Nofap: The First Key To Unlock Sex Transmutation (1% Power Mind)

Nofap: The First Key To Unlock Sex Transmutation (1% Power Mind)

Uncle c
back in the office. And
today I wanted to explain to each and every single person watching each and every male
that is looking at that next step and how to transform I wanted to teach you why nofap
is going to be the very first step the very first key the very first unlock into unlocking
sex transmutation. Now before we begin, I’m doing a free live
broadcast presentation today, okay, and I only run this at certain times, and I only
have limited number of seats for how many people I can take and I want you to go down
below and get into that live stream. If you’re struggling I break down every single
step of this I break down the approach I break down what to say I break down how to make
sure she doesn’t pull back I break down how to have your masculine edge 24 seven, you’re
going to want that Now for those of you that don’t know what nofap is nofap is when you
actually do not rely on self pleasure. Okay, you remove masturbation from your life. Sex transmutation is when you take your sexual
energy you take that drive, you take that desire that you have to reproduce or to procreate,
and you put it towards other aspects of your life for a little bit, okay, and when you
blend the two, I’m going to show you how what happens is that you start to actually turn
into the man that can not only get whatever he wants, but you turn into the man that can
carry himself the exact way that he always wanted to be. So what I want to do to really break this
down first for you, is I want to break this down into what the typical male is doing when
it comes to his behavior. Okay, because the typical male today is not
only weaker than ever before, he is more emotional than ever before. He is in a darker place now more than ever,
and he needs to escape. Okay, this is not just me saying this you
can walk around you can go to any party, you can go to any bar you can go to any city street
you see the look on men’s face. His men are hurting right now more than ever,
and it’s time that we escape. Now, what is the typical male doing? This is what we need to look at first off,
because the typical male today when it comes to society when it comes to life, this man
is typically putting pleasure over the pain. What do I mean by this? Meaning he is always defaulting to low level
behavior, low level gratification,
low level indulgences. Because these low level indulgences feel good
you got to realize as far as what feels good is not necessarily good for you. what feels good is not going to propel you
in the right direction. what feels good typically has more consequences
later on in life. Here’s what I mean. When this man’s putting pleasure over pain. This man is in an insane amount of pain with
his current situation. Maybe he doesn’t have the dating life he wants. He doesn’t have the job he wants. He doesn’t have the career he wants. He doesn’t have the status. As he wants, he doesn’t feel connected and
he doesn’t feel like he has a path or purpose. What does he do? To give pleasure to fill all of those voids,
the first thing is typically going to be masturbation. The reason why he’s masturbating is because
he’s not able to connect in real life with a woman. He has no female intimacy. The reason for this is because he’s relying
on different forms of social media. He’s not trying to develop his charisma. He also doesn’t think that meeting people
are speaking his mind or doing what he wants or carrying himself that way is a natural
thing. So he stuck, he suffocated. When he turns to masturbation, what it’s doing
is it’s inhibiting and another thing that’s going to happen when he turns to pleasure
is he might turn to drugs or alcohol. You know, smoke a little of this, drink a
little of this, all of a sudden you’re feeling good for four or five, six hours on the come
down. You wake up the next day and you’re going
to realize that nothing changed with your current reality. Nothing changed with your current situation. Another form of pleasure that is going to
do is Want to get into heavy amounts of pornography? Now the thing is, is that this man is typically
the man that never expresses his true desires in real life. All of the desires now are carried out through
the cell phone, he’s too weak to display them in real life. So he’s going to navigate that attention to
something he can do behind closed doors. So all this freaky shit, he wants to do all
this crazy shit. He wants it he knows he wants it, but he will
not admit it. And because of that, he hides because of that
he defaults to the lower level pleasures. Now you see, this man’s in pain, but the reason
he’s in pain is because he’s putting pleasure over pain. You see, when you’re a man who can put the
pain first. What you’re realizing is that if
putting in the work, actually hurts less than sitting in the fire forever. I’m gonna say that one more time putting in
the work. Although it might sound painful, although
it might sound hard. There’s actually more suffering
by continuing to put in the pleasure by continuing to carry out the pleasure. The reason for this is because the pain of
going out there and meeting a woman or the pain of going out there, and taking that risk
or saying that thing or being that type of man that you want to be, it’s going to feel
uncomfortable, the thought of it is painful. But the problem is, is that instead of doing
the things that this typical male and when I say typical, I mean right here, I mean,
the 99%. This is like everybody. And if you can start to unlock these cheat
codes, I can literally turn you into a 1% male. Now, here’s the thing. This man can learn to do these things. But this man has to accept that the pain needs
to start coming first. So what does this man do typically each day
this man is right here into self indulgence. And when he’s constantly indulging in himself,
through the drugs through the alcohol through the low level habits through carrying out
this depressive manner, the problem is that he is weakened In life, he’s a man in life
that cannot actually get the things he wants. He doesn’t look at people the way he’d like
to. He doesn’t say the things he’d like to he
doesn’t carry himself the way he’d like to. And it’s because he’s always put what feels
good in the moment first. Okay, so this man is weak, he’s depressed,
and he’s sad. And now this is what we have is we have a
bunch of low level men, hanging their heads, ashamed of what’s between their legs, ashamed
of their masculinity. Relying on Cheap Thrills relying on Tinder
tactics, and text message tactics to get the woman when in reality, what they have to do
is they have to figure out what’s actually holding them back first. Now, if this man can realize this, this nofap
cheat code gay by removing the masturbation by removing all of that self indulgence, well,
the first step is just realization, self actualization, realizing that hey, I’m probably not good
as is, but I’m willing to change to be a whole hell of a lot better. And I’m confident that I can get there. So the first step is going to be the nofap. You have to take away the release of pleasure,
you have to take away that release. The reason why you have to is because your
brain is hooked on that spike, Instagram thought this big booty thought this stroke this. All that freaky shit you’re trying to do in
your head and carry out through your hand is just making you sad and weak. It’s making you stuck in your emotions. It’s making you a feminine emotional man that
is wrapped around the
you get what I’m saying? Now, here’s the thing. What nofap does is it starts to rewire your
brain, it starts to actually separate you from what’s real life to what is fantasy. Now in the real life in real world, you start
to realize people don’t carry themselves how you think they do on the cell phone. All of the things that it takes to actually
do that freaky shit that you’re doing on that dirty website. The thing is, is that porn and masturbation
takes you from A to Z. Just like that in a straight line,
you start at open computer, you end that orgasm. In real life, you have the whole alphabet,
you have Hello, you have flirt, you have build chemistry, you have build sexual attraction,
you have to build your seduction, okay, all of these baby steps you’re skipping, and because
you’re skipping the work, because you’re skipping the things that is actually going to make
you a better man, a more charismatic man, you will never actually see the success until
you start to remove the things that’s holding you back. You realize in real life, the
real world doesn’t work that way. And this fantasy land that you live in, in
your head, through the computer screen, through how you wish women were through how you wish
it was so easy through how you wish, this fake imaginary situation in your brain was
react and you start to realize that this is totally false. And this is the one thing that’s holding you
back is that you’re living in the fantasy. When you step out to the real world, you realize
nothing is as it seems. Now,
you got to ask yourself, where will this man get his pleasure? Where does he get pleasure now? Because if he can’t stroke it, if he can’t
do all those dirty things in his imagination, where’s this man going to get pleasure? How is he going to actually be a happy man? How can he get that release of dopamine? You see, the brain is going to fight tooth
and nail to get it somehow. Now you see if the man can actually stay disciplined
in putting the pain first in retaining the seed and not spilling the seed. Well guess what’s going to happen? He will naturally become a more attractive
male. The reason why he will become a more attractive
male is because he’s he will start to do the only thing that it actually matters to getting
that female. He will do the only thing that matters to
making himself the type of man that can actually get what he wants in life. What this is called, is this called transmutation. This is sexual energy transmutation, you’re
taking your sexual energy, you’re not able to release it through the pleasure and you’re
going to transmute it into different things into your life. You see, fellas This is why I truly believe
nofap is the first key in getting to transmuting the energy. Because sex is one of the biggest driving
factors for any male he wants to perform in life he wants to perform in the bedroom he
wants to perform and get that woman and he’s not going to do it until he takes that pleasure
in that gratification away for just a little bit. What this man will naturally do is he will
realize that when he was a typical 99% or he was not attractive, he didn’t have the
tools in his arsenal to actually get the women he wants to pull the women he wants to speak
to the women he wants to have the girlfriend he wants to potentially have the family life
or marriage that he wants. Do you realize that if you want a marriage
one day, if you want a wife one day, if you want a girlfriend one day if you want to have
kids one day, you realize that You have responsibility as a man,
you need to be strong. That way when issues happen with the kids,
you’re tough enough to handle the fucking situation. When things go bad people can rely on you. If you’re a man who people can rely on your
a man who has authority and power in the situation, but you have to actually develop yourself
first, what this man is naturally going to do to become more attractive, is he’s going
to start to develop his body by default. Taking care of your body and taking care of
your health is not only important to your mental sanity, to know that you look strong
that you feel strong that you are strong, but it’s also going to make you look more
attractive. You see, this V shape is V taper. If you can build out the back if you can build
out the arms. If you can build up the shoulders if you can
actually look as if a warrior looks a true strong man looks. Guess what that’s going to do to your brain
into your subconscious. You’re going to start to look in the mirror,
you’re going to go Damn, I’m a man I’m a man who’s strong, and I’m a man who’s powerful. I’m a man who’s no longer weak. I’m a man who’s no longer inhibited. I’m a man who’s able. And guess what happens when you build the
body, you start to build the mind. The reason for this is because if you can
build the body and you know you’re strong, the mind naturally follows, you see, because
now there is no intimidation. There is no intimidation of the hot hundred
and five pounds, skinny blonde chick, there’s no intimidation of the big dude at the bar
with the beard. Like you start to be able to look people in
the eyes, you’re certain you’re going to start to be able to carry yourself as if you know
that you have power and authority. And it’s not a bad thing. People right away default to power and authority
is toxic or it’s toxic. Dr. No, that’s needed to have self security. that’s needed to have assumed authority in
the interaction so you don’t feel weak. that’s needed to carry yourself in any way
shape and form in life. What that’s going to lead to is it’s going
to potentially lead to this man wanting to take it one step further. Because if he can start to get these two things
dialed in, that’s typically enough to start to carry himself the way that an attractive
male needs to carry himself in order to get the women. But the hopes of this is that you guys are
full fledged. My hopes of this is that this will help make
you guys full package full stack, full stack man from the body, mind, spirit, finances,
future and everything in between what this unlocks for some men as they start to realize
that when they transmute their sex energy, they are now in control of their future destiny. They’re now able to build the business that
they always wanted to build. They’re now able to get that raise and navigate
their speech to work the boss to get the promotion that they’ve always needed. You understand this because money will only
follow value, the more value you have as a man, the more success you can bring to others. The more success you can bring to others,
the more people will want to rely on you, the more people want to rely on you, the more
people actually want to work with you. That is what follows money is the value. Do you think that This man over here who’s
constantly indulging in porn, who’s constantly indulging in alcohol who’s constantly indulging
in marijuana or in different types of party or recreational drugs. Do you think that this hung over booze bag
has any mental capability to carry a business to make more money? You realize if it’s a real business, you got
sales reps, if it’s a real business, you got employees, if it’s a real business, you got
payroll that needs to be met every 30 days. You cannot do that being that man over here. Everybody wants to be high value. They say they want to be a high value man. But guess what all of the things that it takes
to do that they are not doing their fake high value because they want to run game on a few
women. You gotta realize you got to be a full stack
man in life. And the last part of this when you start to
retain your nut when you start to not jack when you start to not rub it off when you
start to stop buying all them goddamn bottles of a vino 24 seven, where you’re going to
realize is that your spirit starts to become more connected to the Most High, I don’t know
what you believe in, I don’t know what you want to believe. And I’m not here to shed my beliefs or to
form my beliefs on you. What I am here to do is i’m here to make you
realize that as a man, you have purpose and responsibility. And typically not every time but typically
when men start to do this, they will start to realize that they’re here for a reason. They have a purpose, they start to feel more
spiritually connected, and they feel more inclined to take that next step,
fellas, the end result is going to be a high quality
woman, somebody that you can share an experience with and somebody that you can share a life
with somebody that you can connect with. I don’t care if you want to call this meeting. I don’t care if you want to call this approach. I don’t care if you want to call this
getting a girlfriend have it as is. What I’m saying is that this man over here
that’s able to do this has certain qualities to make this woman feel a certain way that
this guy over here will never be able to. This guy over here is able to make her crave
and desire him in ways that that man over there would never be able to. Why is it because he’s a full stack man. This man over here has breeding rights and
potential, you get what I’m saying. If you guys want it, you got to start realizing
anything you want is going to have to have the work put in place to get there. This is why I feel nofap is the very first
key into unlocking sexual energy transmutation. Fellas, if you liked this video, I want you
to give this a thumbs up. I also want you to subscribe to me so that
way you’re notified when I drop this new content. And I want you to go down below and get into
that live stream. If you’re struggling I break down every single
step of this I break down the approach I break down what to say I break down how to make
sure she doesn’t pull back I break down how to have your masculine edge 24 seven, you’re
going to want that


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