Nellie celebrates a white Christmas with cocaine | Drugslab

Nellie celebrates a white Christmas with cocaine | Drugslab

Hi, I’m Nellie.
-I’m Rens. And welcome…
-In our Drugslab. I feel a bit naughty. Yes, I would like to have sex now. Also with Christmas
we’re going to try a drug. If you wonder about a certain drug,
let us know and maybe we’ll try it. What do you associate
with a white Christmas? And what drug
is half the world curious about? Cocaine. A present. ‘For Nellie.’
It’s for you. Gee, my goodness. Yes, I believe it’s your turn.
-I’m the sacrificial lamb. Santa Claus has decided. The active substance
is cocaine hydrochloride. Cocaine makes you talkative,
warm and energetic. More confident and creative. Sometimes people become arrogant,
because they feel king of the world. That’s also the reason why people
on coke can become aggressive. It’s a white, crystalline powder.
It’s a stimulant with a very bitter taste. Always have your cocaine tested
to determine the purity. The maximum purity is 89%.
We have cocaine of 73%. That’s pretty high,
because cocaine always gets cut. And going from dealer to dealer, the
purity declines. So 73% is very good. Cocaine often gets cut,
like this coke, with levamisole. That’s a worming drug
also used in veterinary medicine. Cocaine is derived from the coca plant,
which grows in the Andes. Mainly in Colombia and Peru. Bizarrely enough, cocaine was once
an ingredient of Coca-Cola. Hence the name, Coca-Cola.
-Weird though, isn’t it? Long ago it was even seen
as a miracle drug… and even got prescribed to children. Now we know better.
But it is kind of funny. It was also used by ENT doctors,
as an anaesthetic. Also curious: the first cocaine plant
was set up in 1900 in the Netherlands. That made the Netherlands
the market leader in cocaine. But in 1928 they discovered that cocaine
was and is extremely addictive. So they put it on List 1 of the Opium Act,
and it’s been illegal ever since. Will you put on the belt?
-Yes. Great.
We expect the heart rate to go up. You get more energy in your body
and become very alert. A low dose can be sexually stimulating.
But if you take more, the urge declines. But it’s like you’re constantly ready
to undertake action. You’re alert and full of adrenalin. Blood vessels contract,
blood pressure and heart rate rise. This is a burden on the heart and can
lead to problems such as arrhythmia… high blood pressure,
heart attacks and strokes. There isn’t really a safe dosage,
but you get about 20 lines out of 1 gram. And people usually take several lines on an
evening, because the effect is short-lasting. Yes, only 30-45 minutes.
Very short. Really short. 60% of the cocaine enters the blood
through the nasal mucous membrane. The remaining 40% goes down the throat
and ends up in the stomach. Cocaine stimulates certain brain areas. It inhibits the reuptake of dopamine
and noradrenaline. So your dopamine levels increase. And dopamine causes
that nice, euphoric feeling. And noradrenaline makes you alert
and puts you into a fly-or-fight mode. When you snort cocaine,
it takes only a few minutes to work. The effects last around 30-45 minutes. Voilà.
-A line. Never share your snorter.
That may cause hepatitis-C. And that in turn can lead
to liver disorders. Gee, I’m a bit nervous.
-Understandably. All for science.
-Exactly. Does it burn?
-Really badly, here in my nose. And it’s slowly starting
to go down my throat. It feels weird. Shall we wait till you feel something?
-Yes. My throat and my palate are numb. The taste is awful. Your heart rate went up considerably,
and your temperature too. I do feel more active. Strange, I can suddenly breathe
through my nose really well. It feels like I have snow in my nose.
It actually feels a bit cold. I also feel a bit naughty. Is your energy level
higher than before? Not necessarily higher,
but more focused. Your mouth is a bit tense.
You look very sharp. Yes, you can tell. I don’t feel very different.
-More confident? Yes.
-I notice that. Yes, usually I hesitate a lot whether to do
this or that, but now I don’t have that at all. And if someone came up to you
and started making trouble… like: ‘get out of the way, bitch,’
how would you react right now? I think more aggressively.
I’d actually enjoy a bit of fighting now. That’s not like you at all.
-I know. That must be the adrenalin.
But I am in the mood for that. Wow. Wow, you really hit it well.
-Nice, isn’t it? Cocaine suppresses tiredness,
and can make you go over your limit. That depletes your reserves,
so afterwards you may feel miserable. Do you have the idea
it makes you more loving? When I tried MDMA, I really felt
the desire to give love to everyone. Now I feel I’m keeping more to myself. A low dose can be sexually stimulating.
Can you imagine that? Yes, I would like to have sex now. Yes. With a high dose it’s very difficult
for a man to get an erection. And also to get an orgasm. It’s been 40 minutes. It’s wearing off, right?
-Yes, I feel pretty normal again. So we’ve decided to take some more. If you take more, make sure you wait
at least 30 minutes. Do you have to poop?
-No. Do you have to pee?
-Yes, I do. You go and pee,
while I explain why that is. Cocaine stimulates your bowels
and your bladder. So you may have to go more often. We’re going to play Memory… to test your memory
and see if you can focus well. And the winner is… You have to lay them all out…
-No, we’re not going to do that. Yes.
-No, we’re going on to the next round. Yes, we are.
We’re not going to talk about this. Excessive use of cocaine
can result in a perforated septum. And it can affect your sense of smell. You’ve only used cocaine once.
Let’s see if it’s also different now. Let me blindfold you. Chocolate. Smells good. Do you feel like eating it?
-No, I have no appetite. Cocaine suppresses the feeling of hunger,
so that makes sense. Oh, I can’t think of it. Peanut butter.
-Yes, it’s plain old peanut butter. I think that after using it once,
nothing’s the matter yet. The stupid thing is, I hate the taste
and even have a bit of an aversion… but because it gives me confidence,
I can imagine that I’d might think: ‘A little more,
just to give me that perk.’ The biggest risk of cocaine is addiction. People can go to ruins,
financially, mentally and socially. Of course you won’t get addicted
from using cocaine once… but you do build up tolerance, so you’ll
need more and more for the same effect. What is also very dangerous
is combining cocaine with alcohol. It produces a substance
called cocaethylene… which takes four times longer
to get out of your body… and is also much more harmful. While you often see that people
start snorting when they’re drunk. It makes them feel clear
even though they’re drunk. So they think: I can drink some more,
and that’s fatal. And the hangover is enormous,
so don’t do that. This was Drugslab. How do you feel?
-Sober again. Good. If you’re curious about a drug,
let us know in the comments. And the person with the funniest
or most original reaction will get… this Christmas card from us,
with a personal greeting. If you liked this video: thumbs up,
don’t forget to subscribe… and also watch our do’s
and don’ts video. I slept well.
I don’t feel weird or depressed. That nasty feeling in my throat
and nose is gone. It may give you more confidence… but you should get that out of yourself,
not from a drug. So I wouldn’t do it again very soon.
That’s also possible. See you next time.


  1. I wholeheartedly respect what this channel is trying to do, but they really need to be more careful about the information they're putting out in to the world, because some of it could easily get people seriously hurt or worse. For example, who the fuck knowingly snorts levamisole? Part of me hopes that it was just a mistake on the writers' part, but if that were the case, I feel like they would've edited that part out by now. Either way, if they are actually trying to spread accurate information about harm reduction, then they need to spend more time making sure their content doesn't contain info that can get people hurt and if/when they accidentally give out bad advice, they should correct it as quickly as possible.

  2. It's strange because the setting, colors and their acting looks from a science program for kids, but it's not at all 😂😂😂

  3. Like this if you fucking coked out reading this comment. Im gonna like this comment because i just read it after writing it. Why the fuck do i have really bad pain in my left arm and trouble breathing tho? Feels like my heart is weak stops beating all the time. This must mean this coke is fucking great quality!

  4. What y'all did wasn't Coke or that shit stepped on 😂😂😂😂 LMMFAOO should have had a way different reaction #TERRIBLEBATCH

  5. Cocaine is the Devil’s pollen.

    Cocaine’s core desire in life is to ruin yours, all the while acting like he’s your good time buddy.

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  8. Don't know what they are saying. But who cares. She can say whatever she wants. Such a sexy woman!!! The language is sooo sexy!!!

  9. I took 2 lines when we were partying at a friends house, I was drunk as fuck lol, only thing was I was full of energy still drunk and I was keep twitching lol

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  11. 3:24 when he says“ you get 20 lines out of 1 gram”
    she looked at him and thought , 2 lines and ive finished the packet

  12. They say this shit was cut with levamisole, i saw another episode and the guy said if you cut it with levamisole you can get necrosis, not really something im into, think I’ll keep away from coke

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  15. This has to be fake. How can YouTube (an American company) allow visual drug use on their videoes? This must break their guidelines. This must b Fcking fake

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