My Gaming Addiction

Having no father figure, and a brother who
passed away before I was even born, I was brought up in no ordinary family. My family
of three consisting of my mother, brother and me. I looked up towards my older brother
itachi who was 2 years older than me. Whatever games he played I played. (2005) Age 9 • I was first introduced to computer games
when my brother and I took turns playing a game called ‘runescape’ which was extremely
popular at the time on our home PC [2/10]. (2006 year 5 age 10) • The following year my brother received
a laptop from high school, which meant that I could use it while, he used the main computer.
I would be introduced to this game called Knight Online Massive Online Role Playing
Game (MORPG) similar to WoW. [4/10] (2007 year 6 age 11) • Moving away from Knight Online I was then
introduced to play Gunz a fast past first person shooter and boy was I addicted. I guess
one main reason was that my friend AGOL also played the game with me. [5/10] (2008 year 7 age 12) • At the age 12 is when my gaming addiction
began, • Eventually my friend AGOL moved away from
Gunz and gave me his account, which consisted of paid items. So I felt good and prestigious
over others in the game. hence [7/10]. – During this year, I also started high school
and received my first ever laptop a MacBook, runs both windows and mac, and of course I
would install gunz and play it, however the problem was that my brother who was seen as
the ‘man of the house’ had 100% power of the internet, turning it on and off as
he pleases. Which lead to huge fights. Eventually the fights got so bad. I was forced to stop
playing the game. (2008 year 8 age 13) Furious I decided to move to Live with my
grandma house which unexpectedly had free wifi that nobody but me knew existed. However
the funny thing is I didn’t play games this sense of freedom actually made me responsible.
Living at grandmas for about a year I eventually moved back. Back to a new house that is which
gave me my own room! (Late 2010 year 9 age 14) • Time moved slowly, with that void to be
filled I would be mainly watching television and I remembered watching the Australian open
Tennis, and I decided to take lessons. Being about one full year of not playing any games. • I Got an xbox360 (second hand by selling
by old ds games) I played a game called Call of duty MW2 [5/10] (peer pressure) where I
would play with my friends which was very fun. • Eventually majority of my friends moved
away from Xbox into PC (my old arch nemesis). Hesitant to install the game due to past addictions
and its large file size, I eventually installed League of Legends [2/10] and I absolutely
hated the game because I had no idea what I was doing but I felt accepted as I was playing
with my friends. (2011 year 10 age 15) • The 1st year got more serious, Eventually
I kept playing it cause majority of my friends did and as I got more familiar with it, it
was becoming addictive. • I would spend more and more time playing
the game trying to climb the ‘ladder’ as they say. I Reached the status of ‘gold’
and I was so happy cause it was like top 10% of players. It should have ended their but
I wanted more. To be continued. • [5/10] (normal amount to be addicted) Put this in the outro -Some Honourable Mention of games and devices. • Urban Terror
• Warcraft 3 (minigames) • Starcraft 2
• Warsow • COD black ops
• Xbox Lmited edition Crystal • Nintendo DS
• Ipod Classic 60GB • LG ks360

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