My Strange Addiction | Water Bottle Throwing

My Strange Addiction | Water Bottle Throwing

My name is Quimp McJibbly. I’m 20 years
old, and I’m addicted to throwing water bottles at my brother. It all started as a joke when we were younger,
just throwing stuff at each other for fun, whether it was water balloons, pillows, knives,
you know stuff like that, but recently it’s gone too far. I saw you wind up Why didn’t you do anything about it? I didn’t want to let you win It’s been going on as long as Quimp can
remember, but the first documented water bottle throw
occurred in January of 2018. This was followed by several more attempts
that evening The act of throwing them is just so satisfying, especially when you see it hit him and just
cause that discomfort It’s irritating. Sometimes I want to take
the water bottle and shove it up his It’s gotten to the point where it’s even
hard for me to sleep at night And even when I do I just keep tossing and
turning Because I just think about what a great opportunity
it is to throw a water bottle The urge is just too much sometimes and even
though I know I shouldn’t I just can’t help myself. When I first noticed the addiction, I thought
it was harmless. But then he began throwing them at me I went to a doctor to see if there was anything
I could do They told me that there was nothing that they
could be done And that I was almost definitely on the spectrum Maybe one day I’ll be able to stop But I always know I’ll be a water bottle thrower
at heart Adios Mios Nick Corso, not a vlog, it’s a Yontage


  1. Original and hilarious. Nice job man! Btw you should check out Premiere Pro as an editing software, it'd make the whole editing process way faster and easier

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