More and more people around me
are getting themselves a mac But to them it’s not an
average computer like a PC No to them, Apple is a religious matter They get their mac, and then straight up they all start making
the same kind of remarks Well actually, Apple is
mostly about labeling When you open the box, the
thing is highly refined, So well thought out Hyper classy My macbook for instance, I kept the box and hung it in my living room Cassiopée! Any nespresso left? All these dudes going to Apple stores can’t seem to just settle for a computer All of a sudden they get an iMac, then an Iphone that matches it They know everything about Apple products which haven’t even came out yet but which will in a year They breathe Apple They Eat Apple They pooh Apple And they utterly despise
anybody who doesn’t use macs For example, to them a
PC dude looks like this You wanna play some Call Of Dudy? Call of… dudy? You know, some Call of.. And when it comes to Linux users… Here! Come with us, join us, we’re already 11! Come on Come it’s comfy Look at all the things we can do! And what’s funny is that since
macs are extremely expensive guys who own one can’t
help to justify themselves in order to prove that they really need it Owning a mac is an absolute necessity Professionally speaking I can’t
figure out how I could do otherwise No it really isn’t a mindful purchase But a real professional choice WRONG So according to them when you got a PC you might be able to do some word processing Some games too! Like… Like call of dudy! and still, you ought to have a War Machine So maybe you can only word process on a PC but at least it’s widely accessible I mean, have you seen the price of a mac? The slightest accessory costs a rent Hi, I’d like to buy the
keyboard… the apple one official, bluetooth enabled please It’ll be *** euros sir No no I’m just taking the keyboard I was indeed referring to the
separately sold keyboard sir I guess I’ll just take
the “E” key then… yeah And what bothers me the most about
those Apple products users is that when they use their stuff next to you they give you a demo just
as if it was a commercial Who are you calling? My Voice-Mail You’re calling your voice mail?! Because on the iPhone, voicemails
go straight to your phone… it’s really handy Having troubles with that? Yeah, a bit Me, my macbook Air is almost
as thick as a paper sheet It perfectly fits in my backpack
and follows me everywhere I go Oh so you’re writing on a notebook? yeah Because me on my Iphone Hello? I ran out of battery Even at the end of their mails you can see “Sent from my iPhone” Seriously that sentence is
just made to brag right? Because when you’re writing a mail on a
washed out PC from a sloppy network room, generally speaking, you don’t precise it Sent from a washed out PC, in a sloppy network room on a shitty-ass computer. See you soon, I hope that
we’ll be able to sleep together Damn’ Oh yeah by the way : Siri what’s the deal with that? you’re talking to your
phone in front of everybody who then has access to your intimacy
because you have to talk out loud?! Send my wife a message telling her that I can’t wait to get back
home tonight and lick her tits Evening… Evening! It doesn’t make any sense Since when do you grant everyone
access to your intimacy ? What are you saying Norman? Nothing, I was checking my lessons It’s been at least 4 years
since you quit being a student Yeah… Yeah sure but these are
old lessons which I just wanted to check back for fun…
that’s called “education” When Steve Jobs CEO of
Apple died a few months ago Millions of people read the dude’s biography I’m okay if it’s about a famous writer,
a politician or something like that But since when does one
read the biography of a CEO? What are you reading? The biography of the CEO of Carrefour Markets Yeah since I was always shopping there I feel kinda concerned Let’s not forget that he is the one who
invented the self-service cheese departments Each person who has at least
once made their groceries at a Carrefour market must read it… It’s a treat If it ticks you off too, you can
share that video on your facebook wall And if you want you can also join my
facebook page “normanfaitdesvideos” the only one out there See you soon! oh shit oh it’s okay I got a spare keyboard

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