My Strange Addiction – Gameday

(Dramatic music) -My name is Jonathan McFarland. I am twenty-two years old and I am addicted
to Gameday. I haven’t always been addicted to Gameday,
but I noticed it’s been getting worse the past couple of semesters. Uhhh. Like it’s hard for me to sit in class and
focus. Uhh and it’s hard for me to do my homework. And it’s hard for me to walk by campus and
not want to smash the tables. -Wait John! No! -No John! No! (cheers) -Damnit John… -What the fuck man! -So that’s been.. that’s been pretty tough. (Guitar instrumental) -I met John at my first football game, Freshman year. That year we made a pact with each other that
we would go just as hard Senior year as we did Freshman year. And we did, you know? In the fall… But umm.. But it’s the spring. It’s not even football season. (Dramatic music) -You know being with John these last few months has been… It’s been really tough. Ever since football season ended he’s just
been trying to fill this void. That Gameday has left in his life. I got him to share his location with me and
a few of his roommates so we could see if he was at a game. You know basketball has been his bread and
butter, but sometimes I’ll catch him at tennis match when he needs a quick high! (sobs) -Am I addicted to Gameday? Yes. Do I have a problem? No. I don’t think I have a problem. But you know, I recognize that I’ve hurt people
in my life and so I’m ready to make a change. For the fall, I am going to be applying to
grad schools that don’t have college football programs. I’m really excited about the future and I
have really high hopes. (dramatic music)

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