Nikki Sixx Shares about Overcoming a Heroin Addiction

Nikki Sixx Shares about Overcoming a Heroin Addiction

the following program contains mature subject matter viewer discretion is advised rock’n’roll has been hit hard with the recent passing of musicians Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington and our series the United States of addiction we’re looking at the harsh reality of drug addictions and it’s sometimes fatal consequences today we’re gonna get some insights from our next guest who lived the hard-rocking life and lived to tell his story Nikki Sixx is best known as an international rock iPod most notably being a founding member of Motley rock and roll rise to the top didn’t come without paying a price indulging himself with an excess of sex alcohol and drugs legend has long fought battle with deep addiction nikki is spoken candidly about his struggles with heavy heroin use and how it nearly cost him his life here at all nikki sixx has risen above his demons and along with his illustrious music career has become a three-time New York Times bestselling author philanthropist [Applause] role thanks for having me on here I’m curious if we hear this term rock and roll lifestyle yeah you’ve been there you’ve done that yeah does the lifestyle encourage enable drug abuse overuse is it just so much part of the culture that it’s hard to be in it and not abuse yes and no so it kind of it depends on the artist and also I think that like when Whitney Houston passed away I think it was a good time to look at enablers there’s a lot of people around the artists there’s managers as agents as road managers there’s crew there’s there’s family members so when you see a person you know heading towards that addiction a lot of people don’t want to stop the Money Train and that’s where you hear about a lot of the tragedies and in rock and roll and jazz and other kinds of music as well I’m I’m really happy to be a survivor of heroin addiction and alcoholism and be a father and and be able to be here today and talk to you guys and talk about you got it going on you got it together thank you tell us you had a really serious overdose yeah at one point was that the rock bottom for you or did you relapse after that okay so I was an addict the heroin addict for exactly one year and you know my heart stopped for two minutes and I came back I went home and I shot up again and overdosed again I woke up the next day and I I kind of had like a spiritual awakening that’s the that’s the only reason like the only way I can explain it because I woke up and it was the first time I didn’t want to do drugs and out of fear because you came that close to yeah it just just changed my perspective and I was at that time I said you don’t want to turn my life around and do something good with this this horrible information the girls girls girls here correct and I guess one thing I’m just curious about is do you think you would have become addicted if you weren’t famous I don’t know you know I have an addictive personality so like I love guitars so there’s a guitar in every room I love doing a live dog doing photography so now I have a photography exhibit right now because I throw myself into things so I did that with drugs as well addiction does doesn’t just look at musicians it looks at doctors and lawyers and you know wives housewives and you know the list goes on and on it touches every part of our society you


  1. The Heroin Diaries is one of the greatest books I have ever read. It's was a tough read for me because I kind of have issues with have sex with underrage girls and such (did any of these people have morals?), but the addiction aspect was something I related to. Bringing in everyone to comment on the diaries created a totally unique book.

  2. I just read about his daughter Frankie genes baby passing away I truly hate praying for her I have lost babies but this poor young girl carried to term and her baby passed so heartbreaking.

  3. Oh man. A YEAR? THAT'S IT? What the fuck. I know people in their thirties, who've been on all kinds of opioids, for 20 years.
    A year and he writes a book about it. I think he's addicted to money.

  4. Good for him ! Awesome ! It is refreshing to hear someone speak truthfully. I know someone who had an addiction problem, and it can destroy lives and relationships ! He is right, addiction does not descriminate ! Keep it going Nikki !

  5. wait, why are other videos and documentaries saying he started heroin in the early 80s but here he said he was only on heroin for 1 year?

  6. Haters Hate and Winners Win…You Won and that's all that matters. You Haters can go SUCK IT !!! Nikki Sixx tells it like it is..Takes a REAL person to do that.

  7. Random question, has anyone noticed the amount of adverts lately on youtube is becoming much like watching TV.. Seeing were paying for YouTube i not sure why all of a sudden we have all of these adverts! When it didn't used to? Is that just extreme greed here? Or is the control system tryiy to control through you tube now?!
    Lol "there is no escaping here!" (Malory Knox)

  8. Most people on heroin doesn’t have his resources. Therapy and rehabs and mansions etc. He has been wealthy most of his life. Most on that drug live on the streets and shit Hep A in the gutters. Ask LA and San Francisco and San Diego. They have hazmat crews clean behind the tent cities.

  9. I'm a big Motley Crue fan but Nikki didn't have a heroin addiction he had a heroin experiment. I know guys that have died and have been on drugs for twenty five years. Girls that went on to be prostitutes. Nikki went through his heroin phase like a fashion phase.

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