NFL Player Who Overcame 10 Year Suboxone Dependence With Ibogaine Treatment

NFL Player Who Overcame 10 Year Suboxone Dependence With Ibogaine Treatment

– After that, what I
gave you the first night, did you have any more withdrawal? – I didn’t, not any more, I
just didn’t have any, period. (soothing music) (inspirational music) – Tell me about, talk about yourself. You look like a football
player, I would say. – I played pro football for
eight years, seven and change not including college, but
that was professionally. – Wow, so you were just knocking heads. Every time I see that,
really, my heart drops. – Actually, as I’ve gotten older, it’s been a lot more on my mind how impactful it is on my body. – It’s amazing, you just say, “my God, these guys live after this? “These impacts like this?” – Any time I go running
or doing any activity, if I did any activity, I’d have to wear big knee braces, from here to here, on both knees, just to be able to jog. – How was it this morning? – This morning, as I was
showing you, it’s kind of cool. This is the first time
I’ve been able to do this in my entire– – Without the brace.
– Without the braces. – Wow. God bless. – There’s absolutely zero way I would have been able to do that. Zero. – You know what is, I’m explaining? use of your body’s what does it do. It just basically turned
on your body to fix itself, and that’s what it does (Ibogaine). – Yeah, it repairs itself. Something happens, it repairs itself. – Yeah. So did you get any good injured in the… – I mean, as much as anybody would get injured playing football. I got 15 surgeries in total. – Wow. – You know, the lingering effects from those surgeries, things like that. – Pain, and all that. So how do you end up with the… – Well here, eventually
a doctor prescribed me pretty heavy-duty pain killers, Oxycontin. After one of my surgeries,
which, looking back, in hindsight was probably
a little too much, but that’s another point. Like most people, I started liking ’em. – I did too. I was prescribed 33 years
ago for my migraines, and I got addicted to it. It took me one year of
hell just to get rid of it. But you went on Suboxone, right? – And then, yeah, eventually
after about a year battling with pain-killers, I went on Suboxone, and I
was on Suboxone for 10 years. – Wow, that’s a long time. – Now, I was on Suboxone for 10 years. I am no longer on Suboxone. – (laughs) How long has it been, six days, or seven days,
you haven’t taken it? – I haven’t taken it for seven days, I believe, seven or eight. – What would have happened if you didn’t take it anymore,
if you weren’t treated. – [John] I wouldn’t have even tried. – [David] (laughs) Just
thinking about it, horrible. – [John] Wouldn’t have even tried. – [David] But eventually, you went to, Were you treated before? – I was, this is actually my
second Ibogaine treatment. I was treated two months ago, I believe, at a clinic. I’m not gonna name names,
I don’t think that’s fair, but it was a clinic in Cancun. And I went there for seven days. So they told me to get
on short-acting opiates. I was on short-acting opiates, then they– – What do you call
short-acting, like what? – Short-er acting, like Methadone. – Methadone is the same with
the, I don’t understand. What’s the difference
between Methadone and, they’re also heroin plus crazy glue. – I assumed they knew what
they were talking about, so I went through this huge, it was a huge ordeal to get this done. Long story short, as soon as I got there, they put me on some
Morphine, liquid Morphine. And I was on liquid
Morphine for four days. Which, as a drug addict,
you think, that’s cool. Like, ah, cool, I get to be
messed up the whole time. But I’ll tell you right now, the high that I’m experiencing right now, not being on anything, like, I’ve been talking the staff, I’m wanting to get out,
I have so much energy. – You have come through the roof. – So much excitement, yeah. I wanna go and enjoy my newfound being, I guess. But anyways, when they did
the first treatment on me, I came out of the treatment, and I’ve gone through withdrawals before, and that’s what it was, I
was going through withdrawal. And then I did the second treatment, I was still going through withdrawal. And I was like you know what, screw this, I’m not doing it. I’m not gonna sit here
and wait any longer. – I wanna ask you a question. – Okay. – I have a formula I say,
because I’m sick and tired of anybody that talks to me,
and says, “But everybody “says you gotta be on a short-acting for “six months, or three
months, or two days, or” however long, something else. I say, if you don’t stop,
I’m gonna hang up on you. I explained to you,
there’s a formula I use, it took me three years to
develop, which I gave you. – Yeah. – After that, what I
gave you the first night, did you have anymore withdrawal? – I didn’t, not any more, I
just didn’t have any, period. – Alrighty, and then with the
treatment, and well this is, how many days you said now, seven days? – Yeah, seven or eight days. – Later. That’s it. – You know, I wanna explain to people, it is the brain, and the neurons, and the receptors in the brain. When you take, this kind of, This is why I call it, heroin plus, crazy glue. Because it’s heroin. After six hours, these receptors go back. You get the high by them
getting close to each other. But they invented this thing, And they glue, basically,
your receptors to each other for 30 hours, or 24 hours, whatever it is. And then they come off. And then they will go
back, and that’s when the withdrawal from it is so horrible. So I went out and developed this formula. Let’s call it very-short-acting opiate that works within a few hours. That’s what it is. And that’s it, the next
day, you have no more thing. Like you never had it. You’re not the only one. We have done thousands of people. Suboxone isn’t the same thing. – [John] I was apprehensive. I was nervous, I was worried because of my experience before, but no. None. – We are not here to really, look, I don’t care if
there’s a thousand people, treat people with Ibogaine. I hope to God there was, because this is so needed. There’s epidemic. Parents are losing their children, their husbands, their
wives, their cousins. My God, it’s a horrible, horrible thing. And there is a cure. But you know what, all the networks, all the social networks, we’re not even allowed to talk about it. It’s hush-hush. Something that really, damn it, works! – That’s true. – There’s a solution to this epidemic. – This isn’t an advertisement, this isn’t something you coached me to say or told me to say, or anything like that. No one suggested anything. This is 100% real, my life. This is 100% real, what I’m goin’ through. There’s no, I don’t know why… I know why the drug companies wouldn’t want people doin’ this. But I don’t know why people
wouldn’t be lining up. – Because, you know. I don’t take just anybody. I don’t take very young
people, if they’re not really, I don’t want people coming here, parents are pushing them to come here. – No, you can’t come here to get clean and get your receptors refreshed so that when you go back out you can
get higher on a smaller amount. – Yeah, exactly. – No, it’s, you gotta go here to be– – I wanna put it like this. A father tells me, “Will a
hundred thousand dollars do it?” I said, mister, a million
dollars wouldn’t do it. – No. ‘Cause you gotta wanna be off of it. – “So what should I do with him?” I say, I don’t know, let
him go to jail, maybe, let him go to a mental institution, this is not a good solution. I wanna help people that wanna be helped. – Yeah.
– Okay. And I was going to tell you, about the receptors and how it happens. So, when you take this,
the brain, you turn on, basically, the central nervous system through your subconscious. And it turns on the whole
entire brain receptors, and the whole body, as you felt those electric currents go through your body. So electric, let’s say system,
that’s the impulse nerves. So your own body, your own brain, brings those receptors back
to the normal position, where it’s supposed to be, exactly like when you have a broken leg. You put cast on it, and it heals. So you heal. It there’s no reversing this. Once it’s healed, it’s healed, unless you break it again. So unless you go out, and you drink or take drugs and,
the only way is like this. So I cannot, say, heal somebody’s leg, and then he’s gonna go
out and break his foot, and say, “Oh, my foot broke again.” You know, so, you’re your own problem. But this works, and works 100%. I put my reputation, and I develop five million’s worth of
real estate in Florida. I didn’t have to come to do this. But it’s a human cause. I’m a rabbi, and I feel responsible to do… I have this knowledge,
and I can think, and use. I’ve studied the Greek philosophy, all fantastic doctors. Specially I learned the twelfth-century Maimonides the scholar. And through this, we
basically get to the source, to the root of the problem, and that’s how you have to think. You have to think truth,
logic, and simplicity. Those are three main thing people have to understand in this society. If it’s not true, if it’s not logical, and if you cannot make it simple, then it’s not true. That’s it. It’s B.S. And that’s it. That’s how we operate. And that’s why I did my
research for years on this. And that’s how I came up
with some of the formula, to get rid of this heroin-plus crazy, Soboxone, or Methodone, Subutex, same, same damage. So man, go, and help
other humans, like I do. You go on,
– Thank you. – and do the same thing. Everybody that has been treated here, over 6,700 people, they should, I tell every one of you
that sees this video, I know all of you have been only treated. You must, you have the obligation, to go out and help others. You cannot be just sitting there. And it’s gonna help you to recover better. Now we have, also, a
alumni and a, what’s that? – [Camera Man] Aftercare. – That you can join and talk to us, people who have been treated here. And then exchange thoughts. – [Camera Man] Support. – You need support.
– Yeah. We don’t anybody just failing. Thank God, we don’t
have a lot of failures. Thank God, you just almost– – [John] But you know, in
life, it’s just gonna happen. – Yeah, I mean, I cannot control everybody I tell them, I explain to them. There’s not a day,
whether they’re here for 10 days or two weeks,
that I don’t tell them, day by day, don’t touch any substances. Don’t touch even one beer. Right now your frontal cortex is where you make your decisions. It’s damaged by the drugs,
so you have no control. So, wait. Three years, four years from now, maybe you can have a little drink. But don’t do it now. – Yeah. No, no, don’t do it know. – That’s not worth it. You wouldn’t take cyanide, (John laughs) so why would you take that? Anyway, God bless you. – Thank you. – And you know what? The way you feel safe, I’m even giving you another treatment tomorrow, also. – Okay. I’m good, I’m excited for it. – With all of the, every day
you got the booster, right? – Yeah. – Two treatments you have done? – Yes. – It’s gonna be a third one, okay. God bless you, people. Please, those that can
go help other people, it’s true, it works. There’s 550 patents, registered patents, by all the drug companies. Even the most reputable
universities I have the file. I don’t wanna put it on the internet,
but if I’m forced to, I will. Okay. So. Because, I don’t know, I’m 68, almost 69. I cannot stop. I see people, I cannot even comprehend, I have six kids of my own, for somebody losing their child. – Yeah. – God bless you. – Thanks doc. (soft music) (soft piano music) (uplifting music) (inspirational music)


  1. So glad to meet you JT so glad your feeling your true life potential. God bless you 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 love you David Dardashti cause of you I’m loving life and ready to take on the world god bless you brother.

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