My Complete Drug History

My Complete Drug History

Most requested video lately has been my complete drug history alright um I Took Adderall For the first time when I was in when I was 16, and it was a one time And I don’t know how much dosages it was but I actually have footage of that And I don’t want to dive too much in the admiral because I have like a little Like [little] kind of documentary thing I want to do about it And that’ll last about 10 minutes and all that finished like in a week or so I know that would be really [good] you like that on these hold [the] new footage and interviews and Whatnot and all sorts of stuff for that? Maybe put out that on the main channel, too but anyway, I smoked weed for the first time when I was 16 I Was just on my friend’s house. I took a hit from the bong and coughed for about five minutes and and It was awesome. I you know. I love weed, but I four months later. I smoked every day after that for four months and Then I went on this trip with my family [and] [I] smoked I don’t know too much or something and I and I got a huge panic attack and lasted like this crazy anxiety just lasted for like seemed like five hours but it was just like Agonizing anxiety while I was high and so I didn’t smoke after that for seven years and I’d then picked up smoking now just last year, so that’s The history with weed I have now I’d smoke probably like why almost every day now But back to when I was in high school I drank for the first time when I was 16 [a] couple months after I smoked weed, and I was just in the back of my car a Car with some friends and we had smirnoff [and] some beer and I remember the smirnoff taste is so bad and and uh but now you know beer and Now beer and all liquors tastes fine [to] me But liquor I think is I mean alcohol I think is worse than weed for sure as far as for your health and in your mot your mind body and spirit Even and So I I try to only drink at the most once a week now. umm… I tried ecstasy when I was 20 years old I was selling pest control down in Dallas and I went to a rave with some of my roommates who were some of the technicians on the selling team and That was really fun, but it’s kind of a one-timer for me. I didn’t really like it I’ve never tried Molly never tried cocaine actually [no]. I’ve done cocaine Sorry I but I’m not till way later okay, so I’m 20 years old Yeah, never done. So I could it never done psychedelics never done shrooms or acid I’m scared of those because of that episode [I] had with the weed And I feel like I I wouldn’t like tripping like I just wouldn’t be able to handle it, and that’d be dangerous But I’ve always been very curious about psychedelics like especially DMT, if you’ve ever looked into that like I’ve had some friends that were that I’ve told me like they’ve talked to God and spoke to aliens on it and just their whole you know life like mindset changed after that, but I think Those [are] the scariest types of drugs And I’m too pussy to do them, but umm.. let’s see so cocaine I’ve done cocaine, when I.. I did cocaine when I was, last halloween that was like the first time I did it and It is actually not [that] great [lasts] about 20 minutes, and you’re just like really Hyper for I don’t know I just didn’t I don’t know if I’d I might have had bad cocaine or what but either way cocaine is bad, though You know like you shouldn’t do like it’s a hard drug. You know. That that’s addictive, but I don’t yeah, that’s the thing. I don’t you think I have an addictive personality like? and I know like all addicts say that going in everyone’s thinks that going in but umm.. I look weird when you can see me in the mirror umm.. What was I going to say? Yeah, so done cocaine like once. I think like once or twice at the most not really yeah, I don’t like cocaine. Adderall I did I went in to get Adderall actually Yeah, I’m saving that for later hold on I’ll tell you about our adderall later, but so then for [then] [for] the last six months I’ve been taking ativan which is the cous.. the cousin of Xanax , [it’s]( Lora) [it’s] Lorazepam Confusing you, probably. Hey! There I am.. haha. I’m fuck boy umm… What was gonna say? I’ve taken that every other day for the last six [months] or so for social anxiety and ahh… But I’ve been tapering off of it because I’ve been replacing it with an SSRI. Which is supposedly a lot healthier and safer. Umm… An SSRI is an antidepressant. [I’m] specifically taking Lexapro, and I’ve been taking that for two months, and I think it’s great I love it helps me, uh Helps me, not ahh.. helps me (um) stay chipper, but umm.. Remember “Brave New World?” I’m reading that and I’m almost done, and it’s it’s really good. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read, but it’s like so… it’s very anti-drugs like it’s there’s so many good quotes in it and I’ll do a review on that later, but yeah, that’s my ahh.. It’s my drug history. I’m trying to think of if I’m leaving anything out. Coffee, coffee’s a drug. Hmm. I forgot to tell you Donna, that got the tattoo, that girl… She made me a gift bag, of goodies, before I left on my flight home and I.. And she told me was she was gonna give me [a] gift bag, and I was like, “Please, no. You’re too nice. No. I-I It’s really unnecessary”. And she’s like, what’s your favorite candy because I’m gonna give you one whether you like it or not. And so I was like you’ll just have to surprise me. But, anyway she like Look at this… She gave me, she went to the store. She got me this journal.. This Andy Warhol journal thing and and this sketch Pad… With all these markers… She gave me all this candy. Umm.. [and] she gave me this “Fight Club” comic book 2. “Fight Club 2” comic book, that just came out last month or so. Just came out recently Chuck Palahniuk Wrote it. So that’s the same author as “Fight Club”, [so] and the original author wrote it, so that’s going to be really interesting and Like this like sleeping stuff. She got me like the neck pillow as well and some he’s more candy. So just… like you’re too nice Donna. Also, someone sent in the P.O. box, gave me, sent me Steinbeck: “The Pearl,” and I’ve already read this I actually, um.. I got (I got), this is my original My copy that I have had, (I had) before I got this for Christmas about two years ago. But, it’s a great book and I still appreciate it. Christian sent it- “Hey Andrew, you’ve probably got a load of books to read right now.. But, I thought you should read this if you haven’t it’s short and really moving. Keep it up!” Christian Wigs Thank you Christian- is really sweet of you. Also, Got a nice letter Ahh.. “Hey Andrew, it’s my name is John. I’ve been a fan for years now I’m writing you because I’m hoping you’d like to collab with me I’m fairly new to being a youtuber, but I take..,” yeah, umm we’ll probably collab someday, you know a lot of people ask to collab with me, and I try to keep it balanced because it’s like I Have I feel like I don’t I? feel like my best videos and this is probably Gonna Sound real pretentious, but My best videos are the ones that I’ve kept for myself and as me is the only performer Prankster whatever in the video, and he’s just there’s just one hero and one protagonist, and it’s a simpler And I just feel like it. It’s just simpler. There’s one guy [doing] it in a video, and I just Kind of ruins the aesthetics of the video when you just have [your] friends do it or just let anyone collab with you That’s what I’m like. I’m starting to learn and Discover that I about you know and but collabs are good for growing your channel, too even anyway umm.. You I yeah, I guess someday but for now I’ve actually been telling [people] no.
No collabs for now, pause just.. you know. But, yeah.


  1. Meth and Heroin are the scariest drugs, alcohol is scary too. Those three drugs are highly addictive and have serious withdrawal symptoms.

  2. Ativan every other day? That's an as-needed drug (I have a prescriptions). Now you're just popping pills for enjoyment Andrew.

  3. one might say psychedelics are the scariest kind of drugs, but i think they are rather exciting substances, nothing to be afraid of at all. physically most of them are harmless unlike alcohol and amphetamines. aw man if i could smoke one with you guys, i'd be so freakin out haha

  4. Andrew Hales = Youtube celeb. How does it feel Andrew Hales? How the mother fuck does that feel? HOW DOES IT FEEL ANDREW HALES!?!?

  5. Aldus Huxley's essay "Usually Destroyed" will better elucidate his thoughts about how drugs would be utilized in the future for social control. (All of his essays are well worth reading if you haven't yet.)

  6. been diagnosed with ADD how was feels like? mine diagnosed with GAD with panic attack since 2016 so its been 2 year but i still have panic attack lately. it feels awful 🙁 feel like your adrenaline running fast in your body

  7. I’ve done SO many drugs man. Like almost every hard drug there is. I’ve been a hardcore addict with heroin since I was 17 and I’m 26 now. So if u wanna do a “chatting with a drug addict” I could definitely be your person for that haha

  8. the strongest sh*t that I've taken in my life is cigarettes.. i guess I'm too pussy to kill myself early.

  9. man you should really try shrooms. They changed my life forever and lifted me out of a huge depression. I do them once a year now as a spiritual experience

  10. SSRI its not effective its only support medical industrie och psyciatri. Actually studies are showing the opposite from good.

  11. Andrew. Weed is a psycho-active drug it, it causes psychosis and schizophrenia on 3% of the users. You don't feel it because you take medication. Doing drugs is literally insanity. You don't need medication. Get sober bro. Peace. Namaste.

  12. "One hero and one protagonist" that's not sounding pretentious, bro. That's straight fight club cringe! XD Keep it up.

  13. I remember reading brave new world and hating it lol. I finished it and wondered wtf the author was going with the plot he clearly was just finding it along the way.

  14. No opiates? They are the best feeling drugs period. Heroin, oxy, morphine and dilaudid feel too good to not wanna do them every day.

  15. the mirror shot is awesome–you should film all vlog videos from 3rd person. hard to grapple with how lame it looks IRL.

  16. I did DMT for the first time a few weeks ago and it terrified me more than anything I’ve ever done in my life. It felt like I was in hell surrounded by sinister demons for 30 minutes. I was in a deep depression spell going in to it which probably played into my experience but it put me off all drugs for now. Even weed

  17. Psychedelics show you the truth, and some people are afraid of the truth and should either face it and handle it, or stay far far away from it.

  18. Youtube what is wrong with you. Mid video I had to watch a five and a half minute ad (no skip option). Annddddd then another 30 second ad (no skip option). On a 10 min vid, seriously? lol

  19. So this video is pretty fucken old, but i have been watching these older vlogs a lot. I just had to say that i know what you mean about how you had a panic attack after smoking a bunch of weed. I used to smoke every day for many years, then i started getting these panic attacks too when i smoked, also crippling anxiety when stoned. To this day, 4 years later i still cant smoke weed, not even one drag, it just fucks me up.

    It sounds lame and stupid, but i relate to you a lot Andrew. We are the same age and have had many similar experiences in our lives with women, drugs and religion.

    Thank you for keeping it real.

  20. Quit with the anti-depressants man. It’s a false crutch of happiness. You’d be happier being uncomfortable for small portions of the day than on drugs every day or every other day.

  21. Don't smoke weed every day homie. Take it from me, I have been doing it for 7 years, and I'm trying to quit now. WEED IS EXTREMEMLY ADDICTIVE! Every time i try to quit weed my personality turns shitty and makes me have to smoke it to feel normal. I smoke over a cut a day. And thats not including the half a gram of concentrate a day too. It will make you feel dull, and your memory will be shit.

  22. For me the worst drug I have ever done is nicotine. It is the easiest to access and most addictive and harmful drug I've ever done

  23. So, which is your drug of choice: amphetamines (Adderall) or benzos?

    "I don't have an addictive personality" *uses weed+adderall+xanax daily*

    Not judging you tho – I use oxycontin and/or morphine daily. Never drink alcohol tho! BTW molly & E are the same thing.

  24. Done just about everything apart from the real hard hard stuff and had some of the worst freakouts on weed, my own name being called when no one else was there, maybe a bit if induced psychosis on my behalf

  25. "Those are the scariest type of drugs."

    Very well described. Alcohol may alleviate pain and anxiety…. heroin may cause someone complete sense of peace, but there is nothing compared to having the 3rd dimension ripped out from under your feet. It's not painful…. but it can be scarier than the scariest thing you've ever experienced.

    Trust your instincts. If you think you'll freak out on acid…. you will.

  26. cocaine is bad, defenitely, but if it was of good quality, it wouldnt make you feel the way you talked about it hahaha. That is one thing that is for sure.

  27. got my mini nail and diamonds and it keeps my ass in check weed is my anti drug charas lover for life also molly is ecstasy or mdma in its compound acronym form same shit when i moved back east for a lil i heard it be called molly more on the reg, but its all the same just alot of caps and pressed pills were cut with things like amphetamine salts or methylone alot back then occasional black beauty with a lil ketamine too in there and probably now too been out the loop for a min on that dont know why more people by test kits and take advantage of the many open crypto markets that used to exist i think hansa is about the only one these days been a minute since on the darker side, but agora was my shit for a minute these days i will fuck with some dmt or 5meo maybe the occasional microdosing of 4acoDMT or a lil al-lad for maybe along week schedule, still a hell of alot better then adderall and i find more effective as i cant sleep on that shit without a benzo eww….. whether its 20mgs or 200 not my cup of tea

  28. dude you're life is an actual parallel to mine. Adhd adderall guy here, used and abused it for necessity and recreation. Smoked weed for fun and loved it like hell, until I had a full blown panic attack and thought I was dying.

  29. Your just like me on addys beginin was a fuckin ride end game was hell, i feel ya bro, mayb 1 day well meet shit wud be a blast🌊

  30. You should drop acid. It’s the most fun you will ever have in your life just do it with some people who are also taking it and have done it before and also a few people who stay sober to control the chaos. Last time I did acid I painted my face with mustard and had some of the best sex of my life on the top of a mountain under the stars woke up watched the sunrise and drank mimosas all morning in Healdsburg in Nor Cal. Just DOooO it! You’ll be fine buddy 😄

  31. If you wanna relax just eat sugar herb … eat Fennel and you'll relax. It's too way much better and healthier than cocain and wead.

  32. dude you gotta try psychedelics… theyre the fucking best and not really like weed… im a huge pussy when it comes to weed but psychs are the shit

  33. And no you probably had good cocaine, its just a retarded drug, idk why people get addicted to it. Its only fun with alcohol, and even then its just like hmm yeah i guess I feel slighly more active

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