Need For Speed: Carbon – Boss Race – Wolf (Exotic)

You made me wait. I’m just surprised you were stupid enough to show up at all. Come on! I let you win. Look…I just wanna’ race. That’s all I’ve ever wanted. If you’re still looking to make good on the past, I might be able to help you with that too. It was a big night you left. Got pretty crazy real quick. I was playing it cool. Then I see Nikki knocked down. I could have sworn that the guy who knocked her down had the same bag. I can help you guys out. I’m one of the best drivers in this city and you know it. So, this loot has figured everything out. You just couldn’t leave good enough alone, could you? We were making bundles of cash, you were clearing your name, what more could you want? Well, things have progressed a little further now than I thought possible and…I’m gonna’ have to cash you out. Mister Crawl! Come on… I didn’t let you take my money the first time. What makes you think this is any different? You actually thought that I would front you the cash to save you from this loser? Then sit around while you were encroaching on my territory? Greed has always been your problem. You’ve got a lot to learn about the big times, little man. This city is mine and it’s time for you to disappear again. It’s Cross. Take his ride to my place. Show’s over. Thanks. I’m glad you changed your mind. I’m just a bounty hunter, and I always get paid. Just make sure I do. Look, I hate it when people say ‘I told you so’. So here it goes… Seems that some of your team was there the night that you left. They tell a different story than the one I’ve been hearing from Darius. Thing is: their stories seem to add up. Somebody tipped off the cops, somebody let you escape, somebody switched the bag. Now I know who that somebody was. Darius likes to pull the strings. Now here’s something he doesn’t know about. Part of the deal with Cross is that I race with you. You think you can handle that? You’re not the only one with a score to settle. Now, let’s get outta’ here. We got a lotta’ ground to catch up

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