My wife’s work out addiction made her look like Bruce Lee [Hello Counselor / 2017.06.05]

Her mom looks very upset. – From your perspective, / – Please hand her the mic. when do you feel sorry for him the most? Sometimes he’d stay in the bedroom alone. I wondered what he was doing in the dark. I saw a bottle of alcohol. (I saw a bottle of alcohol.) And a shot glass. He drinks alone. He drinks alone without turning the light on? Yes, and he sighs while drinking. (He sighs alone in the dark room.) He sighs while drinking. Why would he drink in the dark? He always tries not to express his emotions – when he’s struggling. / – He swallows his emotions. Yes. He swallows his emotions. When I see him like that, I can’t say anything. It breaks my heart. – My goodness. / – He’s struggling so much. Don’t you feel sorry for him? He’s always been quiet. I didn’t know he was struggling because of me. – Exactly. / – Since you figured out today, are you willing to change a bit? I should put in some effort. (It must have been tough on him all this time.) (The daughter still doesn’t know how her dad feels.) My question is, your daughter has no idea why you turn off the light, drink soju, and cry while sighing? I’m old. – You’re 60? I see. / – I’m 68. I want to travel abroad. – That’s right. / – I want to have fun, too. – That’s it. / – I want her to stop calling me so that I can come home whenever I want. I want to go hiking, too. – He can’t do any of that. / – He can’t do that. He took care of his children all this time after moving from the country. His family is finally better off after doing business. – However, he’s… / – How frustrating. What do you think about his comment? Even though I’m saying this, I do feel bad for him. – That’s right. / – I’m not very attentive to my dad. I can see that. I do feel grateful to him. – What? / – Wait. – I do feel grateful. / – That’s not what I meant. This is how your father thinks. He drinks alcohol alone. If you feel grateful to him, – do you intend to give him / – How frustrating. a break so he can go hiking? I do. It’s only because I lack physical strength and so on. Then hire a nanny since your husband works. Spend less money on yourself. I don’t want to leave my child with a stranger. I don’t feel comfortable because as I mentioned, Seowoo was born premature. He needs extra attachment. – It’s… / – That’s your role. – You must do it. / – Why hire a nanny? Do it yourself. You can do it, – but since you never did it, / – That’s right. – you’re afraid that you can’t do it. / – Exactly. Also, you think there’s no need to do so since you have your father. In my opinion, both daughters actually need to meet and discuss the schedule. You can’t get total support like this. – Of course not. / – At least twice or thrice a week, let your parents have some free time. Look at your mom and dad. – They have joint problems. / – They have no life. How brazen. You should have a meeting. – He’ll become sick one day. / – I know. Everyone becomes sick. If you keep doing this, your father may fall ill before he could do anything he wants. He just said it himself. What would he think when he drinks soju late at night? Leave him alone at least when he meets his friends. Let him go hiking. You can look after your baby on those days. Why can’t you even do that? You can’t change everything right away, but promise him here that you won’t call him when he’s out with his friends. Moms should change their babies’ diapers. Can you promise him here that you won’t call him because of those reasons? I’ll try not to call you when you meet your friends. It’s not “try”. It should be, “I won’t call you.” – I won’t call you. / – Please tell us. – What are your wishes? / – Go hiking. – Even if she’s upset now, / – She thinks it’s natural. – treat her that way from now on. / – That’s right. – Help her be on her own. / – That’s right. Hyera, from now on, don’t call me when I go somewhere. Please raise Seowoo on your own. Finally, I love you. Oh dear. Oh dear. They’re all natural remarks. Hyera, even though you don’t express it much, it seems that you love your dad – more than anyone in the world. / – Oh my. Express that emotion today even if you’re shy. Say “Dad”. As you know, I’m a bit blunt, so I don’t speak in an attentive way. My love for you has been the same since I was younger. (Feeling sorry, Hyera burst into tears.) It hasn’t changed. Also, I love you too. (I love you too, Dad.) (Let’s all put in effort no matter what.) You struggled with this story. Is it a worry or not? It was a time for me to feel my parents’ love again. I find him amazing. I want you to take after him a lot. (I think it’s a worry.) Her mother cried while speaking, but she remained expressionless and said, “I do feel grateful to him.” I think she lacks the ability to understand her dad’s emotions. What he wants is not something grand. He just wants to travel and hike. I felt really bad for him. I learned a great deal here today. – The story made us reflect on ourselves. / – Exactly. We should treat our parents better. If you sympathize with his worry, press the button. (What does the audience think?) Press the button. – In five, four, / – In five, four, – three, two, one. / – three, two, one. – Stop. / – Time’s up. – “The Smoke-stained Life” got 171 votes. / – Yes. – It’d be hard… / – It’d be hard to beat it. – It’s strong. / – It’s like the title of a book. – Show us the result. / – It’s hilarious. Will it beat 171 votes? – It got over 100 votes for sure. / – 115? – He needs 175 votes. / – 165 votes. – 175 votes? / – I see. – 165 votes? / – 165 votes? – Is it 7 or 6? / – 155? It’s 165 votes! – That’s right. / – He lost by six votes. I hope being on Hello Counselor today will help you become a happier family. Thank you. (See you on “Hello News”.) The title is “Please Come Back”. Hello, I’m an ordinary head of household in his 30s. There’s a person with a muscular body, unbelievable arms and legs, and firm six-pack abs. The one who only lives for fitness is… – It is… / – It is… (Drum roll) My wife. (My wife is a body builder?) (The power of my wife) My wife is addicted to fitness. Even when we go traveling, “One, two. One, two…” “Goodness. Honey, what are you doing at dawn?” “What do you think? I’m working out.” “One, two. One, two. One, two.” Here’s the biggest problem. “Mom, can’t you work out less and play with me?” She’s so addicted that her family’s been pushed aside. Me? I miss my ordinary and feminine wife so much. My wife is becoming more like Bruce Lee. I’m so overwhelmed. Please stop my wife! (Please stop my wife!) We’ll invite him on the stage first. Come on out. (Who suffers because of his fitness addict wife?) (Lim Jeonghwan) Hello. (Hello) How much does she work out? In the beginning of our marriage, she was nicely chubby. She gained weight after having our first baby. After having our second baby, she began working out. She began collecting fitness equipment. She works out at home. – Yes, at home. / – Home training. – Yes. / – It’s popular nowadays. It first started with a 2kg dumbbell. Then she got a gym ball this big, a chin-up bar on the floor, a bike and a treadmill. She recently asked me to buy a bench press machine. You’re basically describing a gym. – Exactly. / – Yes, it’s a gym. (Their house is like a gym.) – Gosh. / – Is she totally fit, then? You could compare her to Bruce Lee. – The female Bruce Lee. / – She’s… “Honey!” When she’s dressed, she looks okay. When she takes off her clothes, she has a six-pack. She has a six-pack? – Women… / – She has a six-pack? – She works out for five hours. / – You want to see his wife with the six-pack, right? We’ll show her picture first. Look at her lean muscles. Look at her lean muscles. – Is that your home? / – You’ve installed it at home. She uses a broom stick for her workout. The yellow one over there is for the chin-ups? – The chin-ups? / – Yes. – Look at her six-pack. / – My gosh. (It’s time to see her six-pack abs!) My goodness. It’s hard for women to have a six-pack. – Her arms look like men’s arms. / – That’s right. (Muscular) (Darling…) – What’s your worry, then? / – Exactly. Are you just worried that she’s muscular? I think he wants – his wife to be feminine and such. / – That’s right. “Honey, are you home?” She’d be cooking in the kitchen. – He wants that. / – A muscular woman is chopping. (Home sweet home.) – That’s… / – She does this every day. – Like this. / – How tough. – That’s possible. / – Femininity is nice and fine, but isn’t being healthy the best? – Exactly. / – Our first kid is seven, and our second is three. When she works out, they’re neglected. The problem is, our kids copy her. They’d carry the 2kg dumbbell – and drop them by accident. / – Oh dear. Just thinking about it scares me. Sometimes they climb up the gym ball and fall on their head. (They even fell from the gym ball.) Let’s meet his wife who looks like

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