NSC reviews ways to contribute to int’l efforts for stability in Middle East

NSC reviews ways to contribute to int’l efforts for stability in Middle East

the presidential office will review ways
to help bring stability to the Middle Eastern region following the escalated
us Iran tensions the government has been holding various emergency meetings to
assess the impact the crisis has on the country as well as on the option of
deploying troops to the Strait of Hormuz packagin has our top story South Korea’s National Security Council
has reviewed various ways that can contribute to international efforts to
stabilize the situation in the Middle East as well as ways to help ensure the
safety of South Korean citizens firms and vessels in the region the Standing
Committee held an emergency meeting on Monday following president mundanes
instructions to monitor the various angles of influence the Iran crisis
could have on the nation this comes after tensions escalated following a
u.s. drone attack on a Baghdad airports that killed top Iranian commander Qasem
Soleimani expressing concerns over a tense situation in the region the
committee said it hoped for prompt stability and regional security also
attending the meeting was Anan NSE member industry ministers hung and more
the minister briefed the Committee on the recent spike of oil and gas prices a
knowledge increased high dependence on crude oil supply from the Middle East
the committee agreed to work to minimize the impact the conflict can have on the
domestic markets mounting military tensions between a u.s. and Iran
complicate the South Korean government’s decision on whether to send troops to
the Strait of Hormuz which the Trump administration requested last year the
NSC reviewed the option in its meeting last month but considering the fact that
South Korea imports around 70% of its crude oil from Iran the government may
have to make a reassessment as such deployment could put South Korean lives
at risk Seoul’s Defense Ministry said earlier
the same day that although various options are being reviewed to protect
South Korean citizens and vessels in the strategic waters of the Strait of Hormuz
no decision has been made on a military coalition there the situation in the
Middle East has put all corners of the South Korean government’s on high alert
finance minister hum Nam he convened a closed-door emergency meeting also on
Monday with economy-related ministers to assess the effects of the crisis on the
domestic markets while the assess the situation has limited influence on his
Queen economy they agreed to continue to enforce step-by-step measures according
to the government’s contingency plans they also plan to release 200 million
barrels of oil reserves if necessary packagin ida news


  1. Why does the World shit on their hands and NOT condemn American Aggression that destabilizes the World?
    North Korea could be next. Beware Beware Beware Beware North Korea. 👍👽👍 ✌🤨✌☮❤☮💗☮💚☮🧡☮🚨☮🚨☮🚨☮🚨☮🚨☮🚨☮🚨☮🚨☮🚨☮

  2. Why are people nervous about Iran lol
    Saddam Hussein invaded and took there Oil fields for 8 years easily they not a Threat!
    The U.S should've never helped Iran Bad move!

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