Off-Track Betting : Resources Available for Gambling Addiction

Off-Track Betting : Resources Available for Gambling Addiction

In this segment we’re going to cover what
to do if you have a gambling problem. First thing you need to try to do is acknowledge
that you have a problem. The next thing you need to do is go and get help. If you don’t
know where to get help, you can ask a teller, you can ask another gambler, they might be
able to point you in the right direction. Your friends, you family, they can also help.
There’s a telephone number you can call 1-800-GA-HELPS, that’s the gamblers anonymous hot line. They
also have a web page WWW.GAMBLERSANONYMUS.ORG. All of these places can help you if you have
an addiction to gambling. It’s not something that we as tellers think is very funny. Gamblers
don’t think it’s very funny. Having an addiction to gambling is kind of like being addicted
to an illegal substance. It’s not healthy for you. It can destroy your life. It can
destroy your family. It can ruin all of your friendships. Something that we don’t want
to see any of our customers go through. We as tellers, if we feel that someone may have
a gambling issue, we may bring it up to you, depending on how well we know you. And, this
covers basically what you would need to do if you have a gambling addiction.

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  1. I think its funny how there is a tv in the background with a horse track. Its like someone who is smoking a cigarette telling you how to quit smoking

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