Nerd³ Plays… Cookie Clicker V2.0

Nerd³ Plays… Cookie Clicker V2.0

A new version of Cookie Clicker is here with us. This has been upgraded, as you can see down at the bottom left, to version… 2. There is now a version 2 of Cookie Clicker that’s added a whole bunch of stuff; it’s a complete update. As you can see, it’s doing some sort of Valentine’s Day special thing with the hearts in the background. But again, it’s more Cookie Clicker, and last time I played Cookie Clicker, I lost like 10 days to it, I think it was. Just 10 solid days. But this time… this time, I’m gonna be very cautious, very careful. I’m gonna moderate myself. I’m gonna…


  1. wh ydont you just download some auto click software. i downloaded one that i set to click every milisecond. just start that, go out and come back to a shit ton. ahh cheating is fun.

  2. Well good thing he did not play for YEARS now??Dammit dan why not challenge yourself to a….heavily……..effective……dangerous……..soul threatning…….game.yea nevermind

  3. this isn't a game it's just a video of you infront of a wall with a cookie do it real please this vidio is the worst that it's in the worst top 3 at 1st plase at the worst top 3

  4. dan? are you okay…?

    we all wrote you letters, and i guess it's your decision on what you want to do

    we miss you

  5. No afence but what the hell was this he beraly playd the game and he playd for about like 10 or 9 secs this was a prety bad video sorry


  7. WHATTTTT IS THAT IT WAS NOT YOU UM TO BE A wait a cookie 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪

  8. not trying to brag but i use a double butterfly clicking method that gets me to about 20-25 clicks per sec on mobile cookie clicker

  9. I started a new game of cookie clicker this summer and have had it open in a tab every time I'm on my computer. After 3126 hours of game time, with around 21 trillion cps, I decided to ascend (start anew but with the use of the heavenly chips you've earned through time that you can either spend on perks or have them add up to your cps in your next play through). Now in my new ascension, I have an additional 387% cps and I've raced to 123.98 trillion cookies in a mere 307 hours. Someone send help.

  10. Dan, if you don't want to descend into cookie madness, LISTEN. So, you need to play for only a certain amount of time a day, and when you exceed that limit, an alarm will tell you. This will help. I'm sure. As for me, I actually forget about it sometimes.

  11. Guys! I've escaped, I've managed to get out of cookie cl-

    Where- where is everyone?

    They've all gone

  12. Right okay I just finished S.I.M i DO NOT need playback errors OR repeating sound bites this is not okay iPad

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