My Story – Beating My Meth Addiction

My Story – Beating My Meth Addiction

My name is Christopher Maisano and this is my story. So I grew up in a Melbourne town West Melbourne in an Italian family. In my street alone there were seven houses lived in by relatives of mine. Like aunties and uncles and cousins and grandparents… they all lived in my street. I basically lived in a real-life version of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’. So my Dad was the pastor of a church in East Melbourne, which made me a minister’s kid. Yeah we attended church as a family every week. So being a pastor’s kid made me the coolest kid at church. It meant that on Sundays I could go to church and everyone loved me. Everyone wanted to hang out with me. I was kind of like the Golden Child and I had a golden ticket to Heaven. It basically meant that I had a fast-track pass and no matter what, I was going to Heaven because my Dad was a pastor. My primary school life however was extremely different. I wasn’t the cool kid at school. I wasn’t the kid that everyone wanted to play with. I basically had a whole bunch of school friends that would play a game with me at lunch times, which was called “Ditch Chris”. Which basically involved my primary school friends running and hiding from me during playtime and lunch time, so I had to find my friends. I was basically being bullied and I didn’t even know it. I didn’t really understand why I was the cool kid at church on Sundays and why everyone loved me there but at primary school no one loved me and I was always being ditched by my friends. Because of my primary school life and because of the way things were in primary school, I basically made a pact with myself that high school was going to be different. I was gonna do whatever it took to be the cool kid and it wasn’t long before I found myself hanging out with all the wrong kids doing all the wrong things. I remember sneaking out to parties when I was probably like 12 and there’d be alcohol there and that seemed like the only way to be one of the cool kids. By the time I was 15, I had started taking party drugs like pills and speed… By the time I was 18 I had tried almost every party drug under the sun. I basically started living a double life.
On Sundays I’d go to church and raise my hands and say all the right things… But during the week and on weekends when I wasn’t around my parents, I’d go out and get into all sorts of trouble
and then I’d come home and pretend nothing happened. All wasn’t lost, I had been blessed with an amazing creative gift. Ever since I was young I wanted to be designer so at the age of 18 I got a job at a small creative agency in Melbourne and I worked extremely hard. By the time I was 22, I was Creative Director of one of the biggest agencies in the world. I had all the major clients, all these big brands that I was working with. I also started running with a couple of friends of mine a Friday night and one of Melbourne’s biggest nightclubs which meant that I basically got to party on a Friday night as much as I wanted. In fact I got to party at ANY club as much as I wanted. It all looked good on paper, the six-figure salary, the awesome clients… I had a great job. I got to party at my own nightclub on the weekends… I basically lived the life of a rock star. So I now had hundreds of so-called friends, not a
single one of them would ditch me like they did in primary school. On the flip
side to that, I started distancing myself from my parents. Before I knew it I was I
was doing cocaine every Friday night. Every Friday night became every
Saturday night. Before I knew it I started doing coke during the week. I even
had a nickname – Lazwah Stylie – which meant I could keep my real life private, and no
one would know who I really was I would tell anyone getting in the way of my
lifestyle of fun and partying, that I was simply busy or traveling for work. It was
just that easy. By the time I was 28 years old, I was
kind of a bit over the design and creative industry. I had worked really hard and
won a bunch of awards, and I kind of wanted to start my own fashion label, so
I thought “you know what, while I’m 28 and while I’ve got a bunch of money saved, off
I’ll go” and that was when I was introduced to Ice. When you’ve been introduced to a drug
like Ice and you’ve got a heap of money, it’s very easy to lose it all and so,
within the first week I probably spent, you know, four to five thousand dollars.
And within a couple of months, I’d probably spent tens of thousands of
dollars. It wasn’t long before I lost my apartment, my nice car… And very very quickly a lot of my friends… were gone.
And the ones that I did have, I didn’t know how to reach out to them. I didn’t want to tell them about my addiction. The ones that reached out to me, I wouldn’t respond to. it suddenly felt like I was playing a game I once played in primary school
“Ditch Chris” except this time I was playing it all on my own. So over over the next few years, I tried to I rebuild. I started working with other night clubs. I did all the creative for a music festival. Again – music festivals… surrounded by drugs. Clubs… surrounded by drugs. Just the whole scene just… ate me up inside. Instead of doing better… things got so much worse. I slowly just started hurting everybody around me
including all my family, who just didn’t know what to do. I was so distant from the person I once was. The kid I grew up as I became a completely different person. I started living completely in the past. “I once did this”, “I once did that” “I once was” My family wouldn’t know where I was for days on end.
I just became a mess. The more I tried to hide it, and the worst my addiction got, the more I knew
and how bad these are become that they just just gave up on me they didn’t know
what to do everyone had sort of tried and tried and tried my parents would
reach out to me my parents my parents were praying for me my parents were
doing anything and everything for me that would call me they would try and
contact me and I wouldn’t respond I’d go days without responding if
anything I’d be upset at them for trying to contact me because I’d be like leave
me alone the last thing I wanted them to know is that I was at a hotel using ice
up for three days it was really hard that was really hard especially not
seeing my family desperately trying to reach out to me trying to get me to wake
up to that was I guess I just couldn’t admit that I had failed I guess I just
didn’t want to admit that are being defeated by a drug that I’ve taken and
it had me been just had a whole and so the side of this year I decided I would
move the city away from life and people had surround myself with and he came to what ATTC to rebuild I’ve
been in the program for six months now and what a journey is be if it wasn’t
for one ATTC I wouldn’t have been able to rebuild and repair the relationship
I’ve left absolute ruins with my family if it wasn’t for one ATTC I wouldn’t
have a real group of friends support and love for people who just love me for who
I am and not because of any other reason and if it wasn’t 180c I wouldn’t have
built a real relationship with God you see I was looking for acceptance and
love from everyone else in my life but the only thing I should have been
chasing it was God the best thing about God is he would never play teacher
crease with me he will never hide from me and make me try and find him in fact
God has been searching and trying to find and rescue me my whole life
in the future I see myself using my creative skills to honor and worship God
a newfound relationship with my family full of honesty and truth a godly wife
and children are my own and all the right people in my life are gonna give
me wisdom and then we walked the rest of my days clean and drug-free I’m just so grateful God is risking my
life and save me


  1. Thank you for sharing your story Chris. My 16 year old little brother is battling with drugs for similar reasons yours.

    When I asked why he does drugs he simply said "its fun,I enjoy it..all the musicians do it,I have friends now… " I was very upset and didn't understand all his reasons.

    But your story will really help me become a better support system.

    Thank you!
    From Cape Town South Africa

  2. Thank you Chris for this great clip. I hope you inspire many other individuals to make a change for the better. Well done mate!

  3. Been down a similar road to you buddy. It’s been 4 years since I did ice. Thank you for your message it was a blessing to hear someone else’s story. God bless

  4. Everyone is eligible to be saved no matter what you have done or how you have lived.
    Once you seek out god he will show you the way. Dark pathways are now illuminated and clear. Life makes sense. I guess I have stepped off the right pathway….
    Ice is from hell. It truly will steal your very essence and crush your spirit, body and mind.
    Great work Chris, Freeing yourself from this bind. It is not easy. I just wish I could find my inner strength to defeat it myself. I have everything that a man could want yet I still chose to pick up that bubble.
    Why I don’t know. I was very well aware of the dangers, loss and destruction to my health and psyche, yet I still did it, saying to myself every use that it has to stop and why am I doing this? I have watched friends morph into fiends in the span of months, losing everything. Why did I not learn? My habit is not huge or long in place but it’s very hard to not go out and get on, even though I don’t want to.
    It’s not a way to live.

  5. Thanks Chris.i am a 62 year old meth addict and trying to get straight. I’ve been through 2 rehabs and I still don’t have it under control. I’ve let down my family and friends. I’m broke, on the verge of divorce, unemployed, car less, and unhealthy. I need a miracle.

  6. Wow this clip is so inspirational, and just so real. You will inspire so many others that are struggling with this addiction. Well done for being strong enough to get through such a hard addiction and manage to come out so strong. Thank you and god bless 🙏🙏

  7. It is truly inspirational to see hope in the dark cloud. You never realise how deep into something you are until it's to late or hanging off the cliff. Tryin to stop ice is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life and has created a darkness around me. I believe God can remove the chains and help me walk a free man again!

  8. This is a terrible but good story and very similar to mine and manny others so stay strong and keep on keepin my fellow brother 🙏 you are not alone , I’ll have 2 years the 16 of fed 2019 god bless you and ur family ..

  9. I’m now 41 days sober!!!
    And I’ve never been so proud of myself….
    It took a near death heart attack to have me cold turkey the stuff. Best decision of my life

    Thanks for your words!


  11. sending u lots of love. keep ur head up and thank u for making this to show others that we need to treat addicts with compassion and break down the stigma. my sis is 2 years clean and im so proud of her 🙂

  12. Greetings from California. In 2011 my ex lied to the police and said I hit her. She ruined every chance I had in becoming a nurse. I felt like my education went down the drain. My neighbors, yes my actual neighbors introduced me to meth. I quickly got hooked on it. Went from 185 muscled out to a 135 in a couple of months. In 2012 I got locked up for a year for failing probation because I was out in the streets running a muck. Been meth free since 2013. Last night my neighbor asked if I wanted to go have a beer with him. I agreed. (Had 2 IPAs) I ended up smoking up. Finally coming down off of it and hating myself so much. I was caught off guard. I wanted to be stronger. I should have been stronger. I hate this poison. It reminded me of how evil it really is. I never celebrated my sobriety. I never held it in high regard. I believe that was, is my mistake. Evil is always there at every corner. Waiting. Always waiting. Anyways. I just had to get that out there and off my chest. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Thank you Chris for sharing your story. Is beautiful for everyone to know is possible. WITH GOD ALL IS POSSIBLE ❤ God Bless Your Heart and Everyone reading this! God ❤'s U ALL!!!

  14. Almost inspired me as an addict until he gave all the credit to “god” for his own liberation… can I not get clean without the assistance of a fairytale character? Even if an addict who never believed in god tried to be saved by a religiously driven program then how are they meant to succeed when at their core, they are to intelligent to swallow bullshit fed by bible bashing liars but not strong enough to free themselves from the clutches of addiction.

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