Narco Music is the Soundtrack to the Mexican War on Drugs (Part 2/3)

Narco Music is the Soundtrack to the Mexican War on Drugs (Part 2/3)


  1. Its a sad disgrace that they embrace this evil made up saints and put GOD aside. But they will all face our maker with no excuse for their ignorance!

  2. Garbage music that all the degenerate fuckboi kids in school would be playing to try feel cool. As everybody else has said in this comment section, this music is not the voice of Mexico. Just a bunch of redundant crap made to make narcocunts feel powerful.

  3. This makes me sad. I have svt and tachycardia and it SUCKS i wouldn't want anyone to suffer from this. So el komander talking about is a slap in the face to us that have to live with this everyday. I will be on heart medicine for the rest of my life….

  4. I grew up listening to corridos chalino Saul viera, when I was twenty I was sniffing coca and cristal musica en vivo Compton sur centro potreros, movimiento alterado. 2017 I got deported to mexico city cz no papers, and they don't understand how crazy are the paisa party's idk they think I'm a normal paisa BT I'm not, people are so confused about this genero. I thought corridors were strong in mexico as they're in los Angeles. Now IMA be listening to cumbias like all of them or listening to rappers that wanna be narcos. Corridors are like rap song. BT how is English they think rap is better than corridos idk, young people in mexico city just don't know what's up.

  5. I'm weak asf knowing my generation I knew I was ginna scroll thru comments and see people argue how there different from regular rappers 😂😂😂💀 I'm dead. Goodnight yall

  6. How does anyone listen to this talentless drivel, my retarded cousin could write better songs than this.

    I like your cocaine though.

  7. Most of these artist or narcos do it for their own cities to help their people, but they are some are just evil people just like everywhere else. They make good money but sadly buy selling drugs or trafficking which also come with territory which leads to violence but sometimes you have no choice of life in Mexico. It’s not as terrible as people make it seem, obviously if you go looking for that life style you will find it just like every where else in the world

  8. Narcos probably killed his brother by the way he looked when he said it and he's still singing the songs that glamorize the narco lifestyle☹️.

  9. Just so people understand a lil bit better on how they kinda see this type of music over here…Mexicans see Komander and the rest of this "Movimiento Alterado" era, how yall see Lil Pump and the rest of soundcloud rappers. And hey aint nothing wrong with that! I like the new groups that are coming out right now.

  10. Y'all really need to have someone double check your videos. The dude said his dad got shot with a .45 various times. Y'all said 45mm… That's bigger than an anti-tank rifle.

  11. If you wanted real narco music you need to hear el comando exclusivo, thats real narco music not this fabricated bs!

  12. Mexicas, Toltecs, koras, purepechas, yakis, mayas, chichimecas, taramuras, mixtecas, and other Indigenous tribes i didnt mention were probably having tribal warfare back then

  13. To all the people agreeing with drug lords, no wonder Mexico is in the state that it is.
    Keep glorifying these people and see how many more suffer because you can’t get out of this stupid mentality.

  14. My people not just us Mexicans all the Latinos y do we kill each other over this stupid ass money and fantasy

  15. Десять нейтронных зарядов и мексиканский бандитизм исчезает, как радиактивный пепел в развалинах Мексики.

  16. People in America getting sick and tired of this bullshit fuck the cartels and fuck their means to see if this is just like that make me sick influence the little kids are the youngsters showing the better way

  17. No wonder Mexico is separated which means that people are separated because in there and people like that support cartels with Photos piece of shits fucked the cartels the only care about money

  18. Lol
    These songs are real real, like you could die for making a song about someone.
    …Unlike most rappers

  19. Me acuerdo cuando existia musica deverdad. No que estos payasos que parece que estan leyendo apurados o vendiendo clarasol 😂🤣

  20. 4:08 "He was shot 4 times with a 45mm"
    If i survived being shot 4 times with an anti-aircraft cannon i'd believe in divine intervention too

  21. death comes to every man, fear the one who can kill both body and soul. Humans are nothing, whether you be rich, poor, powerful, strong, weak, popular or unpopular there is a great equalizer called death and then the judgment where your mouth, gang, politician buddies, or secret societies can't help you from God's judgement.
    What is it worth to spend 60-80 years living like this to spend eternity in pain and suffering in hell, where your body will forever be eaten by worms and scorched by flames, tormented by demons the likes that were never seen on earth throughout all history, God has placed them there to torment the devil so why would you want to join him?
    Aight man peace!!

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