another game, “The Last of Us” which is an online game. And here’s my crux right? I play this game so freaking much, and I really enjoy it. It’s such a thing when I’ve had a busy day, or I’m stressed, and I’m like “Oh, I’ll just play ‘Last of Us’ online! It’s really fun,” because I’m doing really well, and I know I’m like “feeling productive” cause I’m getting so good at it. I’m always in first place. Everything’s great! But at the end of the day, how much of my time am I putting into playing this game that really means not that much? The answer is: quite a lot. Quite a lot to the point where it’s stressing me out. And I know that my friend Luke and I had this really big bonding session the other day, and that came up. The fact that I played this game too much. I mean, it’s upsetting me, to the point where I need a mom. I need a mom to tell me “You can only play it an hour a week,” but I don’t have someone right here to do that and so I made Luke my mom. He’s literally going to take the game and hide it from me so I don’t play it anymore. As sad as that is, I just don’t think I am able to control myself. Wahhh, no self-control. I mean, as you can tell from the nails. But that’s the situation I’m in. The moment I finally realized I needed to stop was when I Twitch streamed the other day and I wanted to go to bed at 2 but I couldn’t stop until 4 and the whole time, the Twitch stream was telling me how long I’d been streaming, and it was a big 4.5 hours and I was like “Oh my god, I just can’t believe that much time has been spent on this.” and so that was my first and last stream for a while. Thank you to user Spencer Walther for starting off this interesting Q&A asking me: “When will I stream more often?” That’s why. Because I have a problem and I’m admitting the problem, first step to stopping it, and I’m not going to be doing it for quite a while. Instead, I’m going to be pumping way more time into learning German. Why? Because German makes me feel productive. It makes me feel like I’m doing something that’s going to last. Being able to speak another language is life long, you know what I’m saying? So that’s what I’m doing. Thank you for the interesting question. Thank you for joining in for today’s Q&A. Hope you enjoy it. Let’s jump in. Off the deep end. Before we get into the next question, thank you for listening to that. I don’t know why that was so hard to say. I guess it’s just been stressing me out and it’s really hard to admit things like that. And you might think it sounds lame, like I said, but to me, it means a lot. So thank you very much for listening. “Do you use moush-wath?” Moush-wath. Moush-wath? “Do you use moush-wath?” “Do you use mouthwash?” No, and I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t be Correct me if I’m wrong, but mouthwash is just a marketing thing and it’s not approved by most dentists at all. In fact, it’s a bad thing. So, check on me. Maybe I’m telling you some fake news. I don’t know. But I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t be using mouthwash if you are. “What are you most excited about for Playlist Live?” I want to meet as many of the people that make my life possible as possible. As cliche as that sounds, I get more and more thankful everyday that my life exists, that I’m breathing, and that you watching this have put me in this position. So, when I’m at Playlist Live, I will try and spend as much of my time outside of the green room, outside in the expo hall, doing anything I can to meet as many of you as possible. So, if you’re going to Playlist Live this week in Florida, please be sure to stop me and say hi, I’m going to say hi to as many of you as possible. Please do, and we’ll get pictures and it’ll be really nice, and we’ll have conversations and yeah! “How do I survive my A-level exams starting next week?” Please revise everyday, multiple hours a day. I know it sounds lame. I’ve survived both in the US and the UK. The UK in my opinion much harder to study for to revise for. But the only way I could do it was literally turning off all communication with the outside world, and just breathing and eating the math I had to study. Also, if you need any help, I’m hoping to do a couple math live streams this week so be sure to follow me on Twitter, because I’m going to, hopefully, help you with your math woes. It’s just a big kink of mine. Teaching math. If YouTube wasn’t a thing, I’d like to teach math. “Any book recommendations?” I’ve momentarily paused my reading of most English books to focus solely on reading German, because I really really REALLY want to be committed to this learning a new language thing. However, I read “Ender’s Game” last year and if you haven’t read that yet, it’s a phenomenal book that anyone can read and it’s so good. So, there you go. “Would you ever consider coming to Cumbria/The Lake District?” I would love to! The Lake District if you don’t know is like England’s Orlando. It’s where English people go when they want to go on holiday in England because for some reason they don’t want to travel outside the country. I don’t know. I’d love to visit! I really do! I’ve heard many good things. Maybe Luke, and me, and Connie, we’ll just all go up there sometime in the summer. I’d really like to. I just don’t know how expensive that is or if I have the money for it. I sure would “lake” to! Heyyyy I’ll Cumbri-un my stuff! I’m sorry. *laughing* What coffee do you usually order? Almost always I get a flat white It’s just espresso and steamed milk with a cool little art piece on top It looks nice for Instagram Also it tastes good What’s your favourite fruit? Well I usually eat them two by two and it should be pretty apPEARant My favourite fruit is a pear They’re really nice I just like the taste You know I actually hate oranges I just hate how annoying it is to open and since I’ve never had fingernails I can’t open an orange, I have to give it to someone else, it’s embarassing All right ORANGE you glad you know that? That’s… I learned that joke when I was five Who’s your favourite Lord of the Rings character? If we’re just talking about the trilogy, then Tom Bombadil because he’s such an enigma but if we’re talking about like the entire realm I’d have to say Túrin Turambar It’s like one of the most interesting characters Tolkien’s ever written He’s like the tragic hero his dad was cursed and all of his lineage from Morgoth and so that’s him, Túrin so his whole life is terrible he accidentally slays his best friend he accidentally sleeps with his sister who bears his child and then he’s like, you know what I hate this I hate everyone, I hate my life and he just kills himself however it was prophesized that he would be the one to come back from the dead to slay Morgoth’s dragon it’s really cool. If you haven’t read The Unfinished Tales of the Silmarillion really good stuff there “Do you believe in any conspiracy theories?” I’ve heard rumors that I believe in a couple that are flat out lies. Alright. Okay, if they come around to your ears, don’t believe them. Australia doesn’t exist. I just have to put that out there. The Earth is flat. Okay, I’ve been to Australia but it wasn’t really Australia. It was just a different part of England where people are going “Good day mate!” in some different accents and they throw some dangerous spiders Don’t believe what you see. In the school, in the internet, in logic. Don’t. Earth is flat, alright? You heard it from me. You heard it from me *laughs* “How do I show hospitality to these random people in my house?” Make them a cup of tea. Anytime anyone comes around my house, I offer them a cup of tea. It is a British thing that is just so nice to do. It just makes me feel like I’m giving to someone. It makes me feel hospitable. I don’t know. If you haven’t tried it yet, literally do it. Unless they hate tea cause then wow. What type of people have you invited into your house? “What would you say guys do most to let a girl know they like them?” Usually what they do is they look at them, and then internalize all their feelings and think about asking them out but then never actually ask them out, and then living in eternal regret. Or that’s just me. I don’t know. “Fall Out Boy is back! What are your feelings?” The first minute, I was really unsure about it and I was like “What is this?” And then *claps hands* then I hit it! It was my jam and I was like “boom I’m raving to this!” It’s really good. I like that it’s new, I like that it’s different, I love it. I like it a lot more than the new Paramore. Alright? Just saying. “Do you drink enough water everyday?” I used to not. I used to have a really big issue with not drinking enough water, and then Innocent gave me this water bottle. Not spon, they just gave me a water bottle, and now I literally use it all the freaking time. Like it never worked for me with cups because it’s like a small cup, this is a giant water bottle. This is a lot of water, so I always keep it next to me and not even if I’m thirsty, I’ll just drink water when I’m bored. And that keeps me healthy so, get a water bottle, drink more water. Yeah! If not “water” you doing? There’s the pun! Pun! Bottle it up my emotions! “What are your thoughts on the band Rammstein? By the way, they’re German so maybe they could help you.” Well, I don’t really like music that is necessarily that genre. But I have listened to one of their songs because I was learning that expression and then I found the song I just thought it was funny. It was a funny music video. That’s about it. “Favorite thing about meeting fans?” Honestly, meeting fans is so cool. Because usually it’s hot out and they blow you…you know what I meant right?! It’s about the circular…fans…they’re rotating… Oscillating… “When is your stupid London meet-up pun face?” I wanna have a London meet-up sometime in May, okay? Quote me. It’s gonna be in May. Sometime in May. That’ll be the date. Right? Look on my Twitter. I’m probably gonna post about it. I use my hands a lot in this video. “Look for my Twitter! I’m gonna do a meet-up around here!” Boom! “My last year of high school is killing me. Any advice on how to survive these last few months?” Think about it this way: it’s now May. Right? You’ve got 1.5 months of school left. And everyday this year, it’s just gonna get warmer, and warmer, and warmer and it’s gonna be summer, you’re gonna be free soon, you’re gonna be able to do so much of what you’re able to do, and then your whole life starts. You have a lot of really cool stuff ahead of you. So, whenever I get sad about things like where I am in that time, I think about how nice it’s going to be very soon in the future. Unless of course you live south of the equator and it’s going to be getting colder, but uh… At least you got uh… I don’t know, swirly toilets the other way? Just do your best. Evan: motivational speaker. Motorcycle. Motor-vational speaker. What are you doing?! “What’s your favorite song right now?” *starts singing Young and Menace by Fall Out Boy* I’ve been really into the Maddie and the song “Pay No Mind” featuring Passion Pit I love Passion Pit and I love Maddie and it’s a good collab. “What did you find hard about learning German and any tips for people wanting to learn another language?” You really really really have to be consistent. It’s almost like YouTube. You can’t just skip a day. Or you lose that watch time. You lose those views! You lose everything! You gotta do it everyday. You need to be like using German even in your brain, or whatever language you’re trying to learn, So I’ll say like “vas estas” all around the place I’ll think of things and then while I’m talking to someone, try and think of the German even when I’m not speaking German. That really helps solidify different words for me, the fact that I’m using them everyday, and honestly, you do have to read. If you don’t like reading, you’re kinda out of luck. There’s other ways you could do it. Maybe an audiobook or something. I hate audiobooks so. I read in German, that’s really adding some vocab to me. And make it fun. Try and enjoy the language that you’re learning, and just know that soon you’re going to be able to speak another language That’s the coolest thing for me. The fact that that will be able to happen soon for me. That’s like right on the horizon. “What three things in nature do you find beautiful?” Ok, picture this right? You’re laying out on a really warm day with a nice, cool breeze. You’re laying in the grass, you’re looking up in the sky, and you see the clouds at multiple different layers blowing across. You have like a top layer, bottom layer, middle layer. Each of them different types of clouds moving at different speeds with the sun filtering through the leaves from the tree right above you. Just gave you that really nice scene. I experienced that sometime two weeks ago and I was really freaking happy. There was like some sounds of birds chirping. There’s people playing in the park near my house. Really nice. Clouds. I love cloud watching. I love birds chirping. And I love sitting in grass. Okay, there you go. There’s Evan being real about things he likes in nature. Also I like trees. “What’s the most recent thing you’ve learned to say in German?” *starts speaking German* Say it to your friends. “Is the meme mansion ever going to end?” Yes, quite soon probably. I love moving! I love movement all around. I love not having a secure place to live. That was sarcasm but the beginning was not. Yeah probably. In a couple months or so. And I’ll figure out where I go from there. My life is always…up and down. “Thoughts on Star Wars? I’ve noticed a lack of mentions in your videos and I want to know why?” Honestly, I’ve never cared for Star Wars. I watched them as a kid and I was like “eh.” I was never a big fan. I was always much a bigger fan of like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. “If you’re friends with Dodie and your pee isn’t a certain yellow, would you say urine trouble?” Yeah man. She gets really pissed about that. Well that does it for this months “Ask Evan.” Thank you so much for participating and enjoying watching this video. If you enjoyed it, you know what to do. There’s a thumbs up button. There’s also a subscribe button. There’s also a bell. You can get notified when I make new videos. Isn’t that exciting? Anyway, thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed everything I had to say, and I hope to see you guys back next week. See you later. Goodbye. It’s my butt!


  1. Evan, I've been watching you for quite a while but never knew we had so much in common. I'm a lifelong nail-biter too, despite several attempts to quit, and I often feel productive doing quite passive and sedentary things online. I'm encouraged that you have someone who can help you find some focus and self-discipline. Thank you for reminding me to be aware of what I'm doing and to take stock of its worth. I wish you all the best as you work to find that control and sense of progress. DFTBA

  2. I am a girl and from 9:46 to 9:55 is exactly my life right now and how I deal with crushes 🙂 I hate it

  3. yeah… video games = devil. get rid of them.

    mouthwash with alcohol = bad
    mouthwash without alcohol = good
    you can use salt water, too.

  4. Hey, wieso hast du von allen Sprachen Deutsch ausgewählt? hahaha Es muss schwierig sein, Deutsch von 0 an zu lernen… Aber viel Glück dabei! 😉

  5. I also bite my nails, play excessive video games, and have the extreme need to be productive. Learning languages also helps me feel productive. I am currently attempting to learn three languages: German, French, and Spanish.

  6. Get addicted to reading … Here's a suggestion to start with : In search of lost time ; Marcel Proust … 4,200 pages … Should keep you off video games for a while … Enjoy !!! 🙂

  7. playing pet rescue sage right now. it's so true that video games r addictive & take up a lot of time…. i could've read a book, chores, walk @ the park, go to the gym, the list goes on…. it's comforting & gets your mind off things if you feel unhappy.

  8. every year i tried to stop biting my nails and it never worked…i have stopped now, since i joined secondary school and i think it's coz im less anxious at school and happier in general

  9. Du kannst ja eine Weile nach Berlin kommen, die Stadt kennenlernen und dein Deutsch drastisch verbessern

  10. I know you're trying to protect yourself, but avoiding things like this continually is not good for your mental health.
    I get addicted to living the same routine every day, I forget to do everything. Even feeling things.

  11. Actually the nails don't really count because nails biting is something a lot of ADD people do. Maybe you have ADD. 35% of the world has ADD. Not everyone even knows they have it.

  12. Painting your nails may help with biting them :). If you don't want to use color, there's clear nail polish! 🙂

  13. I've offered tea to the builders working outside my course common room. Working on scaffolding. Three floors up. I had to open the window to offer them tea, I don't think I've ever felt more British.

  14. evan, I haven't watched the whole thing yet, but there is a surefire way to get rid of nail biting — DON'T wait for them to grow out. just cut them every time they get even remotely long! so you should never have the white part, at least not for a couple months if your habit is really strong, you just need to clip until you don't even remotely get an urge to chew/bite. try it!

  15. I used to have a huge nail biting problem too. I used to bit of all of my nails and bits of skin at my fingertips to the point where my hands were always hurting. (pretty gross I know D:) What worked for me was starting to wear nailpolish but I suppose that wouldn't be much of an option to you. I never bite my nails anymore when they are painted because painting them takes a lot of time and effort and I don't want to have to start over or walk around with cracked polish. I do sometimes bite off a nail when they're not painted but I immediately regret it because I'll have one short nail for a while 🙁 I guess you can't really paint your nails without getting weird looks but maybe something like doing diy manicures would work?

  16. I do the same thing with fandoms. I jump from fandom to fandom and will write fan fiction and read it and create head cannons and imagine I'm in those worlds. It's a really big problem. I also bite my nails to.

  17. Evan!! Please talk more about learning German, I'm almost fluent after 4 and a half years, and I think it's so cool that some one who's content I enjoy also shares that passion!

  18. Hey just watched that video and I know it's a couple months old … u mentioned that u wanna learn german ? Are u still doing it ? I am german so I'm curious 🙈

  19. i bite my nails and you can get this really bad tasting stuff and if you put it on your nails you wont want to bite them because it tasest bad

  20. I have an addictive personality as well, I'm pretty much doing the same thing as you. Staying away from everything you could become addicted to.

  21. I‘m from Austria which means german is my first language so if you ever need someone to help you/speak German to you I’m ya girl 😉

  22. So… I went to Google, typed in "is mouthwash bad" and the first suggested search was as followed:

    Is mouthwash bad for my hair?


  23. Based on my minimal Google searching, unless your dentist says you've got a problem, you really don't need mouthwash. It's just an added precaution.

    Also, avoid alcohol.

    Not in general, just in mouthwash.

  24. My older brother went through a casual form of counselling during his final year of high school to stop playing video games so often, he set him self a quota everyday and had to record every time he played games. It's not something to be ashamed of and I'm so happy for you Evan for wanting to make a change😀

  25. I not only bite my nail but pick at my scabs. I now have scars all over my arms and legs and tend to start bleeding. Ugh.

  26. that's been me past three month's addicted to the trusty xbox,same thoughts now writing more and…well,watching YouTube lol

  27. Mein Problem ist, dass ich seit Jahren nicht mehr in der Lage bin mich zu konzentrieren. Also mich würde es freuen, endlich mal wieder süchtig nach einem Spiel zu sein, von daher sitze ich wohl auf der anderen Seite :'D Aber ich kenne das Nägel knabbern und früher ging es mir genauso mit Videospielen. Solange es einen glücklich macht, ist es produktiv. Zumindest aus meiner Sicht. 🙂

  28. I was a bit confused throughout the whole video because 8 hours playing a game doesnt sound like a lot to me, specially if you've got a lot of free time, It really doesnt sound like a bad thing to me, if i'm enjoying myself im just gonna keep going

  29. About biting nails; I did that too for SOOO LONG! my entire childhood and teens. But then I decided to quit (again), I started to cut and file them. Nailpolish helped a lot. And now the only time I bite them is in my dream (like, literally, I dreamed I bit my thumbnail tonight!)

  30. Sorry but this sounds like a non-problem. Lots of people play video games all day. You’re unlikely to end up homeless, contract HIV, die of hypothermia, die of liver failure, die of lung cancer. Sounds like you need a bit of perspective!

  31. I am addicted to listening to music. You may think it’s stupid but it really is a problem , i can’t go 2 hours without having some form of music playing. when i’m walking somewhere i listen to music even if it’s just downstairs , i will still listen to music. i love listening to music because it makes life worth while. meaningful lyrics , beautiful melodies and that’s all i really need to be happy , Marina and the diamonds is my main choice for those reasons

  32. It might be a weird place to post this but I feel the same way about watching YouTube videos. It's become a sort of addiction and it makes me feel terrible. The thing is though, yt is my coping mechanism, my escape whenever I feel bad and so it turns into a horrible cycle and yeah it's bad

  33. I think most people can completely relate. It's also about finding a balance because you can't be productive all the time. Xx

  34. Honestly you beat yourself up over how you spend your time. If playing video games makes you happy then there isn't anything wrong with spending your time playing them. Its only a problem if it gets in the way of other tasks like getting youtube stuff done, social commitments, appointments, etc.

  35. Du bist vielleicht ein gute Person zu beantworten meine Frage: wißt du einige guten deutschen Youtubers? Ich spreche deutsch nämlich mit meiner Muttee aber ist es ziemlich schlecht, und so ich will Deutsche hören auch von andere Leute.

  36. THANK YOU Evan for saying that about addictions!! Some people have the tendency to say, "Well, your addiction is not as bad as __ so don't worry about it," but that's just not it. It's the feeling of helplessness as you try to quit whatever it is but you can't. It's telling yourself that you can do or have just a little bit and then hating yourself because you lost control. Again. It's the daily struggle to avoid triggers and ignore the people who make fun of abstinence because they don't understand why it's "such a big deal."
    I've really enjoyed your channel. Thank you for all you share!!

  37. Yea.. I’m addicted to my phone. Its really bad. But, YouTube is a way to cope with other things… so lots of relapsing. This vid helped

  38. I relate to this whole thing!! For me it was never games, it’s more books/internet/YouTube/Netflix 😐😐😐

  39. Hey! Wenn du gerade Deutsch lernst, hiermit ein warmherziges "Guten Tag" 😉 Freut mich, dass nicht alle Leute finden, dass Deutsch furchtbar ist XD

  40. i am biting my fingernails as well for as long as i can remember.. i also recently realized that I really have a problem with binge watching series, for years really. I literally can't stop or think of something else when I'm in the middle of a good series.. I've watched everything thats interesting on Netflix for me by now and forced myself to quit my subscription. then I found out theres a free month when you register new … I had a low and signed up again. its so crazy .. such an addict. never really new theres something like a "addictive personality" and that I'm not the "crazy" one. thanks Evan. Thanks to you I also realized I'm demisexual and feel less like an alien in that regard either. much love to you. <3

  41. also: I love that you speak so fast. makes me feel like an englisch pro because I don't have any problem understanding you. Mach weiter so :DD

  42. The nail biting is so hard. 26 year old nail biter here and the compulsion is always so strong. I've tried to stop and have never been able to last longer than a week or two.

  43. I'm always bewildered when I meet someone who is learning German and has no obvious reason for doing so. I hate German as a language. (Relax, I actually am German by birth) There are a few exceptions, with regard to regional dialects, but overall it's just not nice to my ears.

    Then I was thinking about it the other day. Besides Spanish, French, or Mandarin, German is spoken by a majority of European citizens. It provides a challenge to learn (in a good way), and is a good stepping stone to other Germanic languages like Dutch, Swedish, or Danish, AND can help you better understand English in some circumstances, since English is also Germanic (Shhh, don't tell UKIP). And above all that, out of the most widely spoken languages you are actually quite likely to spend some significant time in Germany, as it's economy is one of the strongest in the world. Spanish and French speaking countries don't really have the economic pull (they have others instead).

    TLDR: I like the fact that your making a conscious effort to learn more langues. Not only does it broaden your horizon, but literally your mind. Learning a new language is always tough, but I've always enjoyed it every time I started a new language. 🙂

  44. If you have no fingernails you can bite the skin of an orange then peel, it’s much easier. But wash it first.

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