My Cafe American Retro California Style

My Cafe American Retro California Style

hey everyone I’m Ola and today we are
going to play My Cafe: Recipes & stories. in this video I’m going to show
you California substyle in American retro so let’s go ok so right now I’m
going to show you how I transfer from Normandy style to California style. well
actually one of the most profitable styles, so right now let’s switch to the
American retro and let’s start from the California flooring. it’s all in tiles. it
actually reminds me of 1950s -60s I guess this was the time for such interior
design and I also want to pay attention to the windows because they are so
asymmetric in different rectangles besides we have the menu and as you see
right here it has the same tiles as the windows and it works like a puzzle I
think. also let’s go and see what we have among the stands, because this is the
most widely used item, and right now I’m going to switch them all and come back
to you a little later now I have replaced every stand and it actually looks like a radio wave, a huge one which is honestly so funny to me we have the
bar counters left and I also want to take a look at them. I really love it how
they use legs for the furniture in American retro, as you see right here and
here as well. and now let’s look at the chairs. chairs are ok actually they match
the bar counters, nothing special about them, and we also have a service table , and it actually better matches the bar counter now it is a little bit far away
from all the hustle, so I will just place it just where it used to be. do you
think it looks fine? ok I have to remove the ice-cream from here because everyone is still sitting, they are not in the way ok tables for two and tables for four: let’s
take a look at them. they also have those skinny legs, I would say they’re
skinny it is actually from the 60ies and the main colors are brown, blue, beige, yellow, greenish, so actually it’s a very good job of our interior designer I
would say. why do you think? all in all, these tables look really nice.
by the way, write it in the comments whether you would like to visit a cafe
in such interior style, or you would opt for something more modern,
what atmosphere would be there in the cafe? oh yeah, as for the atmosphere I
have almost forgotten! we are going to the simple items, and I definitely want to
place the retro style jukebox, looks so wonderful! also we have some very strange items, actually the centerpieces, lava lamps look very strange. I don’t
think they should actually be placed on the tables, however we need more tips and,
okay. and we also have that lava lamp which can stand on the floor actually.
yeah, it’s in the beginning of American retro, here it is. you can place up to 10
of such lava lamps here, so I will probably place it just in the middle.
let’s make an accent on it. okay, let’s go down and we have that California couch,
so beautiful! I would just lie there forever. we also have that clock – just one
piece of that, we don’t have any options to place more of them. and we also have
those vases of flowers, we also have those legs, and they have red pots, and I
think I have forgotten something.. I still have those topping shelves left, so I’ll
probably just finish placing the vases of flowers. I don’t think we need a lot
of them though we definitely need those palm trees in California. one of the
trickiest things is to place the topping shelves, always, in any style. because sub
styles are so much different from the original styles so I would say that the
topping shelves actually look okay here, together with those pots they look
alright. I would also place those vases of flowers near the windows, so this is
what we have here. and we have those floor lamps
actually they remind me of some space explorations, maybe it’s the starship or
it’s a rocket, and we also have those California sconces, which actually are
absolutely different from the lamps. it’s not often that we see it in different
styles, guys, but actually I love it. I don’t know what do you think about
this? write it in the comments! and finally we have our cafe ready in California
style now let’s ask Fernando about the tips: and American style gives me 1714.52% tips which is quite a lot guys this is a very profitable style
definitely and I also have a lot of tips from the French style but this is mostly
the stylish items and next time I go into the bank, which is in 17 hours, it
will be updated, and I will see daily special offers. in American Retro style. well thank you so much for playing with me I hope you have enjoyed this
video if you did then please put your thumbs up and subscribe to my channel
and let’s play together I have also chosen five best comments under my
previous video, and the list of the winners is right here: thank you so much
guys, the pink gift will be waiting for you in the game. if you also want a pink
gift please leave your comment below this video on YouTube and ask some really
good questions about the styles and I will choose five best questions by next
Friday so don’t forget to leave your Player ID, this is a combination of
numbers in the bottom left corner of your game settings, and the five winners are
going to get their pink gift till then have fun in game and see you next time
bye bye


  1. Me encantó que ya le pusieron subtítulos al vídeo …
    Es verdad q si tienes las dos máquinas la de estilo y la normal baja tu propina ?

  2. Very nice, but wow, so expensive. I'm only level 15 and I do not have a lot of coins since I can't afford to use real world money to buy stuff, but paying 4 millions for a cali table for four seems excessive – sure, you don't need to get it, but come on, 335k for a stand? Is this actually something everyone at level 29 can afford? Obviously not right away, but within a reasonable time frame? ID: 41869687

  3. Thank you for this video . California style is so amazing and I luv it ! Can you make Korean style ? 🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷my id : 27585762 Thank you💜🙏

  4. It’s too cumbersome to switch every item individually. Please develop a manner of switching styles in bulk/mass. I’d be more likely to do it and have fun with it. ID: 9959113

  5. I really enjoyed your video. It was very detailed on the California style cafe. I cannot wait to get to that level to use it.

  6. Hi Olya! 😍 This new style is so pretty it also reminds me of furniture for a Hawaiian Luau. I am also saving up to design one of my 3 cafés in this style, the other 2 being in Opera and Loft. My question is, would it be possible for the devs to give the staff more uniform options? There are newer furniture now so it would be nice if the staff would have more attires to match these new styles too 🙂 Also, could there be more new ornaments that can be placed on the walls and stands? Just like the pumpkins before, it would be nice if there would be figurines that can be placed on extra stands 😍 More recipes would be fun too. Perhaps the devs can take ideas from a previous contest where the players made their own recipes. Thanks for sharing this video and kudos to the new update! ❤💟💕
    Player ID: 32709468

  7. Not a fan of counters and tables. I think they should have gone with the orange and green color. The color combo is not appealing. I agree with a more modern look for the price, or go vintage with style and color better color scheme, ex: burger, green and orange, no blue. Windows, clock, sofa are fabulous. Player ID: 26052479

  8. This is my player ID 43767599…Please give me a pink gift & make a Bangladeshi cafe stye

  9. Looking for competitive players who like to win. If you fit that description, then Midgies is for you. Come play to win.

  10. Porque no podemos compartir las especias con nuestros amigos del pueblo? Eso hará el juego más interesante…

  11. the game is good, it would be better if in the last level for each complete order with species give gifts Blue, Pink, golden and not the common ones, for that Ana already gives them.

    ID: 33649374

  12. Player 🆔 17911486
    This is so far one of the most interesting cafe game ever.
    I would like to give my opinion to make it more interesting and easier for the gamers, You may allow the town members to leave a gift(any spice or diamonds) when they're visiting cafes existing in their town. And if possible, allow the receiver to either receive the gift(if spice) as it is or convert it into a diamonds.
    I hope gamers would love the advice. Give it a try. Thanks.

  13. I would like to know if when I advance to the next level and buy new American style furniture. Will the tip of my cafeteria increase even more? 🇨🇷

  14. Can we please reconsider the rules on participating in the festival!? This is in regards to new players joining a township when there is still a day and half to go… Is it possible to give township owners a timer or privileges to permit those new members to join and participate!? I would greatly appreciate the feedback or where I could forward this suggestion. Thanks

  15. Hi, my cafe!! I^m player 11047660.. Maybe we can add something like fruit loop cereal or colourful candy as 1 of the new ingredients in my cafe..

  16. Let me date you in any style of cafe. Really lovely designs, looks like the start of revolution in color in California. My ID: 38065915

  17. A cafe with some cute little soft toys hanging on the wall or books corner with some magazine nd novels or may be a cute little water fall in a corner with birds sitting on it leaves a good impression on the costumers abt the cafe.. A healthy nd peaceful environment is pretty inside any cafe.. Sounds of birds nd nature make us feel alive… So how is it… Waiting for a pink gift id= 41403003

  18. i think the red american retro style equipment doesn't look good on the blue californian style. your interior designer should be fired. 😂😂

    player id : 23765963

  19. ID 30785071 omg your cafeteria is amazing, I love it. I would like to have it like you, EXCELLENT 🎁✨

  20. I love the American retro style. I have a pretty full cafe with all American Retro. One small section is in the Road 66 style, but the rest is California. I spent a ton of coins, but my tip level is AMAZING. 2765% tips! I make about 50000 coins each hour. It pays! Thanks for all of the videos. Player ID: 4623961

  21. Does anybody else have a problem with in game buttons? I used to be able to press at employees to upgrade their skills. Now whenever i press the button "Upgrade for free" it gets me back to the previous screen without upgrading. 🙁

  22. Earlier Fernando used to give appreciation gold gift. Y is that he is not giving nw. It was very helpful and also encouraging
    Id 20760630

  23. During the festival. Increase the number of special orders. And clock to notify the next special orders as I already mentioned it. It would be very helpful
    Id 20760630

  24. Would love to see more diverse options in exterior decorations😄 for example to change the style of sidewalks etc… to make the exterior match the fancy interior lol
    Player id: 42753383

  25. Hola, los empleados siempre salen de la cafetería, pienso que será para ir al baño, por favor agrenle un bañito, para que no tengan que salir ID:34517467

  26. hard working players those who will share at least 100 diamond to treasury are welcome to hard rock cafe.we are currently in diamond league.

  27. Hello,
    I have a problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please help

    A friend of my people has not been able to pass level 21, because Kevin has an error (BUG) !!!, he can not give him the cup of tea with saffron ginseng, lemon and honey that he asks for. please heeeeeelp!!! He has been with this problem for 3 months.

    una amiga de mi pueblo no ha podido pasar del nivel 21, porque Kevin esta BUG!!!, no le puede entregar la taza de té con azafrán ginseng, limón y miel que pide. ayuda por favooooooooorrrrr!!! ya lleva 3 meses con ese inconveniente.

    su PLAYER ID es 34826711,

  28. Hi Olga 👋🏻
    My thoughts about the messaging system (I don’t know how to name it 😆) It would be very useful to be able to text our town members individually. At the moment the only way to do it is to find them on social media and reach them there etc. I keep my fb account very personal and as much as I enjoy playing with them I wouldn’t share my fb account details publicly- maybe 2 people but not all of them :-/ It would be useful especially between towns manager and assistant. Sometimes we would like to discus things between ourselves rather than publicly.

    I love the exterior decorations but I honestly think they should give us more than only pleasure of watching, especially that they cost so much! How about some extra tips % ?

    Also since we have more ways of using rubies it would be great to add them to daily awards system just like coins and diamonds 🤔

    Thanks for reading 😊

    ID: 39603433

  29. Why can't i upgrade my staff when it says upgrade for free??? Anybody please reply two of my staffs were already level 1 when i bought them and now when i am trying to upgrade them aftering getting experience they are not upgrade…i bought a Barista who could give me a cardamon and i am in need of it but she is not upgrading

  30. Hi Olga!

    Now that the summer is coming… why not have some tropical fruits and smoothies?
    For example, we could have frozen peaches or watermelon.. and we could make peach citrus tea, or watermelon lemonade… ❤️❤️❤️

    ID – 20039284

  31. The lost city cerca nuovi residenti. Requisito minimo,la partecipazione al festival. I premi saranno equamente distribuiti in base al punteggio ottenuto durante il festival. Ci sono ben 7 posti liberi,e siamo in lega miele. The lost city

  32. Hi Olga love love your tips and tricks helps me alot and I cant wait to decorate my cafe in California style I love a real retro vibe to a place

    My id:71378625

    Keep up all the great work ♡♡♡♡

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