My TikTok Addiction

My TikTok Addiction

Hi, my name is Raj Mahal, I’m 24 years old, and in my free time I like to watch movies, go fishing, Oh! I also like to make these little short videos called TikToks. So, I really enjoy TikTok because it feels like a life purpose for me. #lifepurposecheck! Ha! and you know I just I just enjoy because it feels feels fun! That is what it feels like. I can take your man if I want to. Lucky for you I don’t want to. So my setup when I create TikTok videos is very simple. Don’t need many people. Just find a good place to put my phone, and then I create quality content. Alright, here we go. Excuse me, brother, this one at the start. At the start of the video, your putting – You drink the water la! Cut! You want a slap on your face ah? I’ll give you one tight slap to your face revolve around the planets ah! Aiyo my colleagues they have a blast of a time shooting TikToks with me! They’re always ask me: “Raj, can we shoot some more?” “Raj, can we shoot some more?” Follow after me, yeah? On the face! Your, Hello, Your own face! Your hand, your face, English! English! Best friends for life! TikTok! You know what they always say, you know, wear your sock, unlock the padlock, let’s shoot a TikTok! Raj? You’re talking about Raj, right? I think he doesn’t know there’s a limit, right? There’s a limit and sometimes I just want to smack him back into his mother’s – Everyday, this boy ask me to help him take TikTok Put the sock on la, locks off la, want to rock pop socks.. I don’t understand 70% of what he’s saying all the time. But, the only thing I understand is that I hate his TikTok videos. Trash. You. You are trash. After this you make content like this, call the police. Tell you this is your last warning. Talk to me, talk to me, what’s your problem? What’s the issue? You ok? Having enough sleep? Mind over matter, tik over tok. Didn’t even notice, no punches
Raj. left to –
Can I have a word with you? Yo, wassup? I’ve received a lot of complaints What complaints? About what you are doing right now. What am I doing? It has to stop. What? This. Whatever you’re doing right now. My TikTok videos? Yeah, it’s getting kinda out of hand. Hey, hey.
Yeah, it’s getting kinda out of hand. You want me to stop my TikTok videos? My blood, sweat and tears! Eh, I’m a renegade you know! Renegade, renegade. Didn’t even notice *inaudible noise* Ever since I got help for my addiction I’ve been feeling much better, I would like to thank my friends, my family, and my colleagues for all their help. I think I will make a good recovery, soon. Didn’t even notice – EH! ENOUGH (beep). I SAID ENOUGH!


  1. Stages of tiktok:

    Teases it
    Downloads it for fun
    Makes a few videos for fun
    Gets addicted
    Learns all the tiktok dances

    Anyways follow me at @ivanalexong

  2. I think Raj deserves a medal, I have never been so genuinely annoyed and impressed by a performance 🤣🤣 ( unless he really does tiktok🤔)

  3. Haha…this so funny. But it remind me of saladshows , crunching numbers. But anyways very good show, but not like actual tiktok lol

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