Officers Pull Over Crack Addicts | Season 1 Ep. 9 | FIRST RESPONDERS LIVE

And how are you today? And you know why you’re
being pulled over? You ain’t got no
plate on this car. Oh, that’s because– OK. So obviously, it’s not in
the correct location, right? Right. So where’s your ID at? Passenger, you got a ID on you? Go ahead, step out of the car. You guys got any weapons or
anything, and any needles or anything like that? Don’t reach for anything. Go ahead, put your
hands on the car. Spread your legs. All right. Don’t be extra, OK? All right. Come over here. So when I search this car, I’m
not going to find anything, right? This is my mom and dad’s. You know what
I’m talking about. Don’t [muted] me right now, OK? Go ahead and just lean
against the truck over there. All right. So she’s been in here for
dealing, assisting criminals, and all that kind of stuff. So the passenger
is definitely high. Y’all know what this is, right? So I’ve just located
some individual baggies that is normally involved
in narcotics sales. However, it’s empty
at this point. So Go ahead and stand
up for me real quick. Interlock your hands again. [inaudible] Oh, so this crack pipe,
you forgot about that, right? Go ahead and pull it out. Put the crack pipe over there. There? What else you got down there? I should take you to
jail just for that. You do understand that
that’s a felony, right? Yes, ma’am. I’m sorry. [inaudible]

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