*Weird face from Mini* Hey didn’t see you there! Alright, whats going on Ladds? It’s Mini here, And welcome to another th-thoughts with Mini episode *Intro starts* *Dying Mini* I’m keeping that intro forever, It’s just dumb as shit And it represents me perfectly. Just coughing and wheezing and eventually dying *Kill me* Like us all Were like five seconds into the video and were talking about *Serious Mini* Everybody’s going to die *giggles* If you are new to this series, I’ll leave a link in the description to the first one But basically what this is I ramble about shit. My brain is very stupid and weird (Yes) And anytime I think of something really dumb, I write it down in my phone and talk to you guys about it And this is how were going to do it. Also, I think I fixed the lighting. The lighting is better, no creepy fucking shadow behind me *shadow is angry* I’m becoming more professional… Ya boi doin his research, alright Complete side note, if anybody here has ever tried a ring light It’s kind of a thought and kinda just me- OH MY FUCK So that’s kind of a thing, and kinda me just being really stupid This is what I used in the last episode, which is the why, the anime look in the eyes and shit So look *turns on ring light* That’s what I had to stare into for an hour last time It looks like I’m about to tell like a, like a horror story like *Stares intensely at camera* There once was a man, his name is Pablo *giggles* Thats been a while since I’ve done that, oh my fuck *Plz Help meh* Oh fuck! I got it, I got it
*Help me please* *Grins at camera* *snaps and points* I’m a professional, I swear Do you ever look at a ring light and, I don’t know it kind of reminds me of like, Portal You ever play Portal? Where you kind of just like, put your hand through it and it just appears behind you *I’m coming to get ya* Like that? Woo digigigigigi It was at this moment that I realized that every now and again, I’ll think to myself What in life brought me to this point? Or I guess fisting a giant ring light I do this a lot. This is a random thing I didn’t mean to think about but! Something will happen in life whether it: be you go to a wedding Or something really good happens in your life, or something really bad happens in your life And you kinda pause and take a step back out of reality And think to yourself “what happened in life for me to get to this point?” If I did something slightl- Oh my fuck For example: what happened in my life that I get to talk to, in front of half a million people or more, or less I’m not sure how many views this is going to get I have the ability to make money off fisting lights I can even go one better, what happened in life for me to fist holes for a living? My mom’s gonna watch this video, and she’s gonna text me I said this last time! My mom text me saying Mama Ladd: “Craig we need to talk” Same things gonna happen, my moms gonna text me like, “Craig I saw you fisting that light bulb” I’m putting this away, I’m getting really sidetracked. I haven’t even gotten to any of my points yet. First thing you need to know about me is I get very distracted very very easily *Touches hair like fuckboy* Fuck is my phone? Also side note that I got a hair cut. I know were a few minutes into this video already but I think it looks good Compared to that last time where it was like, border line mullet I can dig it, what do you guys think, Should I keep this or nah? Tell me what you think down below if you like my hair or not Really weird I know but, real talk I-I can fuck with this Should probably make a remark as well. Again, I’m gonna include a clip right here of me talking about sleep Okay? It was in the last episode you can go watch the full thing if you want But let me play this for you real quick *Flashes to last episode* Someone said, that for you to fall asleep, you have to at least turn once I would fall asleep here, but I know I have to at least turn once for me to fall asleep And I’m just sitting here like, extremely fucking comfortable But my brains a fucking asshole and it’s telling me, “You need to turn the fuck over boi”. *Turns over in agony* Now I have got thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of people going, “Mini why did you fuck my sleeping schedule?” Forgot to tell you a very important part about that. The very important part is you’re meant to use that as a cheat code Like treat it as the konami code of sleeping You’re meant to turn once in your sleep. So what I do is I lay down on one side And then within a minute or two, I flip over to the other side Mentally, I tell myself, “I am now ready for sleep.” And I just pass out like a light *snaps fingers* gone Do you ever get those nights where you just lay there and you don’t know why your falling asleep Use that cheat code, It’s a cheat code for your body. Should have a name *Make confused face* But it doesn’t Sleep code… * points to the viewers* Sleep code! #SleepCode *Claps* I’m a genius That’s a lie Also, why am I walking in There’s nothing here, like look This is the edge of my desk, and this is a door *oh NOO help* Fuck.. So this one, I have no Idea how I’m going to record, because I don’t have the little phone connection thing But! I’m not sure if Android’s has it or not, but I know iPhone has it And iPhone has predve text And what that means is you’ve got these three, hold on here let me show you, let me get close If you look you’ve got these three things down here you’ve got I, you, and it And one thing I’ve figured out for mine. Mine is just creepy as fuck. Based off what you texted people it trys to guess your personality and who you are, I think Mine just end up being really fucking creepy Let me show you , Let me just hammer these top ones Just gonna hammer them, you can do this at home if you want. Hammer it and just see what comes up It’s gonna be like story time, but my phone is the personality here *reads from phone* You can have the best things that make can happen to your life without having a good friend A time for a me while looking forward to the me out there Hear a god few in the T T L the ye. Oh my God I think my am oh god I hope that is holy *Please kill me I cant do this anymore* Fuck! My phone thinks I’m I’m like extraordinarily religious Okay I’m just gonna go with the left one this time I just woke up and now I am going to sleep now lol lol ya ya True but lol lol ya ya True but true lol lol ya ya I broke it! *laughs* I’m not-I’m not kidding look Let’s go for the middle one. I’m gonna do all three Actually I’m not gonna look at it Alright what we got Yeah I just want to be honest lol i love it so bad but it’s not really good but it works well then again it’s all good but I don’t want you to know but you know the truth true lol yeah true… Oh for fucks sake It’s looping again And then it goes strait to lol lol ya ya true but lol lol ya ya true but true but lol lol ya ya What!? Why does it keep doing this! Lol lol ya lol lol ya ya It’s like my phone is trying to drop the hottest mix tape of the 1980’s One more One more predictive text Gonna spam random one gonna spam random one Found it again here we go Yeah I true but it was meant for to be to be the good oh god Side note I’m gonna get a lot of this wrong*ME TOO!* Side A true it was meant for to for to be true but I was like a good friend then a true friend circle that you are the only person that I know your all over the place you want me something that I just wanted you for everything lol I hope you had a good time and thank you And thank me god you can have anything in my bed you can do anything*laughs*
*I cry in pain* Imagine having a friend like this Every time they replied with something like this and you just look at them going like… THE FUCK BITCH Honestly I highly recommend you try that at home, It’s just dumb and its kinda like a tiny reflection of your personality but it’s also dumb as fuck And realize your a bit weird. Your a bit weirder than you think. You can’t always realize like, “Hey…. The fuck is wrong with me.” Some of you may know I live in LA, California, but I only went to America once between the ages of 0 to What what when your born are you like age 0, age not. Because obviously you not like 4 months old or 5 months old But you don’t really say hey by the way I’m 460 months old. You don’t say that growing up so like when your age 0 are you just called age 0 Like if your talking in years, “You are year 1, years 12, like me I’m year 22 just year 0.” What the fuck where’d I get this shit from I don’t even have this writen down in my notes as well It’s just like*pop*Anyway I was 17 or 18, I think when I went to Seattle but before that I’d only been to America once And thats when I was 4 years old, when I went to Florida for Disney land or Disney world. Hold on. People get triggered at that, it Walt Disney World Orlando okay where good I better not be the only person who’s just like Disney Land, Disney World, I don’t care about the different its Disney It’s Disney, it’s a park, I want to go there My only memory of America before I was 17 or so was when I was 4 years old I do not remember very very much But the only thing I do remember is me like, you know how you get those guard rails before you go one You’re lining up to go on you’re lining up to go on a roller coaster of something and you do this windy loopy thing with a mettle bar I guess with the little mini fences. my only memory of America is me clinging onto toughs side rails screaming and crying my eyes out because I didn’t want to go on the Snow White and the Seven dwarfs train. That’s a literal thing in my life NO! NO! I DON’T WANT TO GO ON IT! NOOOOO!!! That was my only memory of America just me crying and screaming Actually just about like America today isn’t it…. To soon? Alright so this next one kinda goes off the last video where I was talking about cartoons and And the yellow school bus conspiracy but I’m gonna talk about one cartoon if you haven’t seen it I don’t know what the fuck your doing with your childhood Courage the Cowardly Dog. Now if you’ve seen Courage the Cowardly Dog, chances are you maybe around my age Maybe your like 4 to 8 maybe something like that. Maybe you were younger maybe you were older. At least for the love of god tell me, What the fuck were the people on when they were making that show I guess that actually goes for every single cartoon network show Edd, Ed, and Eddi, The fuck!? Johnny Bravo if you watch it now a days, when your a kid you watch Johnny Bravo and think Oh he’s picking up girls so funny*crazy laugh* Now if you go back and watch it your like wow, You’re a slezy Cunt*laughs* Courage the Cowardly Dog I’m gonna show you a little clip and I think I’ve talked about this before in an ask Mini The one thing that I just remember is straight out the return the slab episode I don’t know why that one and then there was an ampa theater episode where I remember like the smile face and the frowny face Kinda theater shit and that. Thought’s two just stick out in my brain. And from what I learned though two scared the fuck out of me I had nightmares about Courage the Cowardly Dog for months. And you have no idea. And have you seen the last episode? The last episode is even to this day is creepy as fuck. Let me show you *The FUCK IS THAT* You’re not perfect *still creepy as shit* *Courage Wake up screaming* What the actual fuck. Remember ladies and gentlemen this is meant to be… A KIDS SHOW!! *The wtf face*Pffffff Saying all that it’s still one of my favorite shows of all time. But… What is the fuck Another random thought I had this is kinda like, It’s a childhood story but it also reflects me in a very weird way So I was what you kinda call I guess you would call a mango-holic that means any time we would go into any store I felt the need to buy something mango related. I don’t know why but for example Like when I was in Dubai when I went to visit there. God 5-6 years ago I walked into a store with my dad, all I picked up in the entire store was two litters of mango necter juice, a mango ice-cream, and a physical mango and walked the fuck out the door I bought nothing else in the store apart from mango shit. And at that point i realized man I have a problem*laughs* And for the love of god I know I’m not the only only person out her who does that. Theirs got to be more mango-holic please. Mango-holic MANGO’S I know I sound like a 17 century butler like Mango’s Why’s he a jerk Gunther, Gunther get over here right now whip my shoes. Where is my doppelganger I need him to reflect upon myself. WAIT! That was actually a weird transition to the next point. This next one, if you’re one of these people please let me know down below. about your experiences with being a sed person with another person Have you ever looked at identical twins okay, if your not an identical twin, like me, or if you don’t have one I guess. Have you ever thought about having one. Like someone that you can look dead in the face Looks exactly like you to a certain point, like of you put on the same clothes same hair cut and everything You’re the same person I can sit here and he can come in and just talk about whatever we want And I’ll just be like yeah, like have you ever thought about the random things that you can do to someone And I could just listen to him, all day. Like have you ever thought about the random things you could do with yourself It’s creepy as fuck. That sounded really really wrong. Exactly. You can fuck off now if you want Its a closed door that way Oh okay I’ll go. Damn okay Me just being myself I can not think of questions like wonder what it would be like to kiss myself. I wonder what it would be like to IDK Fucking punch myself in the face, properly. Like punching yourself like that nah not the same effect Getting fucking tickled by myself I don’t fucking know. Doing heroin with myself*laughs*Never done heroin in my life Why is an example that comes to mind. Dying with myself. I understand it’s not actually you but a clone But it kinda is and it’s the closest your gonna get to it. You can compare dick sizes with yourself. What if the other person was bigger. WOW. Same size. Yep think so. I don’t really know where I’m going with this conversation because I don’t really have an example of myself To like by the way I have an invisible twin come in Tommy. It’s like no. Don’t know why his name would be Tommy. I guess I just always wanted an identical twin named Tommy The more you know. And honestly thats been all of my thoughts for this week. I’ll have more next week, I hope so If my brain continues to not die on me I guess. Honestly though I’m really enjoining this series its just It’s dumb as shit, you guys get to know about how I work so if you met me in person you would know exactly what to expect Cause this is literally it. The ask Mini series it was Q&A based and like you got to know me but it’s not actually how I am This is me, what I did was just click record on my computer and I have sat and talked to you for the last 32min and 52 seconds That’s what I did, I’ve just rambled and got sidetracked and I fucking love it. That is the video for the day If you haven’t already subscribed You should do that. I was gonna say something really organized, nope you should, you should do that here’s the whole twitter thing I’m like really closed to 900,000 followers you if you haven’t followed me yet and shit and stuff, click down below What am I doing with my arm. If you haven’t followed all my social medias I am very close to 900,00 followers on twitter so if you haven’t that I would I would love you and I won’t let you down. Along with everything else I’m closed to 1.1 million on Instagram which is fucking Bananas Thank you all so much again, if you do enjoy this series please don’t forget to leave a like on the video comment down bellow You guys are amazing and if you are new to this channel this is this will be a regular new thing from now on Where you get to listen to me bullshit at you for a while. Because I don’t know about you but that sounds like a good time to me but I am rambling So Lads as always like subscribe all that stuff*clicks*I’ll talk to you all in the next one. Huh now I’m on the floor*waves*BYE My god I did it this is Helicoprion good bye and have a wonderful day (This is a random helper! Hi there!) Hope you have a wonderful day everyone! Enjoy the rest of the video! I should get a poster for that. Welcome to my channel where all my videos are blooper reels woooo I’m gonna snapchat you all. Hey I did it, snap chat Mini_Ladd

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