National Drug Facts Week Promo 2015

National Drug Facts Week Promo 2015

[Music] [Nora Volkow Speaking]
Hello I’m Nora Volkow and I direct the National
Institute on Drug Abuse and I want to welcome you to the National Drug Facts Week. This is an opportunity that we have
as scientists to actually be able to establish a dialogue with high school students all over the United States and
now particularly with all the information and mixed messages that were getting about marijuana this may be a time to actually probe the question. If you would like to hold a event about marijuana or drug use in
general please check out our NIDA for Teens website. I’ll welcome you all and I hope that you can participate in our
National Drug Facts Week

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  1. NCADD-Sacramento will recognize National Drug Facts Week with an event on January 29th.  Parents are encouraged to have a night out with their teen to enjoy a free dinner, games and a discussion about drugs and alcohol.  Learn more at:

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